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Research Resources 

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Research Resources ( is a Subject Tracer™ Information Blog developed and created by the Virtual Private Library™. It is designed to bring together the latest resources and sources on an ongoing basis from the Internet for research which are listed below. We always welcome suggestions of additional sites and resources to be added to this comprehensive listing and please submit by clicking here. This site has been developed and maintained by Marcus P. Zillman, M.S., A.M.H.A.; Internet expert, author, keynote speaker, and consultant. His latest white papers include Searching the Internet, Academic and Scholar Search Engines and Sources, and Knowledge Discovery Resources 2009. All of his Subject Tracer™ Information Blogs and his white papers are available from

His latest monthly column is available by clicking here. Subscribe to his free monthly Awareness Watch™ Newsletter. Learn more by clicking here. Free online streaming tutorial videos on searching the Internet by Marcus P. Zillman, M.S., A.M.H.A.; available by clicking here.

SECTION ONE: Research Tools

SECTION TWO: Research Resources

RESEARCH TOOLS - Video Status Updates

191 Resources On Online Tools, Generators, Checkers

2008 Year-End Google Zeitgeist

2collab - Research Collaboration Tool

43 Things To Do In Your Life

50 Matches - Social Search Engine

280 Slides - Create and Share Presentations Online

5000+ Resources to Do Just About Anything Online

88 Miles - Online Time Tracking Tool - Directory of Acronyms, Abbreviations and Initialisms


AbiWord Free Word Processing Program

AboutUs - Information About Websites and Community Related Topics

ABYZ News Links - Who's Researching What

Academic and Scholar Search Engines and Sources

Academic Business Libraries in North & Central America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific

Academici - Where People Who Know Meet People Who Know

Academy for Ancient Texts - Ancient Texts Library


Acronym Finder

activeCollab - Open Source Collaboration and Project Management Tool

AdaptiveBlue - Smart Browsing Tool

Addict-o-matic - Inhale the Web - Find News, Vids, Photos, Blog Posts and More

Adeona - Open Source System for Tracking Locaion of Lost or Stolen Laptops

AdhesionText - Dynamic Text Generator Tool

Adobe Reader View .pdf Documents

Aduna AutoFocus - Search and Find Information

AgencyTool - Web Design Dashboard

AgentSheets - Authoring Tool to Create Agents

Agile Messenger - All In One Mobile Phone IM Client

A Great Grabber

AideRSS - Read What Matters

Aid Workers Network - Collaboration For Practical Advice and Resources

AIP UniPHY - Scientific Social Networking

AirSet - Manage Family, Work and Social Group Schedules

ajaxWrite - Web-Based Word Processor

ALIPR - Automatic Photo Tagging and Visual Image Search

All-Acronyms - Directory of Conventions, Trade Shows, Convention Centers and Meetings

AllMyData - Unlimited Online Backup, Storage and Sharing - Your Personal Search Agent

All You Can Read - Massive Media Directory

allvoices - Breaking News, Current Events, Latest News from All Voices

AltLaw - Free Legal Search Engine

Alt Search Engines - Tracking All the Alternative Search Engines

Ambedo - Search Engine Tagger

Ambiently - Discover Related Websites For Every Webpage You Browse

American Law Sources On-line (ALSO!)

Amplify - What Are You Reading Right Now

AnkaSearch - Meta Search and Deep Web Search Desktop Tool

Annenberg Political Fact Check

Annotate Documents Online

AnooX - People Powered Search Engine

AONS (Automated Obsolescence Notification System)

AppAppeal - Reviews of Web Based Applications

AppRocket - The Keyboard Search LaunchPad

AquaMinds Note Taker

ARC - A Cross Archive Search Service

Archon™ - The Simple Archival Information System

A Research Guide for Students by I. Lee

ArcticStat - Circumpolar Database

Archive Finder

Archive-It - Internet Archive's Subscription Service

Arduino - Open Source Electronic Prototyping Plastform

ARROW Discovery Service - Search Australian Research Repositories

Article of the Future - Cell Beta Prototypes

Article Search API - New York Times Articles 1981 to Present

Asia Chronicle

askSam - Free Form Database Software

Asterisk® - the Open Source PBX

ATutor - Open Source Web-based Learning Content Management System (LCMS)

Audacity - Free Easy-to-Use Audio Editor and Recorder

AudioPal - Free Website Audio For Everyone

Audio/Video Edition of NGO-in-a-Box

AuseSearch - Searches Australian Open Access Research Repositories

Australian Research Online

Authenticated Congressional Bills

Authoratory - Database of Leading PubMed Scientists

autofillPDF-Labels 1.0 - Free Fillable PDF Label Templates

Avano - Marine and Aquactic Sciences OAI Harvester

Babbledog - Discover Content of Interest, Share and Recommend - Free Group Chat With Automatic Translation Into 45 Languages


Backpack - Personal Information Management

Backup To eMail

BackupURL - Instant Cached Copies of Web Pages

Balch Internet Research and Analysis Toolkit

Basilic - Bibliography Server for Research Laboratories

BatchBook - Small Business Customer Relationship Manager

BBC Internet Radio Player

Beef Up Your Browsers By Cade Metz,1759,1650380,00.asp

Beginner's Latin Tutorial

BeGreen - Offset Your Carbon Footprint

Beige Book: Current Economic Conditions by Federal Reserve District

Best Free Reference Sites 1999-2007

Best Free Reference Web Sites


BibDesk - Graphical BibTeX-Bibliography Manager


BibMe - Fully Automatic and Free Bibliography Maker

Bibshare Project


Bibus Bibliographic Database

Big6 - Information Skills for Student Achievement

Big Boards - Directory of Forums and Message Boards

billQ - Track Your Bills

BinSearch -- Binary Usenet Search Engine

BioGeomancer (BG) Project - Worldwide Collaboration of Natural History and Geospatial Data Experts

Biographicon - All The People of the World

BioMail - New References From MEDLINE To Your Email Account

Biznar - Innovative Business Research Search Engine

BizShark - Internet Business Search Engine

BizStats - Comprehensive Business Statistics, Financial Ratios & Benchmarks

Biz Toolkit - Tools and Resources for Business Success by the James J. Hill Reference Library

Blastfeed - Select RSS, Sift RSS and Read RSS

BlinkList - Personal Start Page and Social Bookmarking Engine

BlinkPro - Professional Bookmark-Management Tool

BlinkSale - Send Invoices Online

Blinkx - Video Search Engine

Blish - Buy and Sell Digital Content

Blist - Create and Share Lists On the Web

Blogarithm - Track All Your Online Content

Blog Carnivals - Blog Communities Publishing Magazines

Blogger Toolbox: 100+ Tools and Themes

Blogging As a Tool : Innovative Approaches To Information Access by Jay Bhatt




Blog Talk Radio

BL Online : Bibliographie Linguistique

BluePulse - Free Mobile Social Messenger

blummy - Quick Access Via Bookmark Toolbar

Blurb - Self Publish with Free BookSmart Software

BoardTracker - Forum Discussion Search

Bookmach - Track Your Favorite Subject Using Sticky Zine and Blog Search

BookmarkSync - Free Online Bookmark Manager

BookMooch - Exchange and Trade Books

BookRix - Web Your Book

BookTour - Where Authors and Audiences Meet

BoostCam - Free, Instant and Disposable Two Way Video Conferencing

Boxee - Open Connected Social Media Center - Access and Share Your Files Online

BoxCloud - File Sharing for Design and Media Professionals

Braincast - Free Message/Memo Recording and Organization System

BrainStorm - Accelerate Your Thinking, Writing and Planning

BrandDoozie - Web Tool for Do It Yourself Marketing

Bright Ideas Labs - Bring Your Ideas to Life

Britannica Webshare - Britannica Widgets

British Newspapers 1800 - 1900 Search

BrowseEngine - Real-Time Meta-Data Search Engine

Browser Archive - Online Brainstorming Made Simple

Buddi - Simple Opensource Budgeting Program

BudgetPulse - Simple Online Money Tracking and Budget

Bug Labs - New Generation Creativity

Buros Institute of Mental Measurements

Business Dynamics Statistics, BDS

Business Intelligence Resources

BusinessResearch - Business Research Search - One Stop Source

Business Research Search Engine

BuzzGain - Aggregate Digital Influencers

BuzzTracker News Headlines

Calibrize - Calibrate Colors of Your Monitor - Compare Prices on New and Used College Textbooks

CamStudio - Free Streaming Software

Canadian Association of Research Libraries (CARL) Institutional Repositories Pilot Project Harvester

Can't Find On Google

Capitol Words - Word Frequency From the Congressional Record

Carbonite - Online Automated Backup - Create Your Online Card

Carmun - Open Source Academic Community

Carnegie Foundation: KEEP Toolkit

Catalog of U.S. Government Publications (CGP)

Cazoodle - Search, Integrate, and Organize -- The Real World

cb2Bib - Rapid Extraction for Unformatted and Unstandarized Biblographic References

ccMixter - Download, Sample, Cut-up and Share Community Music

Cebase - Next Generation Collaborative Data-Sharing Tool

ChaCha Search - Connect and Search with a Live ChaCha Guide

Chalk - Web 2.0 Collaboration

Chandler - OSAF Project


ChangeTracker - Tracking Change In Washington

ChartSearch - Intelligent Data Search

ChatToText - Bringing the Internet and Texting Together

Chartle - Interactive Charts Online

Chemical Structure Lookup Service : CSLS

ChemRefer - Search Engine for Chemical and Pharmaceutical Literature


ChemXSeer - Intelligent Search in the Chemistry Domain

Chicago Manual of Style Online

Chirps - Your Sound and Voice on Twitter

Chilling Effects Clearinghouse

Chmoogle - Open-Access Chemistry Search Engine

Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers (BETA)

Circos - Me-Centric Search™ Engine

Citation Machine

CiteSeer - Scientific Literature Digital Library and Search Engine

CiteSeerX - Scientific Literature Digital Library and Search Engine


CITIDEL - Data on Jobs, Relocation, Real Estate, Education, Hospitals, Travel and Crime

Clarizen - Online Project Management Software

ClassMarker - Online Quiz Maker

ClearEngine - Web Presentation Creation

ClickTale - In-Page Web Analytics Business Intelligence

Click2Try - Easily Find, Try, Evaluate and Use Open Source Software

Clicmobile - Tools for Connected Communities

ClientSpot - Easy Online Project Collaboration

ClipCache Plus

ClipBoard Buddy

Clipmarks - Clip Information Found Online

Clocking IT - TimeTracking 2.0

CloudBerry Online Backup

CloudBuddy - Your Virtual Desktop

CloudMade - Makes Maps Differently

Cloudo - The Computer Evolved

Clusty Blogs - Meta Blog Search Engine

Cluuz Search Engine

coComment - Your Window Into Conversations On the Web

Coding Analysis Toolkit (CAT)

Cogmap - Wikipedia of Organization Charts

Cognition's Semantic NLP

colaab - Web Based Collaboration and Communication in Real Time Or Your Own Time

Collabtive - Open Source Web Based Project Management Software

Collarity - Searching with Social Collaboration

Collecta - Searching the Real Time Web

COLLeGIUM: Studies Across Disciplines in the Humanities and Social Sciences

ColoRotate - Colors Come Back To Life in 3D

Comapping - Collaborative Web-based Mind Mapping

CometDocs - Free Online File Conversion

Comindwork - Collaboration Mind Work: Online Tools for Project Management, Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing

Commentful - Blog Comment Monitoring

co.mments - Track Your Conversations

CommonCensus Map Project

Community College Consortium for Open Educational Resource

Competitive Intelligence - A Selective Resource Guide - Updated and Revised March 2009

Complete Freeware Collection

Complore - Come Xplore

CompWisdom - IT Search Engine

ConceptShare - Share and Review Ideas and Designs Over the Web

Conducting Research Surveys via Email and the Web

Conference Alerts

Confluence - Enterprise Wiki Software and Hosting

Connexions - Sharing Knowledge and Building Communities

Connotea: Social Citations and Remote Reference Management for Scientists - Sharing Tools for Nonprofit Technology Support - Consumer Behavior and Demographic Research Tool

