Joe Chasko:

iCyte is the biggest improvement to browsing, ever! Well done.

Andy Matthews:

It resolves the biggest problem of the Internet, using what you have found.  It is intuitive, usable and I just love it.

The Armchair Geneologist:

...iCyte has really moved citing websites from the stone has made organizing my internet research quick, easy and painless...

...iCyte is one of those tools that you wonder how you lived without.


iCyte...makes internet research easy.

The Black PaPR Report:

iCyte - A Publicist’s Dream Tool.

Kristina Holzweiss:

...iCyte is the most organized part of my life... I just click my toolbar and my site is captured.  Finally there is something that can keep up with me!

George Gombossy,

I liked Evernote a lot until I tried iCyte... iCyte is so much more user friendly and works much better for the kind of work I do....when it comes to saving web pages, nothing out there works as well as iCyte. is the best kept secret on the web.

Barry’s Best Computer Tips:

iCyte Makes Researching the Web Simple. collaborate on Web research, or just keep all sites that interest you readily at hand, use iCyte ... iCyte, therefore I remember.


iCyte – Making Bookmarking a Thing of the Past.

Bob Baker:

I showed iCyte to my college professor wife...we both believe iCyte is the ultimate in web-based research tools. Thanks for making a great application...!

Trish Montague: is awesome. I can move computers and have my sites accessible to every class that I teach! No more scraps of paper.

Kalimah Priforce:

I have been searching...for a site that will allow me to present to startup funders that is clean, simple, features thumbnail previews...a great resource for presentations. Thank you!

Racquel 422 experience blog:

If educators took the time to illustrate how powerful iCyte can be, more students will not dredge doing any type of research project ...

...ideal to aggregate relevant data from any source.