iSWiFTER is the industry's first cloud-based Flash game streaming service specifically built for mobile devices including smart phones and tablets, spanning mobile platforms such as Apple's iOS and Android. Low-cost servers in the cloud run abstraction software that intelligently converts browser-based Flash games to a form that is optimized for individual mobile devices, complete with multi-touch gesture support for game interaction, and accommodating different screen sizes. A client app connects to the gaming servers in the cloud to download streaming content live to the mobile device.

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The iSWiFTER iPad app uses the iSWiFTER Flash game streaming service to bring the most popular casual and social Flash games from the biggest online gaming portals on the internet, such as Yahoo! Games, AOL's, Facebook, Kongregate and others. The iSWiFTER iPad app showcases the capability, flexibility and benefits of using the iSWiFTER platform to instantaneously enable Flash games on mobile platforms such as iOS, without any incremental work by developers!

You can download the iSWiFTER iPad app here.


Check out a video demo of the iSWiFTER iPad app: