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Looplabs is the web’s premiere online music mixing application and platform. Since 2000 we have connected millions of web users from around the world to the art of music mixing through our extremely intuitive and easy-to use software interfaces. We have developed successful online music campaigns for Bacardi DJ, Lebron James/Sprite, ESPN, Microsoft, Sony/PSP, Calvin Klein, Miller Brewing, Coca-Cola, Heineken, Dodge, Toyota, Maverick Records and many more.

Our technology has been used to help launch the BacardiDJ program, empowered Sony PSP users to customize and remix in-game soundtracks, enabled fans to create the soundtrack to the Lebron James Sublymonal Sprite TV spot, created music from sounds from a MINI, recut ESPN highlight reels and learn about IPR by creating ringtones with Microsoft. Looplabs has received top Interactive awards and been featured on TechTV, Cre@te Online and live at MacWorld where Steve Jobs used it during the launch of Safari to illustrate the robust power of the new Browser for Mac OSX.

We love what we do- empowering personal creativity - and are currently in the final phases of development of several new and exciting interactive audio tools soon to be released. For further information or licensing opportunities please send an email to We look forward to hearing from you.


We are proud to announce our latest project : Dubstep Studio allowing music lovers to easily drag-n-drop their way to making professional sounding, club bouncing Dubstep tracks. After the successful launch of our Electro-House Blender for Scion we are back at it bringing Dubstep to the people.The "Create a Mix" contest, in partnership with MOG, is giving users the chance to win a trip to Dubstep Fantasy Camp where they will hang with top Dubstep producers as well as a private NYE concert. (You can listen to the top tracks in the widget located top-right of this page.)


Recently we have developed a project with MINI for their exciting new Clubman car entitled The Other Mix (now offline). This interesting project involved recording dozens of sounds from the Clubman in a remote location in Belgium and then using these sounds to create custom mixes.

Looplabs was also used as part of the Lebron James 23:23 Sublymonal Advertising Experience. Our audio and video mixing software was used to give visitors the opportunity to remix the audio track to Sprite's latest Sublyminal television spot. The top three submissions were aired during the NBA AllStar Game and a winner was chosen. This was an exciting project to see our technology reach from the web to Television. You can view the spot at LebronJames23-23

Check out the latest implementation of Looplabs developed for Heineken's Thirst Studio. This application combines our traditional mixing interface with a composing and sequencing layout which includes a searchable Loop Library of more than 1,500 samples.

You can view Bacardi Freestyle, a Looplabs project which features the ability to record vocals / instrumentation and add it to a Flash based sequencer as well as burn tracks to MP3.

We are proud to annouce the public release of our new MP3 remixing tool. Created for Sony/Playstation this application allows for the live remixing of MP3's and the download of the remix directly to a PSP device. *This campaign is no longer available online*

Our new Looplabs sequencer was launched on Rolling Stone as part of the Dodge Mashup Mixer. *Project currently offline*

Looplabs is © CRASH!MEDIA (2000-2009)


Our online interactive music platform offers a wide range of possible feature implementations including (but not limited to):

• multi-channel mixing (up to 32 channels)
• advanced multi-channel presets
• MP3 sampling / triggering / remixing
• complete load/save/vote functionality
• audio recording capabilities (client-side)
• sequencing / song composing
• output audio to WAV/MP3 files
• ring tone creation and output
• video mixing capabilities and integration
• multiuser, collaborative music environments
• stereo-effects processing
• drum and rhythm pattern machine
• MP3 mixing / crossfading
• Widget playback and distribution
• Social network integration
• crossplatform (MAC|PC)


Looplabs has been recognized and acknowledged by a wide number of prominant sources including:

Webby Award - Best Music Website
Macromedia Site of The Day
South by SouthWest - Best Audio Site
Flash Forward - Best Original Audio
Flash In The Can - Best Audio Application
Communication Arts - Best Entertainment
Ultrashock Award
Featured on TechTV
Steve Jobs premiering Safari using Looplabs
Cre@te Online - Bacardi DJ Article
Taschen - Music Sites


“We were looking to break outside the box with a DJ Mixer that would define the category. This technology delivered a home run - the ease of use and the end result made it one of the top performing UGC components in Bacardi to this day. Its effectiveness as a concept and as an online UGC program is proven by the fact that Bacardi used the platform for 4 years -through 2007”

Todd Tilley,
Global Creative & Strategy Director,
BACARDI Global Brands