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Literature and Language Arts
     Literature & Language Arts Resources ebook libraries

    Literature & Language Arts Resources 
  A+ Research and Writing
...a step-by-step guide for research and writing "help site" for high school students
Aesop's Fables Online Collection
...a compilation of over 600 of the fables, with RealAudio encoding of some
  American Verse Project
...a searchable electronic archive of American poetry prior to 1920
  Anagram Server
...a fun online tool that creates anagrams from any word or phrase you type in
...a literary site with "pointers to individual author guides or other cumulative documents that deal with specific writers"
  Based on the Book
...a list of over 1200 book titles and the years they were made into movies
  Basic Steps in the Research Process
...a step-by-step guide to help students with their research projects
  Bibliomania : The Network Library
...full text of many classic works of fiction; reference and nonfiction to be added
...this searchable site contains recommended book reviews at a variety of reading levels and interest areas for ages birth thorough 12
  Booktalks : Quick and Simple
...a database of over 300 short booktalks for introducing items to students
  Brainy Quotes: Topics
...categroized by topic, or searchable by keyword or author, this site provides hundreds of quotations
  Bulfinch's Mythology online version of this classic work
  Carol Hurst's Children's Literature Site
...rated reviews, curriculum integration, and themes of how to use children's lit in the classroom
  Center for the Study of Books in Spanish: Search Tool by various fields to find out bibliographic information on books in Spanish for students
  Children and YA Authors' Birthdays
... a compiled list of children's authors birthdays to use in the classroom
  Children's Literature Activities for the Classroom
...hundreds of links to children's literature sites by genre and book title
  Children's Literature Web Guide
...a guide to resources for teachers, parents, authors and storytellers
  Children's Picture Book Database
...a keyword-searchable database of over 5000 picture books; includes abstracts, subject classification, and Web links
  Cool Quotes
...a collection of searchable quotations; browsing is via an author and a useful topical category
  Creative Writing for Teens
...all types of activities and links to help support the writing process of students
  Database of Award-Winning Children's Literature
...a neat site that allows the teacher to create a tailored reading list for a student or an entire class
  Digital Storytelling
...a wonderful portal to digital storytelling resources of all kinds
...a site with all types of digital storytelling resources including how-to's, tips and tricks, tools, and scoring guides
  Discovery Channel School : Literature Lesson Plans
...curriculum tie-ins with the programs, vocabulary, and great activities to support this many popular novels in the classroom
  Don't Buy It: Get Media Smart
...a site for middle and high school students dealing with advertising and media literacy; it includes an area for teachers and parents
  Doucette Index: K-12 Literature-Based Teaching Ideas
...links to Web sites and other information which provide teaching resources for over 400 titles
  eBook Libraries 
  E-Books Directory
  kobo free eBooks
  The Online Books Page
  Planet eBook
  Project Gutenberg

