"Black-collar crime": Lists of names

Here are some Australian court cases
involving Catholic Church personnel
— and also some out-of-court cases

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This page of Catholic cases was compiled by Broken Rites researchers and was last updated on 30 September 2009.

The page is divided into 15 sections:

  • A: Jailed
  • B: Suspended jail sentences
  • C: Non-custodial sentences
  • D: Other sentences coming to our attention
  • E: Sent to trial
  • F: Currently before the courts
  • G: Died during prosecution
  • H: Committed suicide during prosecution
  • I: Church people failed to help police
  • J: Examples of some other investigations
  • K: Cases where the church admits harm
  • L: Other cases involving a civil settlement
  • M: More reports of abuse
  • N: Court cases ending with no conviction
  • O: Lay teachers in Catholic schools


Broken Rites Australia helps victims of church-related sex abuse to obtain justice. Since Broken Rites began operating its Australia-wide telephone hotline in 1993, we have received thousands of calls and emails about incidents of abuse. From these reports, we have built up a huge database of thousands of alleged incidents. Therefore, when someone contacts us to report abuse, it is possible that the name of the alleged offender may already be on our database. A victim will find it easier to achieve justice if our database reveals previous complaints about the same alleged offender.

Our database, listing thousands of alleged offences, is NOT available on the internet. On this web page, we merely give a few examples of cases in which Broken Rites became involved.

In many cases, Broken Rites helped by referring these victims to the police sex-offences or child-abuse unit, resulting in a conviction; in some cases, a victim spoke to Broken Rites after the conviction (or sentencing); and in other cases a victim sought our advice about tackling the church authorities (for example, through the Catholic Church's Towards Healing process).

  • Sections A-B-C-D, below, give the names of 115 Catholic priests, religious brothers and seminarians who have been sentenced in Australian courts in Broken Rites cases. Sections A-B-C-D are not a comprehensive list of ALL sentenced offenders. Some church offenders slip through the courts unnoticed. Broken Rites depends on receiving tips from victims or the public about church-abuse cases that are (or should be) coming up.

  • Sections E-to-M contain examples of some cases that have not reached the stage of a conviction or that are amenable to out-of-court processes.

  • Section N contains some examples of court cases that did not result in a conviction.

  • Section O contains some examples of Catholic schools lay teachers, as distinct from priests and religious brothers.
If a particular offender is not listed on this page, this does not mean that this person is not an offender. Many church-abuse victims remain silent for years or forever. Only a few victims have contacted the police; some victims eventually contact Broken Rites; while some victims (often unwisely) merely tell the offender's friends and colleagues (the bishop, etc) in the church. It is a wise move to contact Broken Rites first, for advice about options for obtaining justice.

Section A:
Jailed — in cases researched by Broken Rites
  1. Fr Wilfred Baker
    Father Wilfred James Baker (also known as Father Bill Baker or Fr Billy Baker), Melbourne archdiocese, 4 years jail (parole after 2 years) for offences against boys. See our story here.

  2. Father Roger Michael Bellemore
    This Marist priest was sentenced in Tasmania in 2006 to five years' jail (with parole after 3 years) for offences against schoolboys. After he had spent nine months in jail, the appeal court granted him a re-trial. In February 2008, another jury found Bellemore guilty and he was sentenced to four years' jail. See our story here.

  3. Br Robert Best
    Christian Brother Robert Charles Best (also known as Brother Bobby Best or Brother Bob Best), Victoria, served 3 months in jail in 1998 before a successful appeal (he also had a conviction, with a 9-months suspended sentence, in 1996). See our story here.

  4. Warren Booth
    Warren Douglas Booth was training to become a priest when he sexually assaulted a 12-year-old boy in the showers at a public pool in Campbelltown in Sydney's south-west. Booth was sentenced in 1996 to 12 months jail.

  5. Brian David Cairns
    In 1970 Brian Cairns became a member of the Christian Brothers order in Queensland and, as Brother Cairns, he taught primary students at several Catholic schools in Brisbane. By 1975, he had left the Christian Brothers and he then taught primary classes (as Mister Cairns) at several other Brisbane Catholic schools until 1984, when he was charged with sexual offences against 12 male pupils aged between 10 and 12 years. In the Brisbane District Court in 1985, he was found guilty of three counts of attempted sodomy, eight counts of gross indecency and 32 counts of indecent treatment of schoolboys. The offences extended over several years and Cairns was headmaster for some of that time. Judge Kimmins sentenced him to seven years' jail. In 2003, some of the victims sought advice from Broken Rites about initiating civil action against the Brisbane archdiocese.

  6. Br Greg Carter,
    Marist Brother Gregory James Carter (born 4 July 1957) was sentenced in Queensland in 1997 to 18 months jail (with release after six months served) after pleading guilty to multiple charges of indecent treatment of a 15-year-old boy who was a boarder at St Augustine's Marist Brothers' College in Cairns, north Queensland. See our story here.

  7. Fr Richard Cattell
    Father Richard St John Cattell, of the Parramatta diocese, NSW, was sentenced in 1994 to 3 years jail (2 years minimum), after pleading guilty to five counts of indecently assaulting a boy. The boy had gone to Cattell to complain about having been molested by a teacher. Cattell, who was the vicar-general of the diocese, was the administrator whose role it was to receive complaints about sexual abuse in the diocese. See more about Cattell in a Broken Rites story about the Parramatta diocese here.

  8. Fr Patrick Cleary
    Father Patrick Joseph Cleary, Brisbane archdiocese, 5-15 mths jail for offences against boys. See our story here.

  9. Fr Peter L. Comensoli
    Father Peter Lewis Comensoli, then aged 55, of the Wollongong diocese, NSW, was sentenced in 1994 to 24 months jail (18 months minimum), after pleading guilty to the indecent assault of two altar boys. Comensoli's adult parishioners regarded him as a trustworthy priest, but behind the presbytery doors he befriended young boys, plied them with alcohol, played pornographic videos, used obscene language and wrestled naked with the boys, indecently assaulting them. In 2006, Father Peter L. Comensoli was still listed as a priest of the Wollongong diocese; the listing said he is on leave from Wollongong and living in Melbourne, with a post office box at Coburg. Wollongong sources told Broken Rites in 2006 that Father Peter Comensoli is doing casual work as a chaplain in Melbourne.

  10. Fr Paul Connolly
    Father Paul Anthony Connolly, Hobart archdiocese, was sentenced in 2001 to eight months jail (suspended after serving four months) for multiple indecent assaults of a girl aged about 14. After the jailing, the Hobart archdiocese continued to list Connolly as a "supplementary" priest of the archdiocese. See our story here.

  11. Br John Coswello
    Christian Brother John Francis Coswello, 70, was jailed on 22 June 2009 for committing sexual offences against a vulnerable 12-year-old boy in a Melbourne orphanage. See the full story from Broken Rites here.