ContactHelp - Directory of Phone Numbers of Customer Service and Customer Support

ContentSaver - Software for Web Research and Information Gathering

Content Workspace - Enterprsie Document Capture

Context Discovery - Text Summarization and Knowledge Discovery Tool

Control C - Store, Save, and Share Data From Your Clipboard At Your Discretion

Conversate - Personal Online Discussion Space

Conzilla - Concept Browser

Cool Interview - World's Largest Free Database of Questions and Answers

Cooliris - Transform Your Browser Into a Lightning Fast, Cinematic Way To Discover the Web

Co-op - Stay In Tune With Your Co-Workers

Copernic: Software to Search, Find, Track and Manage Information

Copper - Web-Based Project Management and Collaboration Tool

CopyPaste X

Copyscape - Website Plagiarism Search - Web Page Copyright - Find Site Copies

coRank - A Better Way To Get, Keep and Share the Web You Want

Corkboard - Helps You Remember What You Want – Native Speakers Will Check Your Text In a Foreign Language

CoTweet - How Business Does Twitter

CourseCafe - Academic Bookmarking and Collaboration Tool - The Search Engine for Courses - Open Showcase of Creativity

Creately - Create and Collaborate on Online Diagrams and Designs

Creative Commons

Creative Commons RDF-Enhanced Search

Creative Commons Yahoo Search

CreativePro Office - Free Project Management, Time Tracking, Invoicing and Quotes Tools

CreatingMinds - Ways and Words in All Matters Creative - Free Crime Reports

CrossCheck - Verify Originality of Submitted Manuscripts

CS-Structure Academic Search - The Free Online Teleprompter

CUFTS - Open Source (GPL) OpenURL Link Resolver

Cuil Search - Search 121,617,892,992 Web Pages

Current Awareness Monitors, Alerts and Information Traps for 2008

Custom Search Guide (CSG)

Customer Service Numbers

CYCLADES - Open Collaborative Virtual Archive Environment - One Eye, One Source, One View Stock Photo Search Engine

D3E - Tool for Document-Centric Discussion

Dabble DB

Dapper - The Data Mapper

Data360 - Tool to Collaboratively Analyze and Report on Key Metrics

Databases and eResources from the Library of Congress

DataFerrett - Data Mining Tool

Data Mashups

Dataopedia - All Websites With All the Associated Data

DataparkSearch Engine - Full-Featured Open Source Web-Based Search Engine

DataPlace - Community Housing and Demograpic Data

Daymix - Latest Informaion On Any Topic

DbVisualizer - The Universal Database Tool

DeepaMehta - Software Platform for Knowledge Management

DeepDyve - Deep Web Search Engine

Deepnet Explorer - P2P/RSS-ATOM Web Browser

Deepmemo - Quotes from Websites

Deep Web Research

Deezer - Music On Demand - Free Music Without Download

DéjàClick™ - Web Recorder and Free Super Bookmark Utility Popular Sites - Social Bookmarks Tool Collection

del.izzy - Search Through your Bookmarks Page Content

DELOS - Network of Excellence on Digital Libraries

Delver - Socially Connected Next Generation Search Engine

Democracy Player - Watch Internet Videos Like You Watch TV

DEMO - The Launchpad for Emerging Technology

Depicter - Online Diagram and Vector Graphics Editor

Designing Webliographies In an Effective and Simple Manner: A Step by Step Process

Deskloops - Arranging Windows in Virtual Horizontal Loops

Desktop Sidebar

Development Seed - Technological Solutions for Progressive Organizations

DevonThink - The Real Paperless Office

Dia - Opensource Diagram Creation Program for Linux, Unix and Windows

Diagram Editor In Your Web Browser

Dial A Human - Avoid Anoying Computer Answering Systems

Diarised - Online Tool for Meeting Scheduling

DictSearch - Global Dictionary

Digg - News, Images and Videos

DigitalBucket - Highly Scalable, Reliable, Fast, Inexpensive Online Data Storage

Digital Library Open Source Software

Digital Repository Audit Method Based on Risk Assessment (DRAMBORA) Toolkit

Digital Reseach Tools (DiRT)

Digital Universe

DIGMAP Gazetter - Discovering Our Past Worlds With Digitized Maps

Diigo: Social Annotation - Seamless Integration of Social Bookmarking, Web Highlighter, Sticky-Note and Clipping

Dimdim - Free Web-Based Live Meetings

DIP - Dynamic Interviewing Program - Scientific ChatterBot

Dipity - Interactive Timelines

DiscoverEd - Discover the Universe of Open Educational Resources

DivShare - Free File Hosting

DIY Planner

DocStoc - Find and Share Professional Documents

Docsvault - Electronic Document Management and Document Imaging Software

Document Viewers

Docuter - Upload, Publish, Store and Share Documents


Dokeos - Open Source eLearning and Learning Management Systems

Doodle - Helps Scheduling Meetings – It's Simple, Quick, and Free

Doorbell - Sales Software for Non-Sales People

Dotcut - Sophisticated Online News and Press Cuttings

dotProject - Project Management Application - The Latest News Feeds From Selected Internet Channels - File Extension Information

DoubleTrust - Two Top Search Engines are Better Than One

doubleTwist - Share Media With Friends and Sync With Popular Devices

DropBox - Store, Sync and Share our Files Online

Dropload - Drop Off or Pick Up Files - Got Something To Say But Wouldn't Care To Blog

Dutch Government RSS Feeds

Dvolver MovieMaker

Earth Class Mail - Your Ultimate Personal or Business Mail Forwarding Service

Earth System Creator

EarthTools - FindPplaces, Latitude/Longitude, Sunrise/Sunset, Elevation, Local Time and Time Zones

e-Asia Project

EasyBib: Free Automatic Bibliography Composer - MLA and APA Formatting

Easy Time Tracking Tool - Software That Makes Customer Billing and Time Management Easy

Economic Indicators for the United States of America

Economic Indicators from the Federal Reserve Archival System for Economic Research (FRASER)

Edison™ - Free PC Energy Monitoring Application

EditGrid - Online Spreadsheets with Data On Demand

Educause Community Blog Service

EducaNext - The Portal for Learning Resources

EEVL's Ejournal Search Engines

EEVL Xtra - Cross Database Search

eFinancialBot - Your Global Financial Search Engine

EgoSurf - Know Your Place in the Blogosphere


eGroupWare - Free Enterprise Ready Groupware

eHealthcareBot Meta Search Engine

eHow - How To Do Just About Everything - Ranking and Mapping Scientific Knowledge

e-Learning Tools Directory

Electronic Notes - Manage Research Reference Documents and Take Notes

Electronic Resources for Information Research Methods

eMail Address Search Engine

eMarketingBot Meta Search Engine

Emergency Economic Stabilization Act and Troubled Asset Relief - TARP

Encalc - The Free Online Scientific Calculator

EndNote® - Bibliographies Made Easy

Engineering Village 2

enLighter Retriever

eNotes - Comprehensive Online Educational Resources by Experts

EnviroMapper - Web-based Interactive Mapping Tool for Viewing and Querying Environmental Information

Environmental Capital - Daily Analysis of the Business of the Environment by The Wall Street Journal

Environmental Indicators Gateway

EPA - Enforcement and Compliance History Online (EPA-ECHO)

EPSRC Digital Repositories e-Science Network

eReference Library Link Toolkit

ERIC - The World's Largest Largest Digital Library of Education Literature

ErrorKey - Search Engine for Error Codes and Messages

Ersys - Comprehensive Destination Information

EServer - Arts and Humanities Accessible Writings

eSnips - Snip, Store and Share Anything You Like - European Digital Library

European Science & Technology Transfer Professionals (ASTP)

European Search Engines, Directories and Lists

EVDB - The Events & Venues Database

Eventful - World's Largest Collection of Events

Event Photo Exchange

EventsEye - Trade Shows, Exhibitions, Conferences and Business Events Worldwide

EverNote - A Single Place For All Your Notes

EveryBlock - Geographic Filter Newsfeed of Your Neighborhood

Exalead - The Other Search Engine

Executive Profiles Search Engine

ExploreXY - Knowledge Discovery Vehicle (KDV™)

Exploring Online Research Methods

eyebrowse - Track and Share Your Web Trails

Eyejot - Free Video Messaging In a Blink

eyeOS - Web Desktop/Web OS/Web Office - Your Files and Applications Everywhere

EZappt - Secure Online Appointment Scheduling for Professional Practice, Enterprsie and Small Business

Fact200 - An Internet Research Tool

Factbites - Results Make Sense

FanFeedr - Personalized Sports Feed

Fanurio - Time Tracking Software for Freelancers

FastPencil - Connect, Write, Self-Publish and Promote Your Book - Promoting Foreign Direct Investment in Emerging Markets

Federal IT Dashboard

Fedora Commons - Create, Manage, Publish, Share and Preserve Digital Content Open Source Software

Feed Button - One Button, For All XML/RSS Readers, Always Up To Date

FeedCycle - Publish Serialized RSS Web Feeds

FeedMingle - Mingle Your Feeds Into One

FeedNavigator - Full Text Health Articles and RSS Feeds - National Library of Health Sciences - Terkko

Feedscrub - Feeds Filter Based Upon Your Preferences

FFFFOUND! - Find, Bookmark and Share Your Favorite Images

Fifty Writing Tools - The Workbench of Roy Peter Clark

Filangy - Manage and Share Web Information

File Extensions - The Source for File Extensions Information

File Information Tool Set (FITS)

FilePhile - Secure Unlimited File Transfers

File Savr - Free File Hosting

Fill-InDocs: Convert Any Form Into Fillable

Filtrbox G2 - Monitors Millions of Online Sources and Delivers Crticial Information

FinchSync - Contact/Appointment Synchronizer for Mozilla


FindForward Search Engine

Finding Experts by Using the Internet

Finding Information on the Internet - A Tutorial

Finding People

FindMeOn - Securely and Openly Link , Track , and Manage Your Online Identities

FindSounds - Search the Web for Sounds

FITA Global Trade Portal

Fixya - Technical Support, User Guides and Repair Service

Flash Card Machine - Create, Study and Share Online Flash Cards

FlashMeeting - Simple Web Browser Meeting and Replay Tool

Fleck - Web Page Interaction and Annotation

FlightAware - Free Flight Tracking Services

Flight Stats - Track Flight Status, Airport Delays and Other Airport Information

FLOSS Manuals - Free How To Use Free Software Manuals

FlyNote - Lighter Than a Blog

Fontifier - Text to Handwriting Fonts - The Place for Original Documents Online Widgets - The Language Site: Online dictionaries and Free Translation Tools

FormSpring - Web Form Builder

Forvo - Pronounced Words in Their Original Language


FPDF Library - PDF Generator

Free Bookmark Managers

Free Business Forms and Templates

Free Documentaries - Free Forums

Free Government Information (FGI)

FreeMind - Free Mind Mapping Software

Free Online Graph Paper / Grid Paper PDFs

Free Online Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Tool

Free Patent Online - Patent Analytics and Patent Searching

FreePint Index

Free Printable Document, Letter and Spreadsheet Templates

FreeScience - Peer to Peer Scientific Digital Library

Free Screencasts

Free Software Foundation (FSF)

Free Textbooks and Internet Library

French Government RSS Feeds

FreshBooks - Online Invoicing and Time Tracking

FreshNotes - Why Search? Discover

FriendFeed - Share Online

FrontlineSMS - Turns Laptop and Mobile Phone Into a Central Communications Hub

Frost - Freenet Client Providing Newsgroup-Like Private Encrypted Messages

FSI Language Courses - Public Domain Language Courses

Funambol - Mobile 2.0 Messaging Powered by Open Source

Furl - Your Web Page Filing Cabinet

FuzzFind - Web Search MashUp

Gabbly - Chat About Any Content On the Web


GanttProject - Gantt Chart Bsed Project Scheduling and Management Tool


GCALDaemon - Calendar Synchronizer

Genbook - Online Appointments

GenderAnalyzer - Determines If HomePage Is Written By Man or Woman - Find the Latitude and Longitude Of Any US Address - For Free

Geographic Resources Analysis Support System (GRASS)

GeoNames Geogaphical Database


getAbstract Business Book Summaries - Thousands of Business Book Summaries Online

