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Founded by the team that created litigation software used by over 80% of the top 200 US law firms - Livenote.

In the beginning Graham Smith and Stephen Foley saw the benefits of annotating documents first hand. In Graham's earlier creation, LiveNote, lawyers would annotate transcripts that were often hundreds of pages in length to find the portions of it that were most relevant to their case.

Applying the concept of annotations to the broader market of internet research, Stephen and Graham launched iCyte in 2007. Since then, it has continually evolved into the leading online research tool.

The TeamThe Team

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    Graham Smith


    Founded Smith Bernal International and LiveNote in 1983 and 1990 respectively, it was over a bottle of Super Tuscan at my property in Italy with Steve Foley that the whole iCyte concept caught my imagination!

    I used to bookmark a list of hotels, restaurants and places to see when traveling through Europe and beyond, only to find sites disappearing and being amended - and generally finding the whole thing unmanageable when more and more sites were entered!

    For me iCyte addresses an existing need, but has the potential to go way beyond this - and that's what really excites me!

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    Stephen Foley

    Founder and CEO

    I have been involved in developing software for many years. Many of the products I have developed have been supporting people in their research. iCyte is the culmination of all this work as it allows anyone who searches online to save their results and share them with others.

    My hope is that people will not only use iCyte for their own online management and research but will also use the product collaboratively as a way to increase awareness of critical issues, such as environmental, health, social, political and financial concerns that we now face and discover answers that lead us to a better and more sustainable world.

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    Martin Bangs

    Chief Financial Officer

    A Chartered Accountant, I have broad senior commercial experience across a range of companies including start up with particular experience in legal and healthcare services. I seek to ensure iCyte continues its growth path through careful financial control and pragmatic decision-making, without restricting any element of the essential and exceptional creative impetus shown to date.

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    Zoltan Olah

    Software Architect

    I'm from Melbourne/Australia and work for iCyte in Berkeley, CA. Having fun building our firefox extension and rails backend.

    I'm passionate about clean design, test driven development and great architecture.

    Jellies rock!

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    Tom Coleman

    Software Engineer

    Born in Adelaide and raised in Melbourne, I've been tinkering with computers and technology my whole life. After completing my PhD at Melbourne University I joined iCyte to (hopefully) help them take over the world. In the process I've been able to enjoy the beauty which is web development with Ruby on Rails.

    Outside of work I love to play guitar and indoor soccer, support my AFL team (go the cats!), and travel to wide parts of the globe.

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    Joe Dollard

    Software Engineer in Test

    My love for technology grew from hacking around in Linux when I was in high school, and has developed since then to other new technologies.

    I've recently gotten into playing old arcade games (ladybug in particular!); it's mind boggling that games with such addictive game-play could be written back in the early 80's with just a few KB of memory available.