  12. Fr Neville Creen
    Father Neville Joseph Creen molested young girls while he served as a priest at Mount Isa, north-west Queensland (in the Townsville diocese), from 1973 to 1981. In Brisbane District Court in 2003 and 2004, Creen admitted to indecently dealing with 20 girls under the age of 13. One girl was aged just five when Creen abused her at a youth camp and later at the home of her grandparents. Creen was sentenced to three-and-half years' jail (suspended after 14 months). Judge Ian Wylie said Creen had used his position as a priest and his standing in the community to intimidate the girls into remaining silent about their ordeals. See our story here.

  13. Fr David Daniel
    In July 2000, Melbourne Catholic priest Father David Daniel was sentenced to six years' jail, with parole after 4.5 years, for offences against four boys, a girl and an adult male. This priest's last parish was St Brigid's, Healesville. See our story here.

  14. Fr John Denham
    Father John Sidney Denham, of the Maitland-Newcastle Catholic diocese, is in a remand prison, awaiting sentence for offences (including buggery) committed against boys in the 1970s and 1980s. See a Broken Rites report about his guilty plea here and see a comprehensive background article from Broken Rites here.

  15. Fr Francis Derriman
    Francis Edward Derriman was sentenced in Brisbane in 1998 to 12 months jail (suspended after serving four months) after being found guilty of indecently dealing with a teenage girl while Father Derriman was a priest in Brisbane in 1968. The court was told that Derriman left the priesthood in 1970, became a social worker and moved interstate. In the 1990s, the victim went to the church's "Towards Healing" program in Brisbane, expecting some "healing", but she later told Broken Rites that church officials at "Towards Healing" in Brisbane were evasive and dismissive towards her.

  16. Br Gerard Dick
    Christian Brother Gerard William Dick was sentenced to three and a half years jail in Perth, Western Australia, in 1995, after pleading guilty to ten incidents of indecently dealing with boys aged eight to ten at a Christian Brothers orphanage in W.A. in the 1960s.

  17. Br Edward Dowlan
    Christian Brother Edward Vernon Dowlan (known as Ted Dowlan), Victoria, 1996, was jailed in 1996 with an eventual sentence (after appeal) of 6.5 yrs jail (with parole after 4 yrs) for offences against boys. See our story here.

  18. Br "David" Down
    Christian Brother Graeme James Down (known in the Christian Brothers as "Brother David Down") indecently touched boys aged 10-12 from St Mark's College in Bedford, Western Australia, in the 1980s; he left the Christian Brothers in 1999; was convicted in 2007 (pleaded guilty); received a 30-months jail sentence, with parole after one year. Later in 2007, Broken Rites received further complaints about Brother Down at the same school in the 1980s. This resulted in Down being given additional jail time in 2008. See our story here.

  19. Fr Reginald Durham
    Father Reginald Basil Durham, Rockhampton diocese, Queensland, 4-18 mths jail (for indecent assault of a girl at Neerkol orphanage). See our story here.

  20. Br Rex Elmer
    Christian Brother Rex Ignatius Elmer, Victoria, was sentenced in 1998 to five years jail (with parole after 3 years 4 months) after pleading guilty to indecent assault of 12 boys at St Vincent's Boys' Home in South Melbourne. See the full Broken Rites story here.

  21. Fr Paul Evans, Boys' Town, NSW

    On 3 October 2008 Father Paul Raymond Evans (born 20 October 1951) was sentenced to 15 years' jail (with parole possible after nine and a half years) after a Sydney jury found him guilty of multiple sex offences against boys in the 1970s and 1980s, while he was a dormitory master at Boys' Town (a Catholic institution for troubled teenagers) in Engadine, south of Sydney. After 1988, Evans worked in parishes in the Broken Bay diocese in Sydney's north. See our story here.

  22. Fr Gregory Ferguson
    Father Gregory Laurence Ferguson, of the Marist Fathers, was sentenced on 15 May 2007 to two years jail (eligible for parole after 12 months), for offences in 1971 against two boys aged 13 at Marist College, Burnie, Tasmania. On 13 December 2007, he was sentenced to an additional three years' jail for offences against a third boy, making a total of five years' jail (but he can apply for parole after two and half years). See our story here.

  23. Fr James Fletcher
    Father James Patrick Fletcher, Maitland-Newcastle diocese, NSW, 7.5 years to 10 years jail for sexual penetration of an altar boy. Fletcher died in jail. See our story here.

  24. Br Michael Folli

    In the New South Wales District Court, after lengthy proceedings (including an appeal by the accused), Marist Brother Michael Anthony Folli (born 4 January 1945) has been sentenced to four and a half years' jail for sexual offences against two boys during four years from 1980 to 1983 when the boys were aged 12 to 15. The prosecution said the two siblings met Brother Folli through their Marist Brothers school at Auburn, in Sydney's west. Folli befriended the family and became a frequent visitor to their house, where the alleged incidents occurred.

  25. Fr Des Gannon
    Father Desmond Laurence Gannon, Melbourne archdiocese, was jailed in 1995 for 12 months, plus suspended sentences in 1997, 2000 and 2003, and was sentenced in 2009 to another 14 months behind bars, for offences against boys. See the full story from Broken Rites here.

  26. Br Terry Gilsenan,
    In 2001, Marist Brother Terry Joseph Gilsenan (born 18 October 1955) was sentenced to three years jail (with parole after 21 months) after pleading guilty to one incident of homosexual intercourse and three incidents of gross indecency, committed against a 12-year-old boarder, from a country area, at St Gregory's College, Campbelltown, New South Wales. The offences occurred in 1987-89 when Gilsenan, then in his early thirties, was the assistant boarding supervisor, a trainee brother and a teacher at the college. Gilsenan is still a Marist Brother.

  27. Fr Michael Glennon
    Father Michael Charles Glennon, Melbourne archdiocese, was jailed in 1978, again in 1991 and 2003, serving a total of 10.5 years minimum to 14.5 years maximum for multiple offences (including rape and indecent assault), mostly against boys. He committed many of his crimes while on bail awaiting trial for other sex offences. See our story here.

  28. Paul Goldsmith
    Former trainee priest Paul Ronald Goldsmith, Tasmania, was jailed for six and a half years (parole possible after four years) for sexual offences against 20 boys, aged 13 to 16. See our story here.

  29. Br Brian Gordon
    Marist Brother Brian Robert Gordon (born 15 December 1942) sexually abused boys while teaching at a Marist Brothers primary school in Dundas, Sydney, in 1969-71. The Marists kept quiet about Gordon's behaviour and he eventually became the Brisbane diocese's deputy directory of Catholic Education. In 1998 he was sentenced to a minimum of 12 months jail for eight sexual offences committed in 1969-71 against four boys, aged about 11, at the Sydney school. See our story here.