Ghostscript, Ghostview, and GSview - View .pdf and .ps Documents


Gizmo - A Free Phone for Your Computer

Gizmodo - The Tech and Gadget Guide Blog

Glance - Desktop Sharing, Web Demos, and Presentations with One Click

Glearch - Global Search By Country, By Language, and By Search Engine

globalEDGE™ - Your Source For Global Business Knowledge

GlobalPost - A New Voice for Global News

GlobalSpec - The Engineering Search Engine

Global Terrorism Database (GTD)

Global Voices Online

GLORIAD Global Ring Network for Advanced Applications Development

GlusterFS - Non-Stop Cluster Storage

Glympse - Simple, Safe Location Sharing In an Instant

Gnowsis - Semantic Desktop Environment

Go3R - Knowledge Based Semantic Search Engine To Avoid Animal Experiments

Go-Geo! - Geo-Spatial Datasets and Related Resources

Gold Dust Project

Gold Rush - Database Search Tool

Golexa Search Tool - Complete Page Analysis

Google Agency Toolkit for Advertising

Google API Proximity Search (GAPS)

Google Alerts

Google Base - Online/Offline Content Submission

Google Bookmarks

Google Books Search

Google Calendar

Google Chrome (BETA) for Windows

Google Co-op

Google Dictionary

Google Docs and Spreadsheets

Google Earth - A 3D Interface To the Planet

Google Fast Flip

Google Groups Beta

Google Guide - Searching for Solutions

Google Notebook

Google Patent Search

Google Print

Google RSS Reader - Access News and Blogs In One Place

Google Scholar Search Engine

Google SketchUp

Google Spreadsheets and Writely

Google Suggest

Google Talk

Google Trends

Google U.S. Government Search

Google Wave - Communications and Collaboration Tool

Google Web APIs

Goollery - Collection of Google Related Projects

GoPlan - Online Project Management and Collaboration Tool

Go2web20 - Web 2.0 Tools and Applications - Rummaging in the Government's Attic - Community Government Document Review System

GovTrack - Tracking the U.S. Congress

Goyoke - Internet's Universal Search

GPO's Federal Digital System Search (FDsys)

GradShare - Ask Questions, Get Answers, Get Expert Advice from Graduate School Community

GreatSummary - Document Summarization

Green Maven - The Green Search Engine

Grisbi - Personnal Accounting Application

Grism - Open Source Stock Market Observation Tool

Group2Call - Voice and SMS Broadcast Service

GroupSites - How Groups Make Things Happen

GUBA - MultiMedia Search of USENET

Guide to Downloading Patent Copies on the Internet

Guide to Grammar and Writing

hakia - Search for Meaning

Hallon - Bookmark Creator

HARVEST: Simple Online Time Tracking, Timesheet and Reporting Software

HarvestMan 1.4 alpha 2 (Development)

Haystack Group - Research On Information Access, Analysis, Management and Distribution

Headline Analyzer - US Newspapers Online News Headlines, World News, Current Events

Helipad - The Flexible Web Notepad

Help Me Investigate

Herdict Web - Documenting Web Site Accessibility

Helium - Where Knowledge Rules

HighBeam Library Research

HipCal - Online Calendar - To-List and Address Book

Historic Aerials - Aerial Photography From the Past to the Present

HiTask - Task Management Application

HitWise - Competitive and Search Intelligence for Online Advertising and Search

HootSuite - The Professional Twitter Client

Hoovers Connect - Business Networking Tool

hott notes - Sticky Notes for the Desktop

How To Call Abroad - International Calling Guide

How to Conduct a Preliminary U.S. Patent Search : a Step by Step Strategy

How To File an FOIA Request by Taylor Holliday

HTML Indexer

HubSpot's Press Release Analysis and Grader

Huddle - Online Project Management, Group Collaboration and Document Sharing

Hula Project - Calendar and Mail Server

HyperScope - High Performance Thought Processor

Hyperwords - The Ultimate Search Tool

IBM OmniFind Yahoo! - Free Enterprise Search Engine

IBM® Mashup Center

IBM - Cloud Computing

IBM RedBooks


IconBin - Web Development Icons Archive

Icon Finder Search Engine

iconPot - Totally Free Icons

Idea Generation Methods

IdeaScale - Idea Management Innovation Management Crowdsourcing

IDEAS: Economics and Finance Research

IdeaTorrent - Open Innovation Software

IDES Prospector Plastics Search Engine

id•this - Human Powered Identification of Anything or Anyone

IE NetRenderer - Website Rendering Checker

IET Discover

i-Lighter - Collect, Organize and Create the Web

iMacros™ - Browser Based Macro Recorder and Intelligent Agent

Imagination Prompt Generator

IM Collaborator

IMified - Instant Productivity

ImpactWatch - Monitoring Made Simple

ImportGenius - International Trade and Competitive Intelligence Tools and U.S. Customs Database

IMSA Internet Search Wizard

IndexMaster – The Legal Research Tool

Index of Economic Freedom 2008

Index to University Sponsored Open Access Repositories of Journals and Research Materials

Industry Information Resources

i-neighbors - Your Neighbohood's Home On the Internet

Infinite Thinking Machine (ITM)

InfoAviator - Your Comprehensive Directory for Searching Free Court Records - Free Redistributable Rich Data Sets


Information Architecture Institute's Tools Project

Information Environment Service Registry (IESR)

Information Retrieval Intelligence

Information Traps

Inform - Publisher Services

InfoSci-On-Demand - Premier Source for Quality Research Studies

IngentaConnect - Scholarly Research

IN Harmony Sheet Music Cataloging Tool

Inkscape - Open Source Vector Graphics Editor

Instantbird - Muli-Protocol Instant Message Client

Instruction Manuals


Intelways - One Stop Online Search Service

International Calling Codes

International Data Base (IDB) of the U.S. Census Bureau

International Economic Statistics (IES) Database

International Journal of e-Collaboration (IJeC)

Internet Alerts

Internet Archive - Wayback Machine

Internet Archives

Internet Detective - Wise Up To the Web

Internet Marketer's Handbook

Intute Repository Search

Investigator's Toolbox - Online Resources for Researchers

Inventory of Research Methods for Librarianship and Informatics by Jonathan D. Eldredge, M.L.S., Ph.D., AHIP

invotrack - Invoice and Timesheet Tracking

iOutliner - Organize Your Ideas

iRadeo - Free Online Radio Platform


iRider Web Browser

Irish Government RSS Feeds

iROWS - Online Spreadsheet

Irrlicht Engine

iSpeech - Listen To Anything That You Used To Read

Issuu - Online Publishing Service and Creative Community

Italian Government RSS Feeds

ITDatabase - Precise Tech Media Research

iThenticate - Protect, Manage and Verify Content

JAIRO - Japanese Institutional Repositories Online

Jaxtr - Links Your Phone from Your Social Network or Blog

Jiglu - Tags That Think

Jigsaw - Directory of Companies and Business Professionals

Jigsaw - Visualization for Investigative Analysis

Joomla! - Open Source Content Management System

Joongel - Searching and Navigating the Internet Web Application

JotForm - Web Based WYSIWG Form Builder

JotSpot - Live Group Note-Taking

Journalism 2.0: How to Survive and Thrive - A Digital Literacy Guide for the Information Age

Journler - Wherever Life Takes You

Journal Info - Journal Information for the Researcher

JScience - Java™ Tools and Libraries for the Advancement of Sciences

Judicial Watch - Promoting Integrity, Transparency and Accountability in Government, Politics and the Law

JURN - Search Free Scholarly eJournals in Art and Humanities

Jybe! - CoSurfing Re-Invented

KallOut - Search Outside the Box

Kazeon eDiscovery Software

Keepoint: Your Personal Web Information Manager

Kellysearch - B2B Product Search Engine

Kevin Kelly's Cool Tools Site

Keyboard Shortcut List - Using Shortcut Keys To Improve Productivity

Keyboard Shortcuts for Special Characters

KIM Semantic Annotation Platform

Kindling - Idea Management and Collaboration Tool

KnightCite - Online Citation Generator

Know Your Stuff™ - Free Home Inventory Software

KobreGuide - Guide to the Web's Best Multimedia and Video Journalism

KompoZer - Easy Web Authoring System

KonoLive - Collaborative Task Management Application

KSJ Tracker

KnowledgeWorkshop Research Support Software

Koha - Open Source Integrated Library System

Kosmix - The Web Searched and Organized For You

Krunch - Compressing Files Online

KSG Research Working Papers Series

Kultur Project for Creative and Applied Arts

kwiry - Turn Text Messages Into Reminders Retrievable Online

Laconica - The Open Microblogging Tool

LanguageTool - Open Source Language Checker

LaterThis - Links You Like Later

Lattiss - Online Appointment Scheduling for Your Business

Law Library of Congress

Legal, Factual and Other Internet Sites for Attorneys and Legal Professionals

LeMill - Finding, Authoring and Sharing Learning Resources

Lesson Writer - Accept Calls Anonymously Without Revealing Your Phone Number

Letterhead Creator - Free Tool

Lexxe: Search Engines That Answers Exact Queries

LibGuides Community Site

LibGuides - Web 2.0 Library Knowledge Sharing System

LibMarks - Social Bookmarking and Tagging Application for Libraries

Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts (LISTA)

Library Journals, Newsletters and Zines

Library of Congress Research Tools

LibraryThing - Catalog Books

LifeDo - ToDo Lists Manager

LimeSurvey - Leading Open Source Tool for Online Surveys

Lingua MOO

Links to Document Viewers

LinkSViewer - Visual Network Analysis Research Engine

Lipi Toolkit (LipiTk) - Open Source Toolkit for Online Handwriting Recognition

Liquid Information Research Project

Listible - Quick Way To Get Resources

List of Lists (LOL)

ListPhile - Shared Lists, Atlases and Databases

Litsum - Free Literature Summaries and Study Guides

Live Documents - Secure and Share Your Documents Like Never Before

LiveDrive - Online File Storage

LiveJournal Academic Research Bibliography

Live Mesh - Sync, Share, and Access the Information You Care About —Wherever You Happen to Be

Live Ships Map - AIS - Vessel Taffic and Positions

Lost Titles, Forgotten Rhymes: How to Find a Novel, Short Story, or Poem Without Knowing its Title or Author

LongJump - Easily Customizable Web Applications for Managing and Coordinating Businesses, Teams, and Information - Literature for Your Eyes and Ears

LOUIS - the Library Of Unified Information Sources

Lovely Charts - Free Online Diagramming Application

.LRN - Learn, Research, Network

Lumosity - Brain Fitness and Memory Improvement

Lunascape Web Browser - Ultimate Research Power At Your Mouseclick

LyX Document Processor

MacRAE's BLUE BOOK Search - Cool, Free and Useful Web Applications

Manuals Online - The User Manual Site

Manuscriptorium - Building Virtual Research Environment for the Sphere of Historical Resources

Many Eyes - Power of Human Visual Intelligence to Find Patterns

MapBuilder - Rapid Mashup Development Tool for Google and Yahoo Maps

MapEcos - US Industrial Toxic Releases Map - Searchable World Gazetteer

MapTube - Free Resource For Viewing, Sharing, Mixing and Mashing Maps Online

Maricopa ePortfolio

Market Intelligence Resources

Market Research Library Search - U.S. Commercial Service

Market Visual Search - Business Realtionship Search Engine

Martindale's Calculators On-Line Center

Martindale's Reference Center

Matchless Music Licensing Library

MatWeb - The Online Materials Information Resource - Business Education Video Portal

Measurement Databases

Media Cloud - Analyze and Visualize the Flow of the Media

Media Convert - Free and Online - Convert and Split Sound, Ringtones, Images, Docs - MP3 WMV 3GP and more ...

