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Alternate Domains:

Email sent to an alternate domain goes to Mailinator too! Here is one such alternate domain:

Can't think up an Address?

At Mailinator you can use any address that YOU make up! Here's a random one though if you're having trouble thinking of one:


Protect your privacy and avoid spam.
Use Mailinator!
No Registration!
No Sign-up!

How do I create an account at Mailinator? It's simple, you just send email to it. Temporary accounts are created when email arrives for them. First, you give out the mailinator email address you created, and then you check it. It's that simple.

Do I have to sign up? No sign-up, you don't even have to tell Mailinator you're coming.

What email address should I use? Anything you want! You can be,, or if you're a 16-25 year old male you can be Just make sure your "anything" is followed by (or one of our alternate domains list on the left of this page).

What can I do with the email address? Give it out. Use it in webforms. Post it on forums. Use it any time you need an email address, but don't want to be slowed down by the sign-up process or spammed for eternity.

Then what? How do I check the email? You have several options:
check the mailbox here on this site
via RSS
via a widget!
via your web browser


Learn how to Lookup Email Addresses and locate people with

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Alternate Inbox Names !

Each Inbox now has an "alternate inbox name" which will look something like M8R-abcdef. Emailing the alternate inbox name will also result in email showing up in the box. Read Here for more information.

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