  30. Br Thomas Grealy
    Brother Thomas William Grealy (born 19 March 1929), alias Brother "Augustine", of the Patrician Brothers order, was sentenced in 1997 to seven years jail (parole after four years) after pleading guilty to repeated indecent assaults of two young boys while he was the principal of the primary section of a Patrician Brothers school in Grimwood Street, Granville, in western Sydney, in the 1970s. Before molesting a boy in his office, Brother Augustine would cover a statue of the "Virgin" Mary with a black raincoat to hide his crime. One of the victims, who was still feeling the hurt many years after the abuse, consulted Broken Rites in November 1994 and finally contacted the police in 1995. Grealy was visiting Ireland but the New South Wales police caught up with him after he returned to Australia in 1996.

  31. Fr John Haines

    In the Victorian County Court on 4 November 2008, Father Edmund John Haines (of the Melbourne Catholic archdiocese, based in the Geelong district) was sentenced to four years and three months jail (with a non-parole period of two years six months) after he pleaded guilty to six counts of an indecent act with a boy under 16, procurement of a minor for child pornography and possessing child pornography. Haines was previously a priest in Papua New Guinea. See our story here.

  32. Phillip Hardy, trainee priest
    In 1990, Phillip John Hardy began training for the Catholic priesthood with the Divine Word Missionaries at Box Hill in Melbourne but he did not reach ordination. In Sydney District Court in 1995, aged 41, he was sentenced to 11 years' jail (with a minimum of seven years before parole) for sexual offences committed against a boy during an eight-year period, in 1978-1986, when the boy was aged from 8 to 16. During the time of the offences, Hardy was teaching at Marist Brothers College, Eastwood, Sydney, where he was in charge of "religious studies".

  33. Ronald Hopkins
    Ronald William Hopkins originally trained to be a Christian Brother but ended up as a lay teacher in Catholic schools. In 2005, Hopkins pleaded guilty to offences (five counts of unlawful sexual intercourse by a teacher, five of indecent assault and one of gross indecency) against five schoolboys, aged 12 to 16, between 1975 and 1991 while he was a teacher at two Adelaide schools — St Bernadette's in a suburb called St Mary's and Blackfriars Priory School at Prospect. In the S.A. Supreme Court in 2006, Hopkins (then aged 70) was sentenced to ten years' jail. See our story here.

  34. Frank Keating
    De La Salle Brother Frank Terrence Keating (alias Brother "Ibar" Keating) was sentenced to 8 to 36 months jail in Victoria in 1998, plus 12 months jail (suspended) in Queensland in 2000, all for multiple indecent assaults of boys in Catholic schools. Keating also taught in Western Australia and South Australia. See our story here.

  35. Fr Terrence Keliher,
    Father Terrence Thomas Keliher, aged 62, was sentenced in Brisbane in 2000 to 30 months jail (eligible for parole after 8 months) for indecently dealing with a girl, aged about 11. Keliher was friendly with the girls' parents, who were intellectually impaired, and he had officiated at the parents' wedding. In 1999 the victim phoned Broken Rites, which put her in contact with the Queensland Police child-protection unit.

  36. Fr Vincent Kiss
    Father Vincent Keiran Kiss belonged to the Wagga Wagga diocese (NSW) but also worked and played in other areas, including Melbourne and the Philippines. In Sydney in 2002, then aged 70, he was sentenced to ten and a half years in jail (eligible for parole after seven years) for sex crimes against four teenage boys. He pleaded guilty to three charges of buggery and ten of indecent assault. See our story here.

  37. Fr Frank Klep
    Father Frank Gerard Klep, of the Salesian order, Victoria, 5 years 10 months jail, with parole after 3 years 6 mths (after an appeal by the prosecution on behalf of the victims, April 2006, replacing previous sentence in 2005 of 1-3 yrs jail); also had a 9 mths jail sentence in 1994, which he served in community work. See our story here.

  38. Marist Brother Kostka

    In the Australian Capital Territory Supreme Court on 23 June 2008, Marist Brother John William Chute (born 13 June 1932), whose religious name is "Brother Kostka" (in honour of a 16th Century saint), was jailed after pleading guilty to sexually molesting four students when they were aged 13 and 14 at Canberra's Marist College in the 1980s. See our story here.

  39. Fr Leo Leunig,
    Father Leo St Clair Leunig, then aged 66, of the Perth diocese, Western Australia, was sentenced to six years jail in 1994 after pleading guilty to 46 offences against three young boys between 1965 and 1969; and he was sentenced in 1995 to another 12 months jail for offences against another boy. The offences included indecent touching, oral sex and sodomy. The church authorities had known since 1979 about Leunig's criminal behaviour, but they retained him in the ministry and merely moved him from a one-parish appointment to a multi-parish role as a relieving priest. This meant that he had access to boys in the new parishes where he would be relieving. While he was relieving, Leunig lived for many years at the South Perth presbytery, which is adjacent to a primary school, but the church authorities did not warn the school's principal or parents about him. While Leunig was serving his jail sentence (and also after he was released), the Perth diocese defiantly continued to list him for years in the annual Australian Catholic Directories as a "supplementary" (relieving) priest of the Perth diocese.

  40. Br Ray Logan
    De La Salle Brother Raymond Logan (alias Brother Pius Bernard), NSW, W.A. and Victoria, was sentenced in 2000 to three years jail (to be served as periodic weekend detention) for offences against boys. See our story here.

  41. Fr Michael McArdle,
    Father Michael Joseph McArdle, of the Rockhampton diocese in Queensland, was sentenced in 2003 to six years jail (with parole possible after two years) after pleading guilty to 62 incidents of indecent dealings against 14 boys and two girls between 1965 and 1987. McArdle told a journalist that the church was aware of his offences but it never alerted police or parishioners.

  42. Br Bernard McGrath
    St John of God Brother Bernard Kevin McGrath was sentenced to 3 years jail in New Zealand 1993, 9 months jail in Sydney in 1997, and 5 years jail New Zealand in 2006. See our story about McGrath and the St John of God Brothers here.

  43. Fr Ron McKeirnan
    Father Ronald McKeirnan, of the Brisbane archdiocese, was sentenced to three years jail (one year minimum) in 1998, plus 3 yrs jail (suspended) in 2003, for offences against boys. See our story here.

  44. Fr Paul McLachlan
    Father Paul McLachlan, of the Brisbane archdiocese, was sentenced to 3 yrs 8 months jail in 2000, plus 18 months jail in 2001, for offences against boys. McLachlan was formerly the head of Brisbane's Catholic Media Office for 19 years and appeared on television religious programs. See our story here.

  45. Brother "Ossie" McNamara
    Marist Brother Hugh Michael McNamara (born 7 March 1933) taught at St Joseph's College in Hunters Hill in Sydney as Brother "Oswald" McNamara until about 1978. He ceased being a Brother and then taught as a lay teacher at the Marist Brothers college at Ashgrove in Brisbane, where he was jailed in 1995 for indecently dealing with a boy. In Sydney in 1999, he was convicted of physical assault of a boy at St Joseph's College, Hunters Hill in 1970; and a charge of indecently assaulting the same boy was dismissed because of lack of witnesses.