MediaCoder - More Than a Universal Audio/Video Transcoder

MediaPortal - The Open Source Media Center - Web Video Conference System

Meeting Room Booking System (MRBS)

MeetingWizard - Online Scheduling Solutions

Meetways - Find a Point of Interest Between Two Given Addresses

Meet With Approval - Arrange a Meeting or Event

Megite Discover - From our Favorite Topic or Web Page

Megite - What's Happening Right Now Social News Aggregrator

MemeTracker - Tracking New Phrases Over the World Wide Web

MERLOT - Multimedia Educational Rersource for Learning and Online Teaching

messageSling - The Future of VoiceMail

Metadata Extraction Tool


MetaGrid - Find 8000 Newspapers and Online-magazines

MetaPress - Scholarly Content

Microsoft Research Download Tools

Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI)

Mikogo - Easy-to-Use Screen Free Screen Sharing Tool

Mind42 - Collaborative MindMapping In Your Browser

MindMeister - Thinking Together

Mindomo - Web-Based Mind Mapping Tool

MindRaider - Semantic Web Outliner

MindTouch Deki Wiki - Open Source Wiki and Application Platform

MindTouch - Open Source Collaborative Networks

Mineful - On Demand Web-Based Market Research Software

Miner3D - Visual Data Analysis Software for Business Intelligence and Science

Mint Portal - Business Intelligence and Business Information

Miro - Open Source Internet TV and Video Player

MIT Center for Collective Intelligence

MIT Lecture Browser

MixedInk - Free Collaborative Writing Tool

MIX - Meta-analysis with Interactive eXplanations

Mloovi RSS & Blog Translator

mnemomap - Web 2.0 Search Engine

MnM - Annotation Tool

MoneyManagement - Manage Your Money Online


monitter - Real Time Live Twitter Monitor

Moodle - Course Management System

MorgueFile - Public Image Achive for Creatives By Creatives

Mortgage Calculator

Movavi Video Converter

Mozenda - Comprehensive Web Data Gathering

Mozy Remote Backup

Mp3Realm - Mp3 Search Engine

MrCute Project - An Intuitive Respository for Moodle

Muckety - News with Interactive Relationship Maps

MultiMap - Online Maps to Everywhere

MultiURL - Your One Stop Resource for Link Sharing

Muradora - Web Based GUI for Fedora Repository

Muse - Social Utility That Connects You With Internet2-enabled Technologies and Educators

MX Lookup Tool - Check Your DNS MX Records Online

MyChores - Track Your Chores

Mycrocosm - Sharing Everyday Data

MyDataBus - Free Online File Storage and File Sharing

myExperiment Virtual Research Environment

MyFeedMe - Always On, Always Looking, Always Learning

My Free Email Search

Mygazines - Upload, Share and Archive Magazine Articles and Catalogues

myHours - Online Time Tracking Solution

MyNoteIT - An Online Note Taking Tool for Students

MyQuire - Social Networking With a Purpose

MyStickies - Sticky Notes for the Web

MySyndicaat - Personalized Aggregator

My Text Tools - Free Online Text Tools

My Tickler File - Knowledge Exchange for Digital Business Tools


Nabble - Free Forums and Other Embeddable Applications

NameChk - Check Username Availability at Multiple Social Networking Sites

nanoHUB - Simulation, Education and Community for Nanotechnology

NARCIS - The Gateway to Dutch Scientific Information

National Academies - Advisers to the Nation on Science, Engineering and Medicine

National Basic Food Prices Data and Analysis Tool

Near-Time Flow: Web Empowered Authoring, Collecting, Organizing and Collaboration

Neptune Getting Things Done (GTD) Tool


NetLingo - The Internet Dictionary

NETR Public Records Online Directory

Net Snippets

Net Transport - Downloading Tool

NetVibes - Customizable Web 2.0 HomePage

NetworkX (NX)- High productivity Software for Complex Networks

netXtract - The Net-based Research Productivity Tool

Newgie - Finding the Most Interesting News

New Media Intelligence - Web Monitoring

NewsCactus - Online Newsroom Solution for Public Relations and Marketing Professionals



Newser - Know More News While Searching Less

Newseum Today's Front Pages - World's Most Interactive Museum - Snap News Search

NewsLab Eurasia

Newssift - Next Generation Vertical Business News Search Tool

News Sniffer

NewsTechZilla - Where Journalism and Technology Collide

NewsTin - Multilingual News Search

News To Watch - Discover, Visualize and Embed the News

New York Times Latest Headlines

newzBin - Usenet Search

Nexo - Free and Easy Online Groups

NeXplore™ Search Beta

Nextaris™ - Your Personal Internet Information Toolkit™ - The Next Generation of Feeds Designed to Manage Information Overload

NiceTranslator - Fast and Easy To Use Online Translator

Nivio - Your Personal Windows Desktop On Any Computer In the World

NLM DocMorph - Electronic Document Conversion and PDF Conversion

Non Disclosure Agreements and Forms


Noodle Tools - Online Research Tools

Northampton Electronic Collection of Theses and Research - NECTAR

notebook G™ - Online Personal Information Organizer

Notefish Research Tool

Notemaking by Jim Burke

NotePub - Save, Share and Organize Your Notes

NoteTab Light - Free Notepad Replacement with Text Editor and HTML Editor

Nottr - Write and Share Notes on the Web

Nozbe - Getting Things Done

NTIS Search Engine Provides Archive Access Back to 1964

Num Sum - Easy, Sharable Web Social Spreadsheets

Nuvvo - Free On-Demand eLearning

NYPL - Databases and Indexes Online

NZResearch - Kiwi Research Information Service

Obtain The Real URL Tool

OCKHAM Initiative

Odeo - Search, Discover and Share Digital Media From Millions of Audio and Video Clips

ODLIS: Online Dictionary for Library and Information Science

ODP Custom RSS Feed Generators

OER Commons - Open Educational Resources

Ohloh - Open Source Network - Older Versions of Various Software Programs

omCollab - Open Source Powerful Enterprise 2.0 Collaboration Software

Omeka - Web Platform for Publishing Collections and Exhibitions Online

Omgili - Find Out What People Are Saying

OmniBiography - Online Database of Important Biographies

Omniglot - A Guide To Written Language

OmniOutliner 3 - Capture Your Ideas, Organize Your Universe

Onalytica - Transforming Online Buzz Into Knowledge

OneHub - Flexible Cloud to Share Files, Manage Projects and Online Collaboration


Online Banner Generator - Web2 Banner Maker

Online Calculators List

OnLine Chinese Tools

Online Free Education

Online Free Translator

Online Generators

Online Research Browsers

Online Research Tools

Online Stickies Lino

Online Storage - 80+ File Hosting and Sharing Sites

Online Tools by Christian Heilmann

Online Web Notes - Ubernote


OnTranq - File Transfer and Queuing Service

Open Access Directory (OAD)

Open Access Scholarly Information Sourcebook (OASIS)

Open and Free Project Management Tools

Open Archives Initiative Object Reuse and Exchange (OAI-ORE)

Opencast - Higher Education Audio Video Infrastructures Projects

OpenCms - Open Source User Friendly Content Management System



Open CRS Network - Congressional Research Service Reports

OpenDEN - Free OpPen Source Software, News and Resources

OpenDOAR - Search Repository Contents

OpenDX - Open Visualization Data Explorer

OpenGoo - Open Source Web Office

Open J-Gate - World's Largest Open Access English Language Journals Portal

OpenKapow - Serving Mashups For the Long Tail of the Web

OpenKM - Knowledge Management

OpenLayers - Dynamic Maps On Any Page

Open Library

Open Office - Free and Open Productivity Suite

OpenOffice Online Tutorials and Training

Openomy - Free Secure Online File System

OpenProj - Open Source Project Management Solution

Open Science Grid

Open Social

Open Source Computer Vision Library

Open Source Geospatial ( OSGeo) Foundation

Open Source Lab

Open Source Windows - Free Open Source Software Tools for Windows XP and Vista

Open Standards and Software for Bibliographies and Cataloging

OpenStreetMap - Free Editable Map of the World

OpenSurveyPilot - Open Source Online Surveys, Polls and More

Open WebMail Project

Open Web Tool Directory by Mozilla Labs - Free Programs To Open Any File Extension

Open Workbench - Open Source Project Scheduling for Windows

Open WorldCat-enabled Web Tools

Org-mode - an Emacs Mode for Notes and Project Planning

ORIONMagic - Knowledge Management Tools - Open Source Alternative

OSSEC - Open Source Host-based Intrusion Detection System

OttoBib - Free Auto Bibliography Generator

Outfoxed - Personalize Your Internet

Ovidentia Community - Open Source Content Management and Collaboration Platform

Pacific Manuscripts Bureau (Pambu)

Packet Garden - Internet Usage Tracker

Page2RSS - Create a RSS Feed From Any Web Site

PageBreeze Free HTML Editor

PageFlakes - Your Starting Page With Thousands of Flakes

Palbee - Knowledge Sharing Via Video Conferencing

Pando - eMail File Sharing

PapersInvited - World's Largest Database of Calls for Papers

ParaCite - Powerful System for Reference Parsing and Location

ParsCit Project - Reference String Parsing

Passpack - Free Online Passsword Manager

Password Safe - The Security of Blowfish In a Password Database

PAT2PDF - Free PDF Copies of U.S. Patents - Search, Download and Print

Patch - Local Community News, Businesses, and Events - Patent Search, Patent Community and Patent Exchange

PBwiki - Free Wiki for Business, Education and Personal

PDFGeni - Search Engine for PDF Documents

PDF Magazines From Throughout the World

PDFVue - Edit, Annotate, and Share PDFs for Free

Peekvid - Watch Videos Online

Peer 2 Peer University (P2PU)

Personas - How Does the Internet See You

PDF Watermark Creator To Protect Your PDFs

Peepel - Extending the Multiple Window Desktop Model to the Web

Perseus WebResearcher

PersonalBrain - Visual Information Management

Photo Laboratory - Free Stock Photography

PhotoRec - Digital Picture Recovery


phpThumb() - The PHP Thumbnail Generator

Pic2color - Color Re-Scheming Tool

Picnik - Edit Photos Online In Your Browser


PinDax - Online Message Board

Pinger - Instant Voice Messaging for Your Cell Phone

Pipes - Interactive Feed Aggregator and Manipulator

Pipl - Deep Web People Finder

PIXresizer - Free Image Resizer

PlaceBlogger - Blogging About Places

Plagiarism Checker for Student Assignments

Plagium - Plagiarism Tracker and Checker

PlanHQ - Online Business Planning Tool

Planzo - Online Community of Planners and Calendars

Plone - Open Source Content Management


PocketMod - Free Disposable Personal Organizer

Podanza - Podcast Search Engine and Directory

Podcasting Tools - Resources for Podcasting

Podget - A Simple Podcast Aggregator

podOmatic Podcast Portal: Create, Find, Share Podcast

PodZinger - Searches For Content Within Podcast Audios

PolicyMap - Innovative Geographic Information System To Easily Create Custom Maps, Tables and Charts

Pop!Tech Hub - Social Network and Collaboration Platform for Vanguard-Edge Emerging Ideas

PopUrls - Popular URLs to the Latest Web Buzz

Portable Firefox

Portable Software - Best Freeware

Posterous - The Place to Post Everything Via eMail

PosteRazor - Make Your Own Poster!

