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Companies - 25 of 1,733phone numbersteps to get a live personavg waituser rating
AT&T888-387-6270This number connects directly with a A... more » 13.0 minAverage
Bank of America877-231-9372Keep dialing 0 at the prompts, and the... more » 7.6 minAverage
Facebook650-543-4801This is a FAX number for Facebook. Rea... more » 99.0 minHorrible
DirecTV800-824-9081Say "Technical Support" or "CRG" if yo... more » 16.0 minAverage
Comcast800-266-2278Press *# at each prompt, ignoring mess... more » 11.0 minAverage
Verizon Wireless800-922-0204Press # at prompt, then press 0 more » 4.5 minGood
AAA800-222-4357Press 0 at each prompt, ignoring messa... more » 1.0 minExcellent
T-Mobile800-937-8997Say representative more » 6.5 minGood
AT&T U-Verse888-722-9337-...Direct to technical support. more » 9.6 minAverage
AARP888-687-2277Press 0. more » 4.0 minAverage
Metro PCS888-863-8768Dont press or say anything, ignoring m... more » 9.2 minAverage
Delta Airlines800-221-1212Press 0 at each prompt, ignoring messa... more » 16.1 minAverage
Amazon.com800-201-7575Dont press or say anything. more » 2.1 minExcellent
Sky (UK)44-0870-24040...Several people report the operator say... more » 20.9 minPoor
Time Warner Cable212-364-8300The number goes straight to the custom... more » 25.2 minPoor
Equifax866-640-2273At prompt, press 1; then press 5, then... more » 7.8 minAverage
United Airlines800-864-8331At prompt, say 'reservations'; then sa... more » 7.0 minAverage
Verizon FiOS888-553-1555Press 0 at each prompt, ignoring messa... more » 20.8 minAverage
Dell Tech Support800-624-9896Press 3; say agent at each additional ... more » 27.3 minAverage
Charter Communications866-472-2200Do not press any buttons. Repeatedly p... more » 6.8 minAverage
Chase Home Finance800-848-9136When they ask for it, enter last four ... more » 25.4 minPoor
Apple800-275-2273Press 0 at each prompt, ignoring messa... more » 5.2 minGood
AT&T Wireless800-331-0500Press 0 at each prompt, ignoring messa... more » 10.0 minGood
American Airlines800-433-7300Press 0 at each prompt, ignoring messa... more » 16.3 minGood
Alltel Wireless800-255-8351Press 0 once after each prompt. There ... more » 31.5 minHorrible
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