  46. Fr Terence Merivale
    Former priest Terence Michael Merivale, Melbourne archdiocese, was sentenced in 2000 to six months jail after pleading guilty to seven charges of indecent assault (including one of digital penetration) on three young girls when he was ministering in St Bernard's parish, Belmont, Geelong, between 1969 and 1975.

  47. Br Rodger Moloney

    This member of the St John of God Brothers has worked in Australia and New Zealand. On 1 August 2008 in New Zealand, Rodger William Moloney, 73, was sentenced to two years nine months jail for sexually abusing educationally-disadvantaged boys in Christchurch, N.Z., in the 1970s. The court was told that, after completing his sentence, he would be deported to Australia. Any Australian victims of Moloney should have a chat with the police sexual offences units in Australia. See our Moloney story here. And see our background story about the St John of God Brothers in Australia here.

  48. Br Terry Mulligan
    Marist Brother Terence Mulligan was sentenced in Sydney in 2000 to 6 months periodic detention for indecent assaults against two boys. Mulligan met the two siblings through their Marist Brothers school at Auburn, in Sydney’s west. He assaulted the boys in the family's house. One of the victims, "Ricky" (aged 32 in 2000), said outside the court that the sexual abuse devastated his personal development. His life became a blur of drugs, alcohol and rage. Ricky’s wife said the effect of the abuse was being felt by her and the whole family.

  49. Fr Gerard Mulvale
    Father Gerard Joseph Mulvale, born 17 July 1948, from Western Australia, jailed 18-36 mths in Melbourne 1995 while he was a priest in the Pallottine order (he is also known as Gerrard George Shaw, same date of birth, 17 July 1948). See our story here.

  50. Fr "Max" Murray
    After Father Magnus William Murray committed child-sex offences in New Zealand, he was transferred to Sydney, where he was allowed to minister in the Woollahra parish in 1972-76. His past was concealed from Sydney parishioners. He later returned to New Zealand, where he was sentenced in 2003 to five years jail after pleading guilty to ten representative charges of committing indecent assaults and indecent acts on four boys in New Zealand between 1962 and 1972. The Sydney archdiocese now denies that it breached its duty of care in allowing Murray to minister in Australia because (it claims) Murray was New Zealand's responsibility, not Sydney's.

  51. Br Ross Murrin
    On 10 March 2008, Marist Brother Ross Francis Murrin (born 10 June 1955) was sentenced to 39 months' jail, with a non-parole period of 18 months, after pleading guilty to indecently assaulting Catholic primary school boys in the 1970s. In a further hearing on 13 February 2009, Murrin pleaded guilty to sexually abusing another boy at a later school. See our story here.

  52. Brother Robert John N*****
    This former De La Salle Brother, received a ten-year jail sentence in NSW in February 2002 (when aged 55), eligible for parole after 6 yrs (the judge granted the offender a name-suppression order). See our story here.

  53. Br Damien O'Dempsey
    In Brisbane in 1994, Christian Brother Damien John O'Dempsey (then aged 46) was sentenced to 18 months' jail (with parole after four months) after pleading guilty to six counts of indecently dealing with a 15-year-old boy at St Mary's Christian Brothers College, Toowoomba, Queensland, in 1987. In 1998, O'Dempsey was summoned to a magistrates' court again, facing 22 charges (indecent dealing and carnal knowledge) involving another boy at a Townsville school in 1981-84. The magistrate ordered O'Dempsey to stand trial, which was listed for 1999. However, a tragedy occurred in the family of the alleged victim and the trial was abandoned. See the Broken Rites report here.

  54. Fr Kevin O'Donnell
    Father John Kevin O'Donnell, Melbourne archdiocese, was sentenced to 15 months jail for offences against children, mainly boys. See our story here.

  55. Fr Terry Pidoto
    On 17 September 2007, Father Terrence Pidoto, of the Melbourne archdiocese, was sentenced to seven years and three months' jail (with a minimum of five years before becoming eligible for parole) on charges of buggery and indecent assault against boys. See our story here.

  56. Fr "Joseph" Pritchard
    Father Peter Harold Pritchard (alias Fr "Joseph" Pritchard), of the St Gerard Majella religious order in the Parramatta diocese, NSW, was sentenced in 1997 to 6 years jail (four years minimum) after pleading guilty to charges of buggery, intent to commit buggery, and indecent assault involving seven trainee Brothers and another young male, all aged 16 to 21, over a 19-year period. See our story here.

  57. Fr David Rapson
    Father David Edward Rapson (born 30 July 1953), a member of the Salesians of Don Bosco, was sentenced in 1992 to two years jail after pleading guilty to five incidents of indecently assaulting a 15-year-old boy at Salesian College, "Rupertswood", in Sunbury, Victoria, where Rapson was a vice-principal. At the time of his trial, Rapson was living on a Salesian property at Lysterfield, in Melbourne's south-east, and was still being supported by the Salesians. In 1993, four former students from the Sunbury school began civil action for damages against the Salesian Fathers, alleging that the Salesians tolerated and concealed Rapson's activities, thereby putting students at risk.

  58. Fr Michael Reis, MSC religious order

    Father Michael Francis Reis (known as Mick Reis), who has taught at Monivae College in Victoria and Downlands College in Queensland, was sentenced in Brisbane on 6 November 2008 to 18 months jail (with a minimum of six months) for offences against two young girls in the 1980s and 1990s. See our story here.

  59. Fr Gerry Ridsdale
    Father Gerald Francis Ridsdale, Ballarat diocese, Victoria, has pleaded guilty to indecently assaulting a total of 40 children (comprising 39 boys and one girl). He is serving a jail sentence of 19 years (minimum), with parole possible in the year 2013. See our story here.

  60. Br Gregory Riley
    Christian Brother Francis Riley (known as Brother Greg Riley), New South Wales, was sentenced in 1999 to three years jail after pleading guilty to 17 counts of indecent assault against boys.

  61. Fr Stephen Robinson
    Father Stephen Joseph Robinson, of the St Gerard Majella order in the Parramatta diocese, NSW, was sentenced in 1998 to a minimum of 18 months' jail for acts of indecency on two trainee Brothers. See our story here.

  62. Fr Paul-David Ryan
    Father Paul David Carl Ryan, Ballarat diocese, Victoria, was sentenced in 2006 to 18 months jail (12 months minimum) for offences against boys. See our story here.

  63. Fr Vince Ryan
    Father Vincent Gerard Ryan, of the Maitland-Newcastle diocese, NSW, was sentenced in 1996-97 to 16 years (minimum of 11) for offences against boys. See our story here.

  64. Gerrard Shaw (Fr Gerard Mulvale)
    Father Gerard Joseph Mulvale, born 17 July 1948, from Western Australia, jailed 18-36 months in Melbourne 1995 while he was a priest in the Pallottine order (he is also known as Gerrard George Shaw, same date of birth, 17 July 1948). See our story here.