Postgenomic - Aggregator of Science Blogs

PostRank - Ranking Any Kind of Online Content

PowerFolder - P2P Whole Folder Synchronization

Powerset - Search Wikipedia Articles

PPTools -- PowerTools for PowerPoint PowerUsers

Prefuse - Information Visualization Toolkit

Presentation Zen

PressDisplay - World's Largest Online Newspaper Kiosk

Pressitt - Create Your Own Social Media News Release (SMNR)

Pressmart - Electronic Newspapers and More

PRESTO®: An Enterprise-Ready Mashup Solution

Prezi - The Zooming Presentation Editor

Print What You Like

Privacy Finder - Privacy-enhanced Search Engine

Processing - Programming Language and Environment for Images, Animation and Sound

ProCite® - Your Information Toolbox

Product Planner - View and Create User Flows, Viral Loops, and More

Project Management Checklists and Templates

Project Pad - Media Annotation and Collaboration

ProjectPier - Open Source Easy Online Collaboration

Projecturf - Web Based Project Management and Collaboration

Property Maps - Visual Property Searching Tool

ProsePoint - Free Open Source Newspaper and Magazine Content Management System

Prospector Academic, Public and Special Library Search Engine

Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER)

Public Data Sets on AWS

Public Gopher Proxy

Public Knowledge Project (PKP)

Public Records Tracker - Web Based Public Records Request Management Solution

PubSub - Real Time Research Keyword Matching, Monitoring and Alerting Service


Qipit - Copy and Share Documents with Camera Phone or Digital Camera

Qitera Follow™

Qitera Market and Customer Intelligence Alerts™

Qitera - Unleashing Collective Knowledge

Q-Sensei - Searching Millions of Scholarly Articles

QueryCAT - Web's Largest Database of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

QuestionForm - Web Application for Creating, Publishing and Analysing Online Surveys and Forms

Quickeo - Private File Sharing With a Simple eMail

Quintura - The Way People Search

Quirks - Worldwide Market Research Resources

Quote Finder

R&D Chemicals - Chemical Compounds Database

Rachota Project - Time Tracking Tool for Precise Measurement of Human Work at Computer

Radiant - Open ource Content Management System

RadioBeta - Reach Radio Stations Around the Globe

Radio-Locator - Scanner Frequencies and Radio Frequency Reference

Rallypoint - Online Collaboration

RapidMiner - Open Source Data Mining Tool

ReadBag - Read Stories/Sites Later

Recuva - File Recovery - What's New and Popular Online

redMine - Open Source Project Management Web Application

RefAware - Web Based Current Awareness Service

refBASE - Web-based, Platform-independent, Multi-user Interface for Managing
Scientific Literature & Citations

Reference Chat Libraries - Global Listing

Reference Extract - Librarian Based Web Search Engine

Reference Manager - Bibliographies On The Desktop and Web

Reference Resources

ReferenceUSA - Information on Businesses and People

RefScout® - Weekly Scientific Reference Mailing Service

Refstart - Web Based Reference Application

RefViz™ - Explore Research Literature Visually

RefWorks - Online Research Management, Writing and Collaboration Tool

Remember The Milk - Tool To Manage Your Tasks

RemindBlast - eMail and SMS Reminders

Remindd - Your Reminder Tool

ReportBuyer - Market Research

Repper - Free To Use Pattern Creator Tool

RepRap - Replicating Rapid-prototyper

Research and Documentation Online

Research Assistant

Research Beyond Google: 119 Authoritative, Invisible, and Comprehensive Resources

Research Buddy - Saves References To WebPages in Bibliographical Reference Form

Research Connect - Connecting the World To Information

reSearcher - Open Source Electronic IR/IM Tools

ResearchGATE - Professional Network for Scientists



Research Mapper

Research Methods Resources on the WWW

Research Monitor – Usage Reporting, Access Control, Client Reference Validation and Cost Recovery

Research Recap - Highlighting the Best Equity, Credit, Market and Economic Research

Research Tools and Papers

Research Tools You Might Have Missed


Research WWW Browsers

Resource Discovery iKit

Resource Finder - Intellogist

ResourceShelf's DocuTicker

ResultR - One Search With Many Useful Results

retaggr - Your Profile Card and Tagging People You Know

retriver - Image Searcher

Retroshare - Comunicate Secure with Friends

RightSignature - Sign Documents Online

RiotFeeds - Discover the Freshest Information On Your Favorite Topics Using Your Twitter Account

RLIB Report Engine

RLO-CETL Learning Object Repository Harvester

ROARMAP (Registry of Open Access Repository Material Archiving Policies)

RocketInfo Desktop

Rootly - Extremely Customizable News Aggregator

rsizr - Intelligent Image Resizing

RSS Builder - Build News Feeds and Podcasts

RSS Cloud

RSSMicro - Dedicated RSS Feed Search Engine and Directory

RSS News Feed Generator

RSSMicro - Dedicated RSS Feed Search Engine

RTM Notifier - Remembering the Milk

S5: A Simple Standards-Based Slide Show System - Find and Keep All Your User Guides

Sage - Open Source Mathematics Software

Sakai CLE - Free Open Source Collaboration and Learning System

Salasaga - The Opensource eLearning IDE

SamePoint - Social Conversation Search Engine

Satellite and Space Shuttle Tracking in Real Time

scanR - Scan, Copy and Fax With Your Camera Phone or Digital Camera

Scholarly Credentials Toolkit

Scholarly Electronic Publishing Bibliography

Scholarly Exchange - Making Open Access Publishing Affordable and Sustainable

Scholarly Sports Sites - A Subject Directory


Science Accelerator - Search Key Resources from DOE OSTI ALERTS

ScienceHack - Science Videos Search Engine - Deep Web Search Engine

Science Research Portal - Universal Online Portal for Sceince, Advanced Teaching and Academic Research

Science Tracer Bullet Series From Library of Congress

SciFeeds - Life Science Journal RSS Feeds and Social Network

SCImago Journal & Country Rank - Assess and Analyze Scientific Domains

Scirus - Search Engine for Scientific Information

Scirus Topic Pages

Scitable - A Collaborative Learning Space for Life Sciences


Scitopia - Deep Federated Search

SciVee - Pioneering New Modes of Scientific Dissemination

Scoopler - Real Time Search

Scott Hanselman's Ultimate Developer and Power Users Tool List

Scout Portal Toolkit (SPT)

Scrapo - Digital Online Scrapbooking

ScratchPads - Research Community Working On the Web

Screenjelly - Free Screen and Voice Recorder for Twitter, Facebook or eMail

ScreenToaster - Online Screen Recorder, Capture Screencasts Instantly

Scribd - Publish and Discover Documents Online

Scribe - Cross Platform Note-Taking Program

Scriblink - Free Online Digital Whiteboard

Scribus - Open Source Desktop Publishing

Searchbots - Uniquely Searching the Internet

searchCrystal - Search Visualization Tool

Search EFF's FOIA Documents

Search Engines 2

SearchMonkey - Yahoo! Search's New Open Platform

Search For Video

Searching the Internet - A Tutorial

SearchMapr - Visual Search Maps


Searchme - Visual Search Engine

SecondBrain - Organize and Discover Online Content

Secunia Software Inspector

SeeqPod Music - Playable Search, Find, Discover, Watch, Listen and Share

Semapedia - Hyperlink Your World

Senduit - Free File Sharing Service

SenseBot - Semantic Search Engine Discovering Sense On the Web

Seruku Toolbar


Shadows - Tag, Comment and Rate Your Favorite Web Pages

Sharein - Share Your Discoveries

Shareomatic - Social Bookmark Sites Tracker

ShiftSpace - An Open Source Layer Above Any Webpage

shortText - Post and Share Information

ShowMyPC - Free Community for Online Meetings and Collaboration

Side Job Track - Manage Small Side Projects

Silobreaker - Online Search Service for News and Current Events

SimplyBill - Simple Powerful Invoice Management

Simpy - Social Bookmarking and Personal Search Engine

Sindice - The Semantic Web Index

SingleFunction - Showcasing Single Function Websites

Sitemark - Save, Organize, Share and Discover Your Favorite Websites

SitePoint Reference for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Site Update Notification Project - Web Crawler and Deep Web Research


Slantly - Opinion and Discussion

Slawesome: Voice over Email

SlideRocket - Online Presentation Software

Slideroll™ - Online Slideshow Software

SlideShare - World's Largest Community for Sharing Presentations and Slideshows

Sloodle - Virtual Environment Learning System

SlyDial - Connects You Directly to Someone's Mobile Voicemail

SmarterChild - Instant Messaging Bot

Smartsheet - Online Project Collaboration Tool

SnapFiles - Download Freeware, Free Software and Shareware

SnagIt Screen Capture

SnapBits - Securely Store, Search, Sort and Retrieve Bits of Information

SnappyFingers - Question and Answer Search Engine

SNiPiTRON - Build Research Projects and Collaborate with Associates

Snippy - Snip and You are Done

Snippy by ResearchAgent


SnipURL - Snippetty Snip Snip With Your Long URLs!

Social Alerter - Website Alerts for Digg and Popularity Happenings

Social Bookmarking

Social Collider - Reveals Cross-Conections Between Conversations on Twitter

SocialMedian - The News Filtered By Your Social Network Contacts

Social Mention - Searches User Generated Content

Social Networking Sites Search Engine

Social Science Data Search

Social Wallpapering - Desktop Backgrounds

Socrates Questionnaire Engine

SocSciBot - Social Sciences Link Analysis Research - Free Software Download Directory

Software for Information Organization

Software for Research (using Windows)

Solvr - Solve Your Problems Step By Step

Songza - Music Search Engine and Internet Jukebox

SoonR - Remote Control Your Computer with Your Mobile Phone

Soundslides Tool for Storytelling

South Asia Analysis Group

Spanish Government RSS Feeds

Specto - Watch and Notification of Configurable Events


SpeedCine - The Fast Way To Find Legal Movies Online

SpeedCrunch - Fast, High Precision and Powerful Freely Available Desktop Calculator

Spezify - Searching in Different Visual Ways

Spific - The Finding Engine

SplashUp - Powerful Editing Tool and Photo Manager

Spokeo - Friend Finder/Tracker

Spotplex - What People Read Most Today - Community Funded Reporting

SPREE - The Knowledge Exchange Network Project

Spresent - Create Free Web Based Online Flash Presentations

SpringerImages - Hard To Find Scientific Images

Springnote - Free Online Notebook Based On Wiki

SpringPads - Free Online Notebooks

Sproutliner - Project and Idea Manager - Free Online Bookmarks With So Much More...

SpyPig - Free email Tracking System

Sqworl - Tool To Manage Link Groups

Stack Overflow - Collaboratively Edited Question and Answer Site for Programmers

Statistical Abstract of the United States: 2009

Status Search - Search Your Friends' Social Status Updates

StikiPad - Collaboration Tool

Stikkit - Little Yellow Notes That Think

Stock.xChng - Leading Free Stock Photography Site

StoryBlender - Now Everyone Can Create a Video

StorYBook - Open Source Story Writing Software

StratoVista - Take Control of Your InBox

StrongSpace - Secure File Storage and Sharing

Study Stickies Social Note Taking Service

SubEthaEdit - Collaborative Text Editing

Surchur - The Dashboard to Right Now Search Results

SurfingThroughNoise (STN)

SurfSaver - Download, Organize, and Search Web Pages

Surfulater - Software for Internet Research and Web Information Management

SurfWax News

SurveyGizmo - Online Surveys, Data Collection and Integration

Survey of Buying Power Online

Swarm - A New Way To Browse the Web and Find the Most Interesting Sites

Swivel - Explore and Discover Data

Swizznet - QuickBooks Hosting, Virtual Office and Online Accounting

SWORD (Simple Web-service Offering Repository Deposit)

SyncBackSE - Backup, Restore and Syenchronization Software

Tableau: The Visual Spreadsheet

Ta-da List - To Do List

TagCloud - Create Your Own TagCloud From Any Text

Tagcow™ - Make Your Photos Searchable

Tagzania - Tags and Places

Tailrank - Tracking the Hottest News in the Blogosphere

Taiwan Electronic Theses and Dissertations System (ETDS)

Talk Digger - Find, Follow , Join Discussiuon Evolving On the Internet

Talkinator - Talk Like Crazy

TASCK - Easy and Simple Online ToDo List

TaskBarn - Free Web Based Project Management and Collaboration Tools

Task Coach

TaskJuggler - Powerful Project Manager Tool

Taskr - Simple Task Management

Tatango - Connecting Groups Through Group Text Messaging

TBot - Windows Live Messenger Translation Bot

TCscreen Screen Capture and Video Utility

Teacher Resource Exchange (TRE)

Techmeme - Tech Web Page A1

TechXtra - Indepth Academic and Scholar Search

Telonu - Rant, Rave and Rate Your Workplace and More

Ten Must-Have Bookmarklets by Gina Trapani

Text Explosion - Freeware Abbreviation Xpander for Windows

TextFlow - Collaboration Made Easy

TextHog - Really Simple Online Expense Tracking - Free Text Reminders

TextRunner Search - Searches Hundreds of Millions of Assertions Extracted from 500 Million High-Quality Web Pages

TextTheMob - Engage and Collect Feedback From Your Audience

Text to Logo - Create Free Logos with Online Logo Makers

The Academic Web Link Database Project

The Big Money from Slate - Synthesis of Financial News and Tools

The Citizendium Project

The Cornell Note Taking System

The Creativity Pool


TheFreeLibrary - News, Magazines, Newspapers, Journals, Reference Articles and Classic Book