  EDSITEment humanities resources (and supporting lesson plans) from some of the world's great museums, libraries, cultural institutions, and universities
  Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling
...a comprehensive site which includes how to get started, tips and tricks, and assessment ideas
  English Server extensive bibliography of links to humanities-related sites
  English Literature : Early 17th Century (1603-1660)
...essays, works, and information about six famous writers of the time may be found in this content-rich site
  ERIC Clearinghouse on Reading, English, & Communication
...a compilation of language arts information including current news, research, lesson plans, and much more
...fiction links from Carnegie Mellon English Server
  Four Blocks Literacy Center
...links to lesson plans, chatboards, articles, and information about this popular literacy teaching model
  Geoffrey Chaucer Home Website includes Middle English texts and translations relevant to Chaucer's works, selections from relevant works by other writers, and critical articles from a variety of perspectives
  Grammar and Style Guide
...a resource guide to many of the English grammar rules and conventions
Guide to Grammar and Writing
...suggestions, examples, quizzes, and links to help the writing process
  Houghton Mifflin Education Place : Reading/Language Arts Center
...links to activities, children's books, literacy information, and professional resources
  Internet Anagram Server interesting site which allows a word to be typed in and a list of anagrams produced from that word are displayed; includes an advanced input page
...a collection of writing resources and support for educators, students in grades 5-12, and parents
...a site for teachers and students (ages 6-12) to find out about new book releases, read interviews with authors, play literary games, and find discussion questions for thier own book club
  Language Arts Cyberguides
...supplementary units based on works of literature, designed for students to use with the Web
  Launching K-3 Readers
...a page which offers tips, tricks, references, case studies, and assessment ideas for teaching the early reader
  Learning about the Author and Illustrator
...a huge list of links to author and illustrator pages maintained by a library school professor
  Leveled Books Databases
  • Beaverton School District: Leveled Books Database
  • Early Intervention Leveled Books Database
  • Harcourt Textbook Leveling Chart
  • Leveled Picture Books Database
  • Lexile Analyzer (free registration required)
  • Lexile Level Searchable Database
      Literacy Resources frim RIF
    ...scores of activities and ideas for literacy in the PreK-5 age range
      Literary Index : Internet Resources in Literature
    ..."an overview and a review of the major collections of websites of interest to scholars, students, and lovers of literature"
      Literary Resources on the Net
    ...a comprehensive, categorized list of hundreds of literary resources to support the curriculum
      Literature Learning Ladders
    ...a site "exploring resources related to literacy, themes, literature circles, technology, and learning"
    ...a list of great links to full-text, online poetery resources
      Middle English Literature (1350-1485) online anthology of links and information dealing with Medieval English authors and their works
      Mr. William Shakespeare and the Internet
    ...a compiled list of scholarly Shakespeare resources and other original Shakespeare content including lesson plans and a timeline
      Multicultural Book Review
    ...a rated list of multicultural book reviews for students and links to related sites
      Myths & Legends extensive site for secondary students providing links to myths, legends, folklore, and more
      Online Books Page
    ...a searchable index of links to over 18,000 text, PDF, and HTML versions of books found on the Web
      Online Literary Criticism Collection
    ...a collection of online evaluative or explanatory writings about works of British and American literature
      Paradigm Online Writing Assistant
    ...a great site for secondary school students looking for help in how to write an essay, editing their drafts, and documenting their sources
      Planet Esmé
    ...a children's literature site with classifications by subject and many ideas
      Poetry 180
    ...a site from the Library of Congress which provides a poem-a-day to be read aloud in schools
      Poetry Index of Canonical Verse
    ... poetry links and poems from the Carnegie-Mellon English Server
      Professor Garfield Teacher's Lounge: Comprehension
    ...lesson plans, activities, and research dealing with comprehension and questioning skills
      Professor Garfield Teacher's Lounge: Fluency
    ...lesson plans, activities, and research dealing with the aspect of fluency in teaching reading
      Professor Garfield Teacher's Lounge: Phonemic Awareness
    ...lesson plans, activities, and research dealing with phonemic awareness
      Professor Garfield Teacher's Lounge: Phonics
    ...lesson plans, activities, and research dealing with phonics
      Professor Garfield Teacher's Lounge: Vocabulary
    ...lesson plans, activities, and research dealing with the importance of vocabulary instruction
      Project Bartleby
    ...the definitive site of online versions of classic literature titles
      Project Gutenberg extensive archive of on-line books
      Pronunciation Online
    ...a list of pronunciation and spelling sites for both language arts and ESL
      Read Print
    ...a well-organized, easy-to-use collection of public domain (pre-1920) novels and short stories
    ...a site providing access to succesful practices, lesson plans, and resources in reading and language arts instruction
      Readers' Theater or Readers' Theatre
    ...a well-done set of links to scripts, ideas, and resources for this type of reading activity
      School Tales
    ...depictions of students, teachers, and students in 19th century literature; also includes links to related sources such as one-room schoolhouses
      Sixteenth Century Renaissance English Literature (1485-1603)
    ...includes links to resources, links, essays, articles, biographies of authors, and bibliographies
    ...a favorite site among teachers who are teaching students to read; fun, interactive, and well-done
      Story Arts Online
    ...a resource with ideas and lessons for storytelling in the classroom
    ...complete teacher's guides to over 60 novels published by Bantam, Doubleday, and Dell
      Vandergrift's Children's Literature Page
    ...a page with links to explore many of the classic and current topics found in children's literature
      Web English Teacher
    ..links to lesson plans, biographies, e-texts, online criticism, videos, WebQuests, jokes, puzzles, and classroom activities to support the teaching of English/Language Arts
      Works of the Bard the full text of many of Shakespeare's works by keyword or read them on-line
      World Wide Words
    ...a site "devoted to the English language and its history, quirks, curiosities and evolution"
      Writer's Handbook
    ...a series of college-level handouts that would be helpful for the secondary school student in all areas of writing
      Writing Fix
    ...teacher-created lesson plans for writing prompts for a large list of children's literature and also includes tips for classroom writing
      Yahoo Children's Authors List
      Young Adult Literature
    ...a well-chosen list of links to YA literature pages and other areas of teen reading interests created by a library school professor

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