  65. Br Gregory Sutton
    Marist Brother Gregory Joseph Sutton (born 19 March 1951) taught in the 1980s at Catholic primary schools in New South Wales, where he has admitted committing numerous serious offences, including rapes of young girls and indecent assaults of young boys. He fled to the USA, where he became principal of a Catholic school. He was extradited back to Australia, where he was jailed in 1996 for a maximum of 18 years (with parole possible after 12 years). See our story here.

  66. Fr John Sweeney
    Father John Gerard Patrick Sweeney, St Gerard Majella order, Parramatta diocese, NSW, 18-27 months jail. See our story here.

  67. Alan Swingler
    Alan Edward Swingler (born in September 1941) was originally a Marist Brother but left the Marist order and became a lay teacher of religious studies at St Joseph's Christian Brothers' College, Geelong, Victoria, where he stayed for 18 years. In 1996 Swingler, aged 54, was sentenced to seven years jail (minimum of five years) on one incident of buggery, three incidents of gross indecency and nine of indecent assault of boys. Outside the court, the mother of one victim said that, even after the family complained to the school about the crimes, the school kept Swingler on its staff.

  68. Br Colgan Taylor
    In Brisbane District Court on 29 November 2002, Marist Brother Colgan Taylor (then aged 80 and living in Sydney) was sentenced to 18 months' jail after pleading guilty to four counts of indecent dealing with two young girls in central Queensland between 1979 and 1983. One girl was aged five or six when abused. The second victim was intellectually disabled and aged between eight and 11 when abused. The court was told that the girls' mothers witnessed the sexual abuse, but it was not reported until the youngest victim came forward in May 2002. Taylor was ordered to serve four months of the sentence, with the remainder suspended.

  69. Br Peter Toomey
    Christian Brother Peter John Toomey pleaded guilty in 2005 to offences against 10 boys at Trinity Regional College in Brunswick, Melbourne, in the 1970s. He was finally sentenced to 4 years 3 months jail, with parole after 2 years 6 months. Originally the sentence was 27 months jail (with parole after six months) but this was increased after an appeal by the prosecution, on behalf of the victims. See our story here.

  70. Fr Adrian Van Klooster
    Father Adrian Richard Van Klooster, Western Australia and NSW, was sentenced in 2003 in W.A. to 8 yrs jail for offences against boys and girls. He is eligible for parole but no minimum period was specified. See our story here.

  71. Fr Leo Wright
    Father Leo Daniel Wright, Brisbane archdiocese, was jailed for 3 yrs (1995) and 18 mths (1997) for offences against girls and a boy. See our story here.

Section B:
Suspended jail sentences
— in cases researched by Broken Rites

  1. Fr Bryan Coffey
    Father Bryan Desmond Coffey, Ballarat diocese, Victoria, was sentenced to 3 years jail (suspended) for offences against children, mostly boys. See our story here.

  2. Gregory Coffey
    Gregory Vincent Coffey was originally a priesthood trainee in the Salesian order. Brother Coffey taught at Salesian College ("Rupertswood"), Sunbury, Victoria, in 1969-1970, and at St Mark's College, Port Pirie, South Australia, in 1971. In February 1972, Brother Coffey was sentenced to 12 months jail (suspended) for sexual abuse of a boy at the Port Pirie school. Despite this, he was still accepted as a lay teacher in Catholic schools. He was sentenced to a 2-year good behaviour bond in Victoria in 1994, plus 30 months jail (suspended) in Victoria in 1997 for offences against boys at Redden College, Preston, Melbourne, in the 1970s. His name has also been spelt as Gregory Coffyn. See our story here.

  3. Fr Doug Conlan
    Father Douglas Conlan, then aged 52, who had ministered in the Bunbury diocese in Western Australia since 1973, was sentenced in 1999 to 3 years jail (suspended) after pleading guilty to offences of gross indecency against a 16-year-old male.

  4. Fr Ray Deal
    Father Raymond Deal, Melbourne archdiocese, was sentenced to four months jail (suspended) for an offence against a male who was under his supervision. See our story here.

  5. Fr John Denham
    Father John Sidney Denham, Maitland-Newcastle diocese, New South Wales, was sentenced in 2000 to two years jail (suspended) for offences against a teenage boy. See our story here.

  6. Br John Dyson
    Marist Brother John Desmond Dyson (born 21 March 1950), who taught at Assumption College, Kilmore, Victoria, was sentenced to 12 months jail after pleading guilty to indecently assaulting three boys, aged 12 to 14. The sentence was served in community work. See our story here.

  7. Fr Anthony Eames
    Father Anthony Eames, Melbourne archdiocese, was sentenced to six months jail (suspended) for offences against girls. See our story here.

  8. Br Stephen Farrell, Christian Brother
    Brother Stephen Francis Farrell (a member of the Victoria-Tasmania province of the Christian Brothers) was a teacher at St Alipius Catholic primary school in Ballarat East, Victoria, in 1973-74 but later left the order. In the Ballarat Magistrates Court on 17 January 1997, Farrell (then aged 45) pleaded guilty to nine counts of indecently assaulting two boys at St Alipius. He was sentenced to two years' jail, suspended for two years. After leaving the Christian Brothers, Farrell married three times. Jesuit Father Michael McGirr, who conducted Farrel's third wedding, gave character evidence in court for Farrell. This Stephen Farrell is not to be confused with a Marist Brother of the same name.

  9. Fr Terence Goodall
    Father Terence Norman Goodall, Sydney archdiocese, pleaded guilty to indecent assault of a Catholic layman and was placed in custody until the rising of the court. See our story here.

  10. Monsignor Philip Green
    Monsignor Philip Richard Green, Hobart archdiocese, was sentenced to three months jail (suspended) after pleading guilty to indecently assaulting a young man who was mourning the death of a sibling. See our story here.

  11. Fr Barry Gwillim
    Father John Barry Gwillim, Melbourne archdiocese, was sentenced to 32 months jail (suspended) after pleading guilty to offences against a boy. See our story here.

  12. Fr Kevin Howarth
    Father Kevin Howarth, Sandhurst diocese in north-eastern Victoria, sexually abused young girls and was sentenced to three months jail. The sentence was to be served in community work. See our story here.

  13. Br Gerard Joseph McNamara
    Marist Brother Gerard Joseph McNamara (born 9 March 1938) was sentenced in Melbourne to three years jail (suspended) after pleading guilty to indecently assaulting six boys. McNamara, who taught mainly in Victoria, was originally known as "Brother Camillus" (not to be confused with another Marist Brother "Camillus" in Sydney). See the Broken Rites report here.

  14. Fr Paul Pavlou
    On 29 June 2009, Melbourne diocesan priest Father Paul Pavlou (then aged 50) pleaded guilty to committing an indecent act with a 14-year-old boy and another charge of possessing child pornography. He was given an 18-months jail sentence (suspended) plus a two year community-based sentence (to be served by doing community work). See the full Broken Rites report here.

  15. Br Terence Simpson,
    former Christian Brother Terence Simpson, Brisbane, was sentenced to two years jail (suspended) for offences against boys. See our story here.