The Great Software List

The Guide - Two-Pane Extrinsic Outliner

The Inquiry Page

The KOffice Project - KWord

The Manuals - Free Manuals Online

The Most Useful Sites for Reporters

The Open Planning Project

The Organizer's Toolbox

The Researcher SourceBook

The Spire Project

The Verifier - What People Are Clicking On Today

TheWebService - Next Generation Data-as-a-Service

Thinkature - Real-time Collaboration for the Web

ThinkFree - Your Office for Anytime Anywhere Computing

Thinking Rock - Free Software for Collecting and Processing Your Thoughts

Think Tanks

ThoughtMesh - Publishing and Discovering Scholarly Papers Online

Thoughtograph - Freedom to Think, Share and Evolve

ThumbStacks - Making and Sharing Presentations Online

THWONK - Where You Define the Rules of Online Communications

ThyNews - Create Custom Online News Page

Tick - Track Time and Hit Budgets

ticTOCs Journal Table of Contents Service

TiddlySpot - Create Your Own Personal Wiki

TiddlyWiki - A Reusable Non-Linear Personal Web Notebook

TimeBridge - Personal Scheduling Assistant

TimeDriver - Online Personal Appointment Scheduler

timeEdition - Time Management Tool

TimeSnapper - Make Timesheets a Snap

TimeToMeet - Find a Meeting Time

Time Tracker - A Personal Time Management Application

TinEye - Image Search Engine

Tiny Applications

TinyMap - Easily Create and Share Maps To Anywhere

TinyURL - URL Shortening Service

ToAnswer - Get Your Question Answered in 140 Characters Or Less

ToDo.txt - Managing Your To Do List Simply

Toggl - Online Time Tracker

TomBoy - Simple Note Taking

Toodledo - A To-Do List To Organize Your Tasks

Tool Kit for the Expert Web Searcher

Tools for Internet-Based Data Collection

Tools for Investigative Research

Tools for Thinking

Tools for Organizing Thoughts

Top10 Sources - Find Best Rich New Media Content

Topicle Search Community

Topicscape - Mindmaps in 3D and Information Management

TOSBack - The Terms-Of-Service Tracker

Tourmandu - Connects You With The Best Locals In Town


TrackConsole - Web Analytics

Trackle - Your Personal Tracker On the Web

TracksLife - Your Friendly, Personal, Online Spread-abase

Trackur - Online Reputation Monitoring & Social Media Monitoring Tools


Tranche Project - Secure P2P for the Scientific Community

Transferr - Speed dial for the Web

Translation Resources On the Web: A Guide to Accurate, Free Sites by Rebecca A. Martin and Sarah McHone-Chase - A Showcase and Workshop for New Public Radio

TreePad - Organizer, PIM, Information Manager and Text Editor

TreeToDoList - Hierarchical Organiser for Tasks, Notes, Lists, Weblinks and RSS Feeds


Trendrr - Track Compare Share

Trends to Watch by the Pew Center On the States - Global Consumer Trends, Ideas and Insights

Trexy Search Engine - Blaze Search Trails

Trippish - Driving Directions with Weather Forecasts - Search Tool

TrueCrypt - Free Open Source On the Fly Disk Encryption Software

True Knowledge - The Internet Answer Engine™

Trulia - Real Estate Search

Trusted Opinion - A Tool To Elevate Debate

TSNN - Event Search and Resource

Tudu Lists

TuneUp Media - Automatically Tunes Up Your Music Collection

TurboScout Search Engine - Access Search Engines Without Retyping

Tweetag - Browse the Twittosphere

TweetBeep - Like Google Alerts for Twitter


TweetGrid - Real-Time Twitter Search Dashboard

Tweetizen - Discover Tweets That Matter To You

Tweet Later - Schedule Futue-Dated Twitter Tweets

Twidox - Upload, Find and Share Quality Documents and Research

Twilert - Twitter Search Alerts Via eMail

Twine - A Semantic Web Application That Allows You To Share, Organize, and Find Information

Twing - Forum Search and Community Discovery

Twingr - Create Your Owm Microblogging Community

Twitter - What Are You Doing?

Twitter Search - See What Is Happening Right Now

Tyndall Report - Monitors Weekday Nightly Major Network Newscasts

Typealyzer - What Type of Typist Types That Blog

uBio - Indexing and Organizing 10,775,398 Biological Names

Ubroadcast - World's Online Broadcasting Community

uClassify - Free text Classifier Web Service

UK Data Archive (UKDA)

Ulteo - Easy-To-Use Open-Source Computer Operating System

Ultimate RSS Toolbox - 120+ RSS Resources

Unit Conversion Online - Unique Tool for All Converting

United Nations Data Access System (UNdata)

Universal Digital Library (UDL) - Million Book Collection

Universal Extractor

Universal Packing List (UPL)

University of the People (UoPeople)- Tuition Free Online Academic Institution

Uniworld - Who Opeates Where Worldwide

UN Pulse - Alerts to Just Released United Nations Information

UPC Bar Code Internet Database

Update Checker for Installed Software

UpdatePatrol - Web Page Changes and Update Monitoring

UploadMirrors - Easy File Upload to Multiple Free File Hosts

://URLFAN - Blogosphere Popularity Intelligence - Find Nonworking URLs

USBudget Services

U.S. Government Bookstore - New Titles By Subject Alert Service

VADLO - BioMedical and Life Sciences Search Engine

Vaestro - Your Voice to the World

Vascoda - Scientific and Scholarly Information Portal

Veetro - Online Business Management Tools

Verbatim Solutions Free Translation Service Tool

Verify eMail Addresses

Vertex42 - Excel Templates, Calendars, Calculators and Spreadsheets

viaLibri - Rare Books Resources and Search for Bibliophiles, Librarians and Collectors

Video Conferencing Cookbook

VideoHound's Golden Movie Retriever (VGMR)

VideoInspector - Information About Your Video Files

Video Lectures - Exchange Ideas and Share Knowledge

Videos from the U.S. Government :

VideoSurf - Video Search Engine

Vidmeter - Tracking the Top Videos from Atom Films,, Daily Motion, Google, iFilm, Metacafe, Myspace, Revver, vSocial, Yahoo, and YoTube

Viewdle - Facial Recognition Powered Digital Media Platform - Search In Video

ViewLikeUs Engine - The Web Through Many Eyes

Virtual Microscope

Virtual Private Library™ - Subject Tracer™ Information Blogs

Visuwords™ - Online Graphical Dictionary

VisioBrand - Brand Directory and Search Engine

Visual Complexity

Visual Dictionary Online

VitaList - Online GTD Software

VMLogix LabManager - Cloud Edition

VoiceThread - Group Conversations Around Images, Docs and Videos

VoodooPad - New Kind of Notepad

VoxForge - Open Source Speech Recognition Engines Transcribed Speech Collector

VoxOx - Take Control of Your Interconnected Lifestyle Communications

Vyew - Free Anytime Collaboration and Live Conferencing

VYM (View Your Mind)

W3C Quality Assurance Tools

Wakerupper - Free Wake Up Calls and Telephone Reminders


Wallwisher - Words That Stick

WatchDox - Control, Track and Protect Your Documents

Watch That Page


WayPath - Blog Discovery Engine

Web 2.0 Search Engine Of Links, Online Applications & Web 2.0 Sites

Webaroo - Search Unplugged

WebAsyst Notes

Webbed Footnotes

Web Collaborator

Web Curator Tool (WCT)- Management of Selective Web Harvesting Process

Web Data Extractors

Web Developers's Handbook 2.0

Web Finalist - A Real-Time Web Search Tool


Web-Harvest - Open Source Web Data Extraction Tool

Web Historian by PC Magazine

WebHuddle - Simple, Small and Secure Web Conferencing

Web Indexing SIG

WebLens Search Portal

weblin - Meet Friends and New People on Every Website


WebNotes - Faster and More Effective Research Annotation Tool

Web Observer

webReader - Speech Enable Your Website or Blog

Web Research Tool

WebShot - Website and Webpage Screenshot ThumbNailing


WebSM - Web Survey Methodology Portal


Webspiration™ - Visual Thinking and Learning Collaboration


WebToMail - Web Pages Via eMail

Web Tools

Wetpaint - Create a Free Website About Anything You Love

wePapers - Creating the World's Biggest Study Group for Knowledge Discovery

WhatsUp - RSS News Feeds Tracker

WhichDateWorks - Create Group Plans - Automatically Create Free Legal Forms

Who Is Hosting This

WhoReadMe - Free eMail Tracking Service - Social Media Gateways Search Engine

Widgetbox™ - Widget Directory and Gallery

Widgipedia - The Ultimate Widget and Gadget Resource

Wiggio - Group Tools

Wikibooks - Free Open Content TextBooks

WikiBuddy - Wiki Search Engine

WikiCity - City Wiki for Every City

Wikileaks - Global Defense of Sources and Press Freedoms, Circa Now

WikiMatrix - Compare Them All

WIKINDX - Free Bibliographic and Quotations/Notes Management/Article Authoring System

WikiNotes - Organize Your Brain


Wikirank - What's Popular on Wikipedia

WikiSeek - Search Wikipedia Pages

Wikiwix - The Ultimate Wikipedia Articles Search Engine

WikiWorldBook - The Global Open Address Book

Wild Apricot - Easy Membership Management

Windows Live Academic

Wink - Tutorial and Presentation Creation Software

Wipee List - Free To Do List Maker

WiredReach - Powering the User Centric Web

wiseGeek - Clear Answers for Common Questions

Wise Mapping - Web Mind Mapping Tool

Wix Free Flash Website Builder and Flash MySpace Layouts

Wize - Consumer Research and Product Reviews

WiZiQ - Free Online Learning and eLearning Through Web Conferencing

WM Recorder - Record Streaming Video and Audio

WolframAlpha Computational Knowledge Engine - Trillions of Pieces of Curated Data and Millions of Lines of Algorithms

Wolfram Demonstrations Project

WordHustler - One Click to Your Publishing Destiny

WordIQ - Reference and Definitions of Words

Wordle - Word Clouds

Wordnik - An Ongoing Project Devoted to Discovering All the Words and Everything About Them

WorkHack - Priority Visualization By Color and Size

Workrave - Recovery and Prevention of RSI

World Bank Developer Network

WORLDBI - Business Intelligence On the Web

WorldCat - Search the World's Largest Network of Library Content and Services

World Digital Library

World Economic Outlook (WEO)

World Factbook 2008


Worldometers - World Statistics Updated In Real Time

World Public Library - World's Largest Digital Archive of PDF eBooks and Documents

World Time Server

World Trade Indicators 2008

World Wide Internet TV (wwiTV)

Worldwide Box Office - Global Sscience Database Search Gateway

wridea - Save, Categorize, Organize and Brainstorm Your Ideas

Wrike - Web Collaboration Based Upon eMail Communication

Writeboard - Collaborative Online Writing

Writely - The Web Word Processor

WriteMaps - Create, Share and Edit SiteMaps Online

WriteNote® Web-Based Research and Writing Tool

Wuala - The Social Online Storage

wURLdBook Research - Personal Internet Intelligence

WWW Tools for Education

WWW Virtual Library: Central Database

Wysigot - Monitor the Web

XanEdu ReSearch Engine

XBRL - eXtensible Business Reporting Language

xISBN Search

XMind - Open Source Social Bainstorming and Mind Mapping Tool

Xstructure - arXiv Search

XTractor - Discovering Newer Scientific Relations Across Abstracts

Xtra-Google - The Best of Google On One Searchable Page

Yahoo Alerts

Yahoo! Mindset - Intent Driven Search

Yahoo Search Developer Network

Yahoo Search - My Web BETA - Find It, Save It, Never Forget It

YAKiToMe - Free Text-To-Speech (TTS) and Audio Book Podcasts

Yammer - What Are You Working On?

