Ruben Aquilino
Essay On Billy Joel's "You're Solely Human (Second Wind)" & Teen Suicide As sure objects naturally awaken love, anger, or cupidity, so certain concepts naturally awaken the energies of loyalty, braveness, endurance, or devotion. When these ideas are efficient in a person's life, their impact is commonly very nice indeed. They might transfigure it, unlocking innumerable powers which, however for the concept, would never have come into play. Fatherland,” the Flag,” the Union,” Holy Church,” the Monroe Doctrine,” Fact,” Science,” Liberty,” Garibaldi's phrase, Rome or Loss of life,” and many others., are so many examples of vitality-releasing concepts. The social nature of such phrases is a vital issue of their dynamic power. They're forces of detent in conditions by which no different force produces equal results, and every is a pressure of detent solely in a particular group of people.\n\nMy
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