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Fall Fund Raiser a Huge Success!
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Free web sites for teachers provides teachers web sites free of charge, where multiple classes can be managed and updated using an easy to understand interface. No knowledge of web site programming is needed to get your class or classes set up and quickly providing up-to-date information for your students and parents.
Add Homework
Upload documents to share with the class
Post upcoming events to your calendar
Post articles of interest and links to resources
Receive documents uploaded by students
Start a class message board for, just for you and your students
Create unlimited photo albums
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Relate yourself to classes
View your own calendar of homework and events
Upload documents for yourself and/or your teachers
Participate in the class message boards
Chat live with teachers online
We Are Non-Profit
ClassJump, Inc. is a 501(3)C non-profit public charity. 100% of all tax-deductible contributions go back into paying for the cost of the server that serves everyone here. We have no paid staff.

Please consider making a donation.
Try it out!
Since teacher web sites are offered free of charge, feel free to set one up and try it out for yourself. If you find it beneficial, that's great. If you find that it's not for you, then no harm done.
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Students Looking For Teachers
Do you have a teacher that is active at Classjump? You can register for a student account on your teachers class page, or you can also start the same process right here.

Looking for your teacher? If you are looking for your school or teacher website, you can start here!

We now offer a subscription-based service for schools that wish to have their own web site here at ClassJump.

Learn about the ClassJump School Web Site System right here!

Featured Class Sites
Ms. Boyle (2 classes)
at Walnut Middle School
in Grand Island, Nebraska
with 2 students registered
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Ms. Johnson (6 classes)
at Stone Scholastic Academy
in Chicago, Illinois
with 19 students registered
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Michael O'Connor (14 classes)
at Waterford High School
in Waterford, Connecticut
with 71 students registered
visit site >
Victoria Rivas (2 classes)
at Hamden High School
in Hamden, Connecticut
with 76 students registered
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