Yaplet - Chat Room on Every Site

Yebol - Knowledge Based Smart Searching

Yedda - People Sharing Knowledge

YellowBrix - Real Time News and Web Content Solutions

YellowPen Research Engine

Yep - Document Organizer

Yoono - Instant People Rate Web

YouNoodle - Browse StartUps and Find Exceptional People

YouOS - A Web OPerating System

YouTomb - Video Tracker Research Project for Alleged YouTube Copyright Violations

YourFonts - Free Online Handwriting and OpenType Font Generator

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself

YouTube EDU - Video and Channels from College and Universities

YouSendIt - eMail Large Files Quickly, Securely and Easily

Yugma - Free Web Conferencing

yWriter5 - Free Novel Writing Software To Help You Write a Book

Zamzar - Free Online File Conversion

Zapproved - Business Productivity Tools to Approve It, Track It and Store It

Zapr - Really Simple Sharing

Zigtag - Intelligent Social Bookmarking Tool - Real Estate Evaluator

Zimbra™ Collaboration Suite Open Source Project - Create Your Own Printable Magazines and eBooks

Zoho - Office Productivity Tools

Zoho Planner - Online Organizer

Zotero - The Next-Generation Research Tool

ZScreen - Open Source Screen Capture Program

Zycon - Industrial Directory, Engineering Resource and Vertical Search Engine


30 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do on the Internet by Dan Tynan from the July 2005 issue of PC World Magazine,aid,120784,00.asp

A2A Database - Access To Archives

Abstracts of Doctoral Theses on the Indonesian Economy

A Business Researchers' Interests

Academic and Scholar Search Engines and Sources

Academic Commons

Academic Earth - Thousands of Video Lectures From the World's Top Scholars

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ)

American Educational Research Association

American-Eurasian Network for Scientific Information (AENSI)

Americans and the World

AMSER - Applied Math and Science Education Repository

Analyst: An International Journal of Analytical and Bioanalytical Science

Analytical Sciences Digital Library (ASDL)

Ancient World Mapping Center

Annotated List of 36 Federally Funded Research and Development Centers - Searchable Database of Anthropological Texts

Archaeological Research Resources

Architectural Research Quarterly (arq)

Archival Meta Index

Archives Canada

Armenian International Policy Research Group (AIPRG)

Art History Research Center (AHRC)

Arts and Humanities e-Science Support Centre (AHeSSC)

ARTstor e-Print Archive

Asia Association for Global Studies (AAGS)

Asian Business Strategy Research Article Updates

Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library (ASWWWVL)

Asia Pacific Bulletin (APB)

Asia Policy Point (APP)


AskFT - FT Research Center

Association of College & Research Libraries (ACRL)

Association of Research Libraries

Association of Internet Researchers

Association of Internet Researchers' Wiki

Australasian Digital Theses Program

Australian Journals OnLine (AJOL)

Axis Information and Analysis (AIA) - Asia and Eastern Europe

Bartleby - Great Books Online

Behind the News

Beige Book 2009 - Current Economic Conditions by Federal Reserve District

Benton Foundation - Using Technology and Innovation To Address Our Nation's Critical Challenges

Beyond Discovery™: The Path from Research to Human Benefit

Bibliomining Information Center

Bioline International

Biological Research For Nursing

Biomass Document Database

BlogScholar - Academic Blogging Portal and Directory - Research Centre

Boston Consulting Group - Business Technology - Information Economy - Knowledge Management

British Library Research Archive

British Library - Services for Researchers

BUBL Information Service

BUBL LINK / 5:15 Internet Resources: Research Methods

Budapest Open Access Initiative

Budget of the United States Government: Fiscal Year 2006

Business Connections - Internet Business, Financial and Investing Resources

Business History Books

Business Intelligence Resources

Business Plan Archive

Business Reference Services - Indexes, Bibliographies, and Guides

Business Research Intelligence

Business Research Links

Business Resources: Finding Company, Industry, Trade Information


California Digital Library

Canada Institute for Scientific and Technical Information (CISTI)

Carl Couch Center for Social and Internet Research (CCCSIR) - Business Case Studies and Social Impact Management Teaching Materials

CENDI STI Management Reference Collection

Center for Higher Education Policy Analysis

Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)

Center for Cooperative Research

Center for International Development at Harvard University

Center for Media Research

Center For Media Research

Center for Spatially Integrated Social Science (CSISS)

Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

Center on Media and Child Health Research

Centre for Urban and Regional Ecology (CURE)

Chatham House International Research Programs

Chemical Suppliers Directory - The Directory of Companies Providing Products and Services for Drug Discovery Industry

ChemIDplus Database

China Data Center (CDC)

China Profile - Facts, Figures and Analyses

CIA - The World Factbook

CIBER - Centre for Information Behaviour and the Evaluation of Research

CIRS: International Center for Scientific Research

Clinical Medicine and Health Research Netprints

Codes of Ethics Online

College of Exploration

Communication Research Reports

Community Patent Project - Market Research Reports, Research Reports, Company Profiles and Financials

Competia : Express - Featured Industries

Computational Paleontology

Computer Assisted Reporting

Computer Research News

Computing Research Repository (CoRR)

Computer Science

ConceptNet Project

Conducting Research on the Internet

Congressional Committee Prints - Congressional Committee Publications

Congressional Documents: Browse

Congressional Management Foundation (CMF)

Congressional Research Service Reports at the National Library for the Environment (NLE)

Congressional Research Service Reports Full Index

Congressional Research Service Reports, Hosted by UNT Libraries

Congressional Research Service (CRS) Reports Search Engine

ContentBank - Community-Based Online Resources

Corante - Technology and Science News and Business Intelligence

CORDIS - Community Research and Development Information Service


COUNTER - Counting Online Usage of Networked Electronic Resources

CSA - Guide to Discovery

Current Law Journal Content (CLJC)

Current Topics for Research

Cyber Cemetery

CyberTimes Navigator

Cycles in U.S. History

DANTE (Delivery of Advanced Network Technology to Europe)

DAREnet - Digital Academic Repositories

DARPA - Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

Database of Virtual Art

December Communications

Deep Web Research

Deutsche Bank Research$rwframe=0

Development - Developmental Mechanism of Plants and Animals Research Journal

dgCommunities - Knowledge Sharing and Collaboation Worldwide


Digital Book Index

Digital Curation Centre

Digital Deliberations Journal

Digital Document Quarterly

Digital Footprints

Digital Information in the Information Research Field

Digital Library of Information Science and Technology (DLIST)

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

Digital World Research Centre

Directory of North American Research Libraries

Directory of Open Access Repositories - DOAR

Directory of World Repositories

DiscoveR8 - Life Sciences News, Discoveries, Hypotheses and Procedures


Doing Business Project - World Bank Group Objective Measures of 181 International Economies Business Regulations

DoIS : Documents in Information Science

DOSFAN Electronic Research Collection (ERC)

DRIVER - Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research

EALRGA East Asian Library Resources Group of Australia

Early English Books Online (EEBO) - TCP (Text Creation Partnership)

Earth Sciences Research Journal (ESRJ)

EarthTrends - Online Environmental, Social, and Economic Trends Database

East & Southeast Asia: An Annotated Directory of Internet Resources

East Asian Bureau of Economic Research (EABER)

East-West Center

E-Books Directory

eBrain Market Research

eBusiness Research Center

ECHO (Exploring and Collecting History Online)


Economic and Financial Crisis Resources

Economic Crisis in European Union


E-Democracy and E-Government Researchers Network

Education Portal - Directory of Colleges, Universities, Career Schools and Online Degree Programs

Educator's Reference Desk


eGovernment Interest Group (eGov IG)

EISIL – the Electronic Information System for International Law

eLearning Papers

Electronic Commerce Research

Electronic Environmental Resources Library (eERL) - Environmental and Energy Resources Library

Electronic Journal Miner

Electronic Journal of Business Research Methods (EJBRM)

Electronic Resources for Information Research Methods

Electronic Sources of Information: A Bibliography


E-LIS: The Open Archive for Library and Information Science

Encyclopedia of Life

Energy and Environment Data Reference Bank (EEDRB)

Enterprise Leadership – Empowering the Business Impact of IT for Global Organizations

Environmental Research Letters

EpistemeLinks - Philosophy Resources The Online Journal of Scientific Posters

e-Preservation Science

eReference Library Tool Kit

ERIC - Education Resource Information Center

eSciDoc - Next Generation Platform for Communication and Publication in Research Organizations - Online Data Collection Supporting Market Research



e-Thesis: Electronic Publications at University of Helsinki

EurekAlert - Science News

European Information Association (EIA)

European Patents Database

European Research Gateways Online (ERGO)

Evidence Based Library and Information Practice

ExpertNet - Helping You Locate Experts in Florida Universities

Facster™ - The Facts At Your Fingertips

Family and Consumer Sciences Research Journal

FamPat - A New International Patent Database from Questel•Orbit by Nancy Lambert

FDA Guidance Documents

Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer


FIND/SVP - Knowledge Services - Market Research - Business Trend

Flow - Online Journal of Television and Media Studies - Breaking News on Food and Beverage Development - Videos On People, Issues and Ideas Changing the Planet

Forrester Research

Forum: Qualitative Social Research (FQS)- Online Gateway for Qualitative Research

Foundations and Trends® in Communications and Information Theory

FRASER™ - Federal Reserve Archival System for Economic Research

FRED® II - Federal Reserve Economic Data

Free Full Text - A Supplement To Every Library Catalogue On the Planet!

Free Government Information (FGI)

Free Medical Journals

Free/Open Source Research Community Research Directory

Free Pint

Free/Open Source Research Community - Free Online Computer Science and Programming Books, Textbooks, and Lecture Notes


Future Brief


GÉANT Project

Genome Research

Global E-Government 2004 by Darrell M. West

Global E-Government Survey 2008

Global Gateway: World Culture & Resources (Library of Congress)

Global Health Reporting

Global Real Estate Project - International Real Estate Research

Global Research Business

Global Research Issues: A Bibliography of Recommended Websites

Google™ Newsbot

Governing SourceBook

Government Gazettes Online

Government Resources On the Web - What's New

Government Technology White Paper, Case Study and Webcast Library


Grading the States 2005 - Government Performance Project

Grey Literature Network (GreyNet)

Grey Literature Report - Health Services Research and Selected Public Health Topics

Grey Literature: Resources for Locating Unpublished Research by Brian S. Mathews

Global E-Government Survey 2008

Handbook of Chemistry & Physics Online

Harvard Business School Baker Library Business Research Guides

Harvard Business School Working Knowledge – Research Notebook

Headline Analyzer

HERO - Academic Research

Higher Education & Research Opportunities in the United Kingdom

HighWire Press - Largest Repository of Free Full-Text Life Science Articles in the World

Historical Research - Primary Resources on the Web

History of the Dot-Com Era

H-Net: Humanities and Social Sciences Online

HomeTownLocator - Local Resources, Information and Data

Hong Kong Journals Online (HKJO)

Hong Kong University Theses Online

Hoover's Online - The Business Information Authority

How to be Successful with Business Research on the Web

How To .... Do It with Research! (The Virtual Chase)

HPSS Collaboration

HUD USER Bibliographic Database

Human Development Reports Statistics Data


IBM Research

id21 - Imagine, Connect, Act

IFLA (The International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions)

IMR (International Market Research) Mall - The Power of Intelligence

Index to Theses in Great Britain and Ireland

Industry Research Desk

Information Research

Information Research FAQ

Information Visualization Journal

Informing Science Journal


Innocentive - Open Innovation and Innovation Management - Where Problems are Solved

inside (The British Library)

Institute for Creation Research

Institute for New Media Studies

Institute for Social and Economic Research and Policy (ISERP)

Institute of Network Cultures (INC)

Insurance Research Resources

Intelligent Enterprise Research Library

Intelligent Information Systems Research Laboratory

Interdisciplinary Information Sciences

International Arctic Research Center [IARC]

International Data Corporation - Your Global IT Information Resource

International Development Research Centre (IDRC)

International Documents Collection

International Institute of Infonomics

International Journal for Researcher Development (IJRD)

International Journal of Computational Intelligence Research (IJCIR)

International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology (IJEST)

International Journal of Internet Research Ethics (IJIRE)

International Journal of Knowledge and Web Intelligence

International Journal of Manufacturing Research (IJMR)

International Journal of Robotics Research

International Mathematics Research Notices (IMRN)