  16. Fr Michael Slattery
    On 9 August 2007 a Catholic priest from Western Australia, Father Michael Slattery, was sentenced in Sydney District Court to an 18-months jail sentence (suspended, with a good-behaviour bond) after he pleaded guilty to committing three acts of indecency (masturbation) in the presence of a girl, who was aged 14 to 15. The offences occurred in 1981-82 while Slattery (born 4 December 1946) was a lay teacher (teaching religious education) at Monte Sant' Angelo school Catholic girls school (run by the Sisters of Mercy) in North Sydney, where the girl was a student. The offences occurred during excursions. Slattery later studied for the priesthood at St Paul's Seminary at Kensington, New South Wales, before being ordained in the diocese of Bunbury, Western Australia, in December 1985. In the 2006 annual Australian Catholic Directory, Father Michael Slattery was listed as a priest of the Bunbury diocese.

  17. Br Geoffrey Veness
    Marist Brother Geoffrey Sydney Veness (born 30 September 1953) was sentenced to 12 months jail (suspended) after pleading guilty to offences against a boy who was a pupil at St Augustine's College, Cairns, Queensland.

  18. Br Keith William Weston
    Christian Brother Keith William Weston, Melbourne, was sentenced to 30 months jail (suspended) for offences against boys. See our court story here. Also, see an article by a Weston victim here.

Section C:
Non-custodial sentences
— in cases researched by Broken Rites

  1. Fr Rex Brown
    Father Paul Rex Brown (once a senior priest in the Lismore Catholic diocese in New South Wales) was convicted in Queensland in 1996 after he pleaded guilty of possessing child pornography. See the Broken Rites full story here.

  2. Br David Christian
    Marist Brother David Austin Christian (born 3 December 1942), formerly principal of Marist Brothers' Newman College, Perth, Western Australia, pleaded guilty to multiple counts of aggravated indecent assault against two boys (aged 10 and 11) in the principal's office. When chared in 1994, Br Christian had been teaching at Port Hedland, W.A. In 1995, Christian was fined $10,500 ($1,500 per incident) but the Marist Order said it would pay the fine for him. Brother Christian moved to live with the Marist Brothers in Templestowe, Melbourne.

  3. Fr Bob Claffey
    Father Robert Claffey, Ballarat diocese, Victoria, was given a non-custodial sentence after pleading guilty to offences involving boys. See our story here.

  4. Chris D'Astoli, former priesthood trainee
    Christopher D'Astoli pleaded guilty in Oakleigh Magistrates Court, Victoria, on 25 May 1994 to gross indecency and indecent assault against a 13-year-old Catholic school boy. The offence occurred in 1969, when D'Astoli was a deacon, completing six years as a trainee priest at the Melbourne seminary; after the offence was reported to the seminary, D'Astoli withdrew from the ordination ceremony. The court placed D'Astoli (aged 50 in 1994) on a three-year good behaviour bond and ordered him to pay $750 into the court fund.

  5. Father Adelrick D'Cruz
    This priest, aged 78, was convicted in the Victorian County Court at Shepparton on 22 May 2008 after pleading guilty to indecently assaulting a teenage girl in a north-eastern Victoria parish 24 years previously. D'Cruz had ministered in the Sandhurst diocese in northern Victoria and later did freelance ministry in the Anglo-Indian community in Melbourne. See our story here.

  6. Br Francis Hesford
    Marist Brother Hesford (born 1 February 1914), formerly of Assumption College, Kilmore, Victoria (later moved to Western Australia), was given a non-custodial sentence in 1997 after pleading guilty to offences against two girls at Kilmore. The offences were committed in 1970, when Hesford was aged 56. See our story here and another story here.

  7. Br Bill Hocking
    Christian Brother William Hocking, Wollongong, New South Wales, was given a non-custodial sentence for offences against boys.

  8. Br Fabian Jordan
    Christian Brother John Joseph Jordan (alias Brother "Fabian" Jordan, born 23 October 1927), worked at St Augustine's boys home and St Vincent's boys' home in Victoria; he later left the Christian Brothers and retired to South Australia. In 1999 he was sentenced to a 12-months good behaviour bond for indecent assault (i.e, touching) of a 13-year-old boy at St Augustine's in the early 1960s. This was not the only complaint about Jordan.

  9. Br "Nestor" Littler
    Marist Brother John Aloysius Littler (alias Brother "Nestor", born 17 June 1926) worked at St Vincent's boys' home, Westmead, in Sydney's west, from 1955 to 1964. In Sydney District Court in 1993, Littler pleaded guilty to three charges of indecently assaulting a boy, aged 15, at St Vincent's in 1962. Judge Phelan sentenced Littler to a $500 five-year good behaviour bond. Judge Phelan said he was taking into account that, as a Marist Brother, Littler had a "high standing" in the community. In 1997, Littler (then aged 71) was committed for trial on 29 counts of sexual assault (including buggery) of five other boys at St Vincent's in the 1950s and '60s but he eventually managed to get the trial cancelled on health grounds. Brother "Nestor" is also believed to have taught at the Marist Brothers' St Joseph's College, Hunters Hill, Sydney, in 1965-70. The name "Nestor", which was the religious alias adopted by Littler when he joined the Marist Brothers, was the name of an ancient "saint".

  10. Br William Marchant
    Christian Brother William Edwin Marchant, Tardun Boys' Home, Western Australia, non-custodial sentence.

  11. Monsignor James Murray
    In June 2000, Monsignor James William Murray, Geelong, Victoria (Melbourne archdiocese), was convicted and fined $500 after pleading guilty to having indecently assaulted a 25-year-old woman who had requested his pastoral care. See our story here.

  12. Fr Dave Perrett
    Father David Perrett, who was a "chaplain" to Aborigines in the Armidale diocese in northern New South Wales, pleaded guilty in Orange District Court to indecent assault of two young Aboriginal boys at the Walgett parish and another Aboriginal boy at the Guyra parish. On 1 November 1996, Judge Shillington sentenced Perrett, then aged 59, to a three-year good-behaviour bond. The Catholic directories continued to list Perrett as a priest of the Armidale diocese ("on leave") until his name was removed in 2001. Another complaint against Perrett was aired on ABC-TV’s "Four Corners" on 11 November 2002. The program featured a statutory declaration by a young Aboriginal named Edward, who said he was raped by Perrett at Walgett; however, this complaint never reached a court. Edward, who had an intellectual disability and was partially deaf, had a traumatic adolescence. He ended up in jail, where he committed suicide.

