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Essential Principles of Economics: A Hypermedia Text



Essential Principles of Economics was written and put online about 1995-1997, although some large additions were made later in the 1990's. In 2005 (after several failed adventures in commercialization), I undertook a revision with the view both to base examples on more recent data and to  accomodate some shift in the common plan of the principles course, particuarly away from the Samuelson standard in macroeconomics. It was also my thought to make the chapters available in PDF, something that had often been requested. However, this revision was abandoned in midstream, with some chapters rewritten or added and others existing only as titles. No further updating has been done. It had been my intention to eliminate this service at the end of academic year 2007, i.e. last June. However, there have been a number of requests to continue it, and the Lebow College of Business has kindly consented to maintain it on the college server, so that I need not maintain my own server -- which I will not be able to do during 2008, and perhaps thereafter. 

Accordingly, please use these chapters with awareness that they are incomplete and in some cases outdated, AT YOUR OWN RISK. The revised chapter outline, with indications of chapters that have been updated, is below; chapter numbers of unrevised chapters may not agree with this list. Roger A. McCain

Chapter Outline

1 Introduction
2 Neoclassical Economics
3 Game Theory to be written
4 Money
5 Supply and Demand
6 International trade
7 Elasticity and Applications
8 Introduction to the Theory of Demand
9 Advanced Topics in the Theory of Demand
10 Productivity and Supply
11 Introduction to The Theory of the Firm* to be written
12 Cost and Supply
13 Competition
14 Applications of Competitive Equilibrium Theory
15 Efficient Allocation of Resources
16 Monopoly
17 Oligopoly
18 Public Goods and Externalities
19 Markets for Factors of Production
20 The Distribution of Income* to be written
21 Markets for Information Products
22 Measurement of the Aggregate Economy
            HTML version
            PDF version
23 Economic Growth
24 Problems of Macroeconomics
25 Aggregate Supply and Demand* PDF only
26 The Income Expentiture Model
27 Economic Fluctuations in the Income Expenditure Model
28 Fiscal Policy
29 Monetary Policy
30 Coordination Failure PDF only
31 Consumption and the Life Cycle PDF only
32 Aggregate Supply
33 Applications of Aggregate Supply and Demand
34 A More Dynamic Approach to "Aggregate Supply and Demand"
35 Controversies in Macroeconomics 1
36 Controversies in Macroeconomics 2
37 Marxist Economics
38 Twentieth Century Economic Systems
39 The Economics of Less Developed Countries to be written
  *Elements of this chapter are incorporated in other
chapters in the old version.

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