International Online Journal of Science and Mathematics Education

International Mathematics Research Surveys (IMRS)

International Reading Association (IRA)


Internet Experts

Internet Guide To Chinese Studies

Internet Legal Research Weekly

Internet Reference Resources - Indispensable Writing Resources

Internet Research Reports

Internet Resources for Institutional Research

Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR)

Interview Listings

Introduction to Health Services Research - A Self-Study Course

Investigator's Toolbox - Online Resources for Researchers

i-pol - A Portal On Internet and Politics



IRIN - United Nations Integrated Regional Information Networks

IRN Research Centre

ISI Highly Cited Researchers

ISI Web of Knowledge

IssueLab - Online Publishing Forum for Nonprofit Research

ISTweb - Information Socirty Technologies - Visual Interactive Simplexity

Jan Szczepanski's Lists of Open Access Journals

Jobnob - Detailed Information About Salaries Offered by Thousands of Different Companies in the US

John McDonnell's Researcher's Toolkit

Joint Conference on Digital Libraries (JCDL), 2005 - Research, Resources and Ideas to Improve Journalism

Journalism and Research Resources WebRing;list

Journal of Applied Communication Research

Journal of Applied Sciences

Journal of Civil Engineering Research and Practice

Journal of Community Informatics

Journal of Digital Information

Journal of Information Science

Journal of Literacy and Technology

Journal of Maps

Journal of Research in Medical Sciences (JRMS)

Journal of Research Practice (JRP)

Journal of Science and Technology (Ghana)

JournalSeek - A Searchable Database of Online Scholarly Journals

Journal of Virtual Worlds Research

Journal of Visualized Experiments (JoVE) - Biological Research in a Video Format

Jupiter Research

Justia - Law & Legal Information for Lawyers, Students, Business and the Public

Keeping Research Data Safe 2

Keeping Your Research Up to Date - Current Awareness Services

Key Resources for Web Research

K-Logs (Knowledge Management Weblogs)

Knowledge Base Editor's Digest

Knowledgespeak - STM Publishing News from Scope eKnowledge Center


Korea Research Hub (KRH)

Kuali Foundation

Kusasa - Analytical Education

KU ScholarWorks - Univesity of Kanasas Scholarly Work Repository

Latin American Applied Research

Latin Americanist Research Resources Partnership

Legal and Factual Research on the Internet

Legal Research In a Nutshell Links

LexisNexis AlaCarte

Libdex - Index to 18,000 Libraries

Liber8 - An Economic Information Portal for Librarians and Students

LibertyGuide - eSource for Ideas of Liberty

Librarians' Resource Centre

Libraries & Archives in South Asia (LASA)

Library of Congress Services for Researchers

Libweb - Library Servers via WWW

LIFE - Life Cycle Information for E-Literature

Linus Pauling Research Notebooks

List of Lists

LiveRef(sm): A Registry of Real-Time Digital Reference Services

LiveScience - Legal and Technology Articles and Resources for Librarians


London Knowledge Lab

LookSmart Science

Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Digital Culture and Media Science

MagPortal Categories - Current and Archived Magazine Articles by Category

Maritime Knowledge Centre - SeaLibrary Online


Marketing Experiments Research

Market Research

Market Research Direct-A-Net (Directory of Market Research Companies)

Market Research on the Web (MROW)

MaRS Discovery District - Where Great Minds Meet

Master Government List of 36 Federally Funded Research and Development Centers Fiscal Year 2004

Mathematical Atlas: A gateway to Mathematics


Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies (MPIfG) Working Papers

Media Ecology Association (MEA)

MediaMOO - Media Researchers

Media Research Center

memeorandum - Headline News and Related Blogs

MERLN - Military Education Research Library Network

MESUR: MEtrics from Scholarly Usage of Resources


MetaPress - The World's Largest Scholarly Content Host

Microsoft External Research - Scholarly Communications

Microsoft Research

Middle East Report Online

Mideast Monitor

midomi - Unique Voice Music Search Engine

MIKE2.0 - The Open Source Standard for Information Management

Mineful Demographics - Population Demographics for the Professional Researcher

MIT Center for Real Estate

Mobile Libraries Blog by Gerry McKiernan

Modern East Asia Research Centre (MEARC)


MRS - Materials Research Society

MSNBC Newsbot

Multex - Global Financial Research and Information

MUVEs and Experiential Learning: Examples

Nano Letters

NARA Research Room

NASA Ames Reseearch Center

NASA Tech Brief White Paper Library

National Academies Press (NAP)

National Archives of India

National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER)

National Cancer Institute Research Resources

National Centre for e-Social Science (NCeSS)

National Center for Research Resources (NCRR)

National Centre for eSocial Science (NCeSS)

National Coalition of Independent Scholars

National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC)

National Science Foundation Discoveries

NationMaster - World Statistics and Country Comparisons


Natural Resources Research

Network Wizards


New Directions for Institutional Research

New Found Press - A Digital Imprint of the University of Tennessee Libraries

New General Catalog of Old Books & Authors

NewJour - New Journals and Newsletters

New Media Consortium (NMC)

New York Times Archives

newzBin - Usenet Indexing

New Zealand Digital Library

New Zealand Electronic Text Centre

nfpSynergy - Think-Tank and Research Consultancy for the Not-for-Profit Sector

Nucleic Acids Research

OA-Journals Comprenhesive List by Jan Szczepanski

Ocean Biogeographic Information System (OBIS)

OCLC Research Publications Repository

OECD Observer

OER Commons - Open Educational Resources

Official Documents of the United Nations Search

OJOSE (Online JOurnal Search Engine)

One2OneResearch - Expert Market Reseach and Analysis

Online Glossary of Research Economics

Online Research Resources

Online Social Networking

Open Access Archives, Free e-Print Archives and Preprint Archives Sources

Open Access Bibliography: Liberating Scholarly Literature with E-Prints and Open Access Journals

Open Access Webliography

Open Archives Initiative - Object Reuse and Exchange (ORE)

Open Courseware Consortium

OpenDOAR - Directory of Open Access Repositories

Open Invention Network (OIN)

Open Journal Systems (OJS)

OpenMED - Open Access Archive for Medical and Allied Sciences

Open Science Directory

OpenSecrets - Tracking Political Finances

Open Semiotics Resource Center

Open Source Schools

Open University's Open Research Online

ORBIT - Open-Access Research Testbed for Next-Generation Wireless Networks

OSF DataLossDB - Data Loss News, Statistics and Research

Over Two-Hundred Education & Science Blogs [Hake (2009)

OWL Institute - Open Educational Resources

Oyster - Managing, Searching and Sharing Ontology Metadata in a Peer-to-Peer Network.

Panos Pictures

Papers Written By Googlers

PARSE.Insight - Permanent Access to the Records of Science in Europe

patientINFORM Research Site

Patent Lens™ - Patent Informatics and Analysis Component of the BIOS Initiative

Patricia Seybold Group

PDF-Mags - Your One Stop Source for Free PDF Magazines from Throughout the World

PEP-NET - European Network for eParticipation

Permanent Access to the Records of Science in Europe (PARSE)

Peter's Booklist-Proxy

Petroleum Journals Online

Pew Global Attitudes Project


Plagiarism Resource Site

Planets - Preservation and Long-term Access through NETworked Services

Planning Theory

PolicyArchive - Digital Archive of Global, Non-partisan Public Policy Research


Population, Space and Place


Practical Assessment, Research and Evaluation

Primary Research Group

Principles of Forecasting

Probability Abstract Service

Professional Researcher: UK Information Portal, Directory and Research Service

Project Euler - Series of Challenging Mathematical/Computer Programming Problems

Project for Public Spaces (PPS)

Project BudBurst

Project Management Resource Center

ProjectsETC - Online Education and Culture Resources

Project WAVE - Welcoming Argument Visualasation to Europe

ProPublica - Investgative Journalism In the Public Interest

ProQuest Information and Learning

PSRC: Physical Sciences Resource Center

PubSub Government

Qualitative Research

Qualitative Research Bibliography

Questia - The World's Largest Online Library of Books

Quirk's Marketing Research Review

Oxford Internet Institute

RaDiUS® Research and Development (R&D) Directory

RDN Virtual Training Suite


Reference from Coast to Coast: Stalking and Finding the Full-Text Article

Reference Resources

Registry of U.S. Government Publication Digitization Projects

RGE Monitor - Monitoring Global Economic and Geostrategic Issues

Renewable Energy Policy Project

RePEc: Research Papers in Economics

Repositories of Primary Sources

Reputations Research Network

Research 101

Research and Markets

Research Blogs




Research Central


Research Council Libraries & Information Consortium (RESCOLINC)

Research Databases (Alphabetical Listing)


ResearchFarm - Share, Buy and Sell Market Research

Research Guide on International Health Law By Chenglin Liu

Research Guides and Tools at Boston Universities Libraries

ResearchInfo - Marketing Research Resources

Research Information

Research Information Network (RIN)

Researching an Industry or Specific Company

Researching Companies on the Internet - A Tutorial

Researching Medical Literature On the Internet 2008

Researching Philanthropy - The Literature of the Nonprofit Sector Online (LNPS)

Research-It! - iTools

Research Journal of International Studies

Research Libraries (New York Public Library)

Research Methods Knowledge Base

Research Resources for the Social Sciences

Research Resources in Social Science

Research Resources Online Guide

ResearchSEA - Asia Research News Portal

Research Together

Research-TV - Broadcasting Research News

ResearchWikis - Online Library of Free Market Research


Resources for Research from the British Library

Resource Central -- Providing The World With Resources

Resource Shelf by Gary Price

Resources for Industry Analysis

Resources for Research from the British Library

Resources for Research: Periodicals

Resources on the Internet for Business Journalists

Responsible Conduct of Research

ReviewBasics - Content and Image Review Made Easy

RTDinfo: Magazine on European Research

RTFM: A Guide to Online Research

Savifa : The Virtual Library South Asia

Scholar's Guide to WWW

Scholarpedia - Free Peer Reviewed Encyclopedia Written by Scholars

SciELO - Scientific Electronic Library Online

Science and Technology Resources on the Web


Science Commons

Science Daily


Science Diversity Center (SDC)

Science NetLinks

Science Research Internet Web Portal

Scientific & Medical ART Imagebase

Scientific Blogging - Science 2.0

Scientific Impact Quantity and Quality: Analysis of Two Sources of Bibliographic Data by R.K.Belew

SciTalk - Scientists and Writers Communicating

SciTech Daily Review

Scopus - World’s Largest Abstract Database of Scientific Literature


Search Federal Research and Development

Searching the Internet

SEC Info

Shared Web Annotations As A Platform for Third-Party Value-Added Information Providers: Architecture, Protocols, and Usage Examples by Martin Röscheisen, Christian Mogensen, and Terry Winograd.

SHERPA - Open Access Institutional Repositories

Social Science Information/Information sur les Sciences Sociales

Social Science Research Network (SSRN)

Sociological Research Online

Software Freedom Conservancy

Solar Heat Pump Electrical Generation System - SHPEGS

Songklanakarin Journal of Science and Technology

Sources for Market Research Reports and Online Databases


South Asian Bureau of Economic Research (SABER)

South Asia Research and Information Institute (SARII)

Southwest Research Institute (SwRI)

SPARC® - The Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition

Special Issues

Starter Tips for Internet Research

Star Tiger


State Resource Center

Statistical Abstract of the United States 2001-2006

Statistics Resources

Steven Bell's Keeping Up and Business Resources

Stock Research Sites on the Web

STORRE - Stirling Online Research Repository

Strategic Board - Monitors IT Related Blogs

Strategies for Online Legal Research: Determining the Best Way to Get What You Need

Student Research

SURFfoundation - Collaborative Organisation for Higher Education Institutions and Research Institutes

Tax History Project

Tech and Learning - The Resource for Education Technology Leaders

TechBriefs TechSearch

Technology Research News (TRN)

Technology Transfer Transfer Center

Technology Review

Ten Years, Ten Trends

TERENA - Trans-European Research and Education Networking Association

The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) Central Bank Research Hub

The Center for Innovation in Engineering and Science Education (CIESE)

TheCenter Research Universities Ranking

The Emerging Mind

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