  13. Fr Victor Rubeo
    Father Victor Gabriel Rubeo, Melbourne archdiocese, pleaded guilty in 1996 to having indecently assaulted two boys in a previous parish, Laverton (in Melbourne's west). The Laverton offences came to light while police were investigating complaints against Rubeo by a woman concerning an incident in another parish, Doveton (in Melbourne's east). The prosecution then decided to proceed against Rubeo in relation to the Laverton complaints rather than the Doveton ones. The court imposed a 12-months good-behaviour bond on Rubeo. In August 1996, while he was waiting for his court appearance, Fr Vic Rubeo resigned from his Boronia parish. His parishioners were not told about his court appearance and discovered it only through a mention in the Sunday Herald Sun on 23 March 1997. On 24 March, two parish primary schools hurriedly informed parents in a newsletter. In the local Knox News on 8 April 1997, the Catholic Education Office defended the delay in advising parents, claiming the school principals were unaware until the newspaper item appeared. CEO spokeswoman Maria Kirkwood declined to explain why the church did not advise principals earlier.

  14. Br Peter Spratt
    Marist Brother Peter Richard Spratt (born 2 August 1937) used to work at Marist College in Canberra. In 1996 he pleaded guilty to two acts of indecency against a 14-year-old boy from the school. The incidents occurred in 1979 at a Marist Brothers’ residence at Wategoes Beach, Byron Bay, NSW, and at a holiday centre in Jindabyne, NSW. A magistrate at Cooma Local Court placed Spratt on a $2,000, two-year good-behaviour bond. Brother Spratt also taught at Marist Brothers, Pagewood, Sydney. It is believed that in the 1960s he taught with the Marist Brothers at Lismore, NSW. In those years he was probably known by a "religious" name, rather than his real name. It was common for Marist Brothers to adopt a "religious" name such as Bartholomew, Ignatius, Aloysius, Xaverius, etcetera.

  15. Br George Taylor, De La Salle
    In the Sydney District Court on 8 August 1995, Albert Matthew Taylor (known as "Brother George", a member of the De La Salle Brothers) pleaded guilty to two incidents of indecently assaulting an 11-year-old boy in 1967. The assaults occurred at De La Salle College, Revesby, Sydney. Taylor, who was aged 79 when he appeared in court, was placed on a three-year good behaviour bond.

  16. Fr John Treacy
    Father John Leslie Treacy (born 30 October 1943) was ordained on 19 May 1972 and belongs to the Sandhurst diocese in northern Victoria, where his original parishes included Tatura, Beechworth, Tallangatta, Wodonga and Rushworth. In 1993 he pleaded guilty to indecently assaulting a boy from one of his parishes and was given a non-custodial sentence (good-behaviour bond). The Sandhurst diocese later arranged for Treacy to move to Queensland, where Queensland bishops accepted him to minister in parishes and as a hospital chaplain, while he continued to be officially listed as a priest of the Sandhurst diocese.

Section D:
Other sentences which have come to the attention of Broken Rites

  1. An Adelaide priest:

    In Holden Hill Magistrates Court, Adelaide, on 21 July 1989, this diocesan priest and another man were found guilty of indecent behaviour and were each fined $100. Late on a summer's night, police had found the pair lying under bushes near Walkerville oval, masturbating. The priest also was originally charged with giving a false name and address. Church lawyers persuaded the court to prohibit the media from publishing the priest's name but media lawyers contested this application. The Supreme Court lifted the suppression order and the case was reported fully, with names, in the Adelaide "Advertiser" and "Sunday Mail" during July 26-30, 1989. Archbishop Leonard Faulkner wrote in a letter to all priests on 7 June 1989: "In reflecting my decision that [this priest] continue his ministry at [his parish], I remembered my own shortcomings and those of a number of our brother priests." The priest is still in charge of an Adelaide parish.

  2. A priest in Adelaide and northern Sydney:

    This priest was a mature-age entrant to the priesthood. He was recruited by (and was trained for) the Adelaide diocese, where he worked in parishes in the 1970s and '80s. While visiting Cairns, Queensland, he was caught wilfully exposing himself on a beach. In a Cairns court on 27 July 1987, he pleaded guilty and was fined $100. After this, the church transferred him to the Broken Bay diocese, in the northern suburbs and outskirts of Sydney, where he was put in charge of parishes, including parish schools. In February 1995, the Cairns court case was revealed in the "Manly Daily", Sydney (circulating in the Broken Bay diocese), in an article headed "Shock of priest's past: Parents stunned at exposure case". The priest verified this report.

  3. Fr Desmond Brown
    Father Desmond Joseph Brown, Redemptorist order, Victoria and NSW, non-custodial sentence, for indecent assault of a female.

  4. Fr Peter Colley
    Father Peter James Colley, of the Ballarat diocese in Victoria, pleaded guilty in the Moonee Ponds Magistrates Court, Melbourne, on 11 March 1993 to two charges -- one indecent assault of an adult male in a public toilet at Moonee Ponds and one charge of escaping from legal custody. Court records gave Colley's occupation as "priest", living in at an address in Morriss Road, Warrnambool West, which is the address of the St Pius X Catholic presbytery. Colley was sentenced to a 12-months good behaviour bond. Peter Colley was born in Melbourne on 12 April 1948 and went to school at Parade Christian Brothers College, Melbourne. Originally he worked as a layman with the Pallottine religious order, including (he has said) among Aboriginals at Kalgoorlie, Western Australia. In the early 1970s he was living at Pallotti College, Millgrove, Victoria, seeking to be accepted as a Pallotine lay Brother but did not complete the training. Also in the 1970s, he is believed to have spent time at a Redemptorist seminary in Galong, south-western New South Wales. During the 1970s, Colley applied to Bishop Ronald Mulkearns of Ballarat to sponsor him as a Ballarat candidate for the priesthood. Thus, Colley was ordained at St Paul's Seminary for Late Vocations in Sydney in 1979 and then joined the Ballarat diocese, where his parishes included Terang, Horsham, Bungaree (near Ballarat) and Warrnambool East. In early 2000, when his court appearance was becoming known, Colley left the Ballarat diocese and his name then disappeared from the annual Australian Catholic Directory.

  5. Fr Ted Hewitt
    Father Edward Patrick Hewitt, of the Perth diocese, Western Australia, pleaded guilty in a Perth court on 2 April 1996 to a charge of wilful exposure. The prosecution alleged that Hewitt (then aged 50) had stood naked in the back yard of his home, exposing himself to children as they walked past, through an adjoining park, on their way to school. At the sentencing, in May 1996, the court fined Fr Edward Hewitt $1,000.

  6. Fr John Keane, western Victoria
    The Adelaide Advertiser reported on 6 January 1990 (page 2) from Melbourne:
    "A Catholic priest pleaded guilty in Melbourne Magistrates Court yesterday to offensive behaviour in a public toilet. John Keane, 52, who gave his address as St Michael's Church, Wycheproof, was given a 12-month good behaviour bond. The prosecutor said plainclothes police saw Keane expose himself on April 13 last year."

  7. Michael Lannen, ex-trainee priest
    Michael William Lannen spent two years in the 1980s as a trainee priest at the Catholic seminary in Banyo, Brisbane. He later became a senior psychologist for Queensland's prison system. In 1996, aged 49, he was sentenced to four years jail after being found guilty of corruptly intimidating prisoners into engaging in oral sex with him in return for favourable reports regarding the prisoners' future. The prosecution said that Lannen held considerable power over the prisoners, regarding their early release or whether they were given leave of absence or home detention or were accepted into work-release schemes. Lannen's conviction relates to a period after he ceased being a trainee priest but the conviction is being included in this list, as a matter of public record, for the information of anybody who encountered Lannen in a church-related situation.

