"Do We" Really Know Dewey?

This is a website about
the Dewey Decimal System.

The Dewey Decimal System is a system we use to
classify books by grouping them in 10 categories.

  I'll bet you're wondering who the brilliant person was
who came up with this idea.
It was Melvil Dewey,
one of the greatest librarians of all time.   

Before we started, we didn't know anything about
the Dewey Decimal System,
but now when someone asks us if we know what the
Dewey Decimal System is,
we say……

"Do we?  Dewey?  Boy, Do we!!"

We have organized this web site into different levels, so the further you go, the harder it will become.
That way, we hope it will appeal to all ages.

We have learned a whole lot about
the Dewey Decimal System,
and we hope through this web site you will too!

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Dewey and the Alien

Let's "Dew" It


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About Us

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