  8. Fr Bruce Little
    In the Southport District Court (Queensland) on 2 February 1996, Father Bruce Francis Little (then aged 50) was fined $750 after pleading guilty to engaging in an indecent act in a public place. Little admitted to having oral sex performed on him by a man in a public toilet block at Pizzey Park, Miami, on the Queensland Gold Coast. The court was told that police arrested Little one afternoon as they patrolled the park, a popular playground for children. (Case reported in the Brisbane Courier Mail, the Gold Coast Bulletin and the Rockhampton Morning Bulletin, 3 February 1996.) Little, who was then a priest of the Brisbane archdiocese, later transferred to the Rockhampton diocese.

  9. Fr Ross O’Brien
    In Glen Innes Local Court in New South Wales in May 1993, Father Thomas Ross O'Brien (then aged 57) was charged with indecent assault of a hitch-hiker, whom he had picked up between Lismore and Casino on 22 October 1992. Magistrate Chris Bone found the offence proved and placed Father O'Brien on a $100 good-behaviour bond for 18 months. (Reported in the Glen Innes Examiner 28 May 1993 and mentioned again in the Sydney Sunday Sun-Herald 19 March 2000.) Father O'Brien belongs to the Armidale diocese. When in court in 1993, he was ministering at the Glen Innes parish. He was later located at the Armidale Cathedral and then in the Quirindi parish. In several editions of the annual Australian Catholic Directory (e.g., the editions from 1997 to 2004), he was listed as the contact person for the "Continuing Education of Clergy" in the Armidale diocese — that is, he has been involved in the training of priests.

  10. Fr Wieslaw Pawlowski, a Polish chaplain in Australia
    In a Sydney court on 14 November 2008 this Catholic priest (from a Polish religious order, the Society of Christ) was convicted of wilful exposure in a public park, at Miller, in Sydney's west, and was fined $400. A nearby resident contacted the police, who found the priest allegedly lying, naked, on his back, on a banana lounge in the park about 10.00am on a Saturday. The court was told that, as the police approached, Father Pawlowski began to put on a pair of underpants while still lying down and he claimed that he put the white pants over the top of a G-string he was already wearing. He said he sunbathed regularly, on doctor's orders, to help heal some burn-scarring on his back. He denied that he was lying naked with his genitals exposed. This was nonsense, he said, because he was a priest and this would have been against his principles. Convicting him, the magistrate said that most people would find it "immoral and obscene" that a grown man was sunbathing naked in a park where children might play. Fr Wieslaw Pawlowski has been listed since 2000 as a chaplain to Australia's Polish community, first in Adelaide, then Sydney and later Melbourne.

  11. Jack Shea
    John Rowan Shea was originally a priesthood trainee in Melbourne archdiocese and was later a prominent layman in parish affairs. He was sentenced to three years jail (minimum of one year) for offences against boys. Shea's conviction relates to a period after he ceased being a trainee priest but the conviction is being included in this list, as a matter of public record, for the information of anybody who encountered Shea in a church-related situation.

  12. Fr Tadeusz Swiatkowski
    Father Tadeusz Swiatkowski, of the Society of Christ (a Polish religious order in Australia), appeared in a Brisbane court in 1994 for soliciting a prostitute (he later moved to Mayfield West, Newcastle, NSW).

The above names on this page (that is, names of persons who have been sentenced in court cases in which Broken Rites was interested) come to a total of 115 priests, brothers and seminarians. The above names do not include lay teachers; for lay teachers, see some examples in Section O at the bottom of this page.

The following names on this page are some priests and brothers whose cases have followed a different path. The following lists are not comprehensive. They are merely examples of cases in which Broken Rites has taken a direct interest.

Section E:
Sent to trial

  1. Father Albert Davis

    This Catholic priest (a member of the Dominican Fathers, the Order of Preachers) was charged in 2006 with 17 incidents of indecent assault involving seven boys at Blackfriars Priory School (conducted by the Dominican Fathers) in Prospect, Adelaide, between 1956 and 1960. A magistrate ruled that there was enough evidence for a jury to convict Davis. The magistrate committed him to stand trial in the Adelaide District Court. But Davis died in Canberra in March 2007 before the trial could be held. See our story here.

  2. Br Bill Houston

    On 17 June 1997, a magistrate ordered that Christian Brother William Houston, then aged 58, should stand trial in the Victorian County Court on charges relating to a twelve-year-old boy at St Augustine's orphanage, Geelong, in the 1960s (reported in the Melbourne Herald Sun, 18 June 1997). However, the Director of Prosecutions decided not to fund a single-victim trial. See more here.

  3. Br Steve McLaughlin

    The Catholic News website in Australia reported in July 2002 (quoting the Brisbane Courier Mail) that Brother Stephen David McLaughlin, then aged 50 (a former head of the Christian Brothers order in Queensland), had been ordered by a Brisbane magistrate (in July 2002) to stand trial on charges involving two children (a boy and a girl, under 16). See the Catholic News article here.

  4. Br Lawrence Murphy

    Christian Brother Lawrence Murphy worked in Catholic boys' orphanages at Tardun, Castledare and Clontarf in Western Australia in the 1940s and '50s. In May 1997, when he was aged about 80 and no longer a member of the Christian Brothers, he was arrested in Adelaide and extradited to Western Australia on charges of unlawful carnal knowledge and indecent dealing at the orphanages. A West Australian magistrate committed Murphy for trial but the trial was later cancelled on grounds of Murphy's age and health.

Section F:
Currently before the courts

    1. Fr Charlie Barnett

      A member of the Catholic Vincentian religious order, Father Charles Alfred Barnett ministered in South Australia, New South Wales and Queensland. He has been extradited from Indonesia to South Australia, where he is charged with committing sexual offences against boys, aged between 12 and 17, between 1977 and 1994. He has indicated that he intends to plead guilty to some of the charges. See more from Broken Rites here.

    2. Br Robert Best

      Brother Robert Charles Best, a member of the Victoria-Tasmania province of Christian Brothers, taught at Catholic boys' schools in Ballarat East, Box Hill and Geelong in the 1970s and 1980s. He is scheduled to face court proceedings regarding alleged child-sex offences. The prosecution file was compiled by Detective Sergeant Kevin Carson, of the Ballarat Criminal Investigation Unit of the Victoria Police. Best was convicted in 1996 for sexual child-abuse, committed in the 1970s at Ballarat East. See some background here.

    3. Fr Peter Brock

      Father Peter Julian Brock, of the Maitland-Newcastle diocese, appeared in court on 19-21 August 2009, charged with sex offences involving two boys. The court arranged to hear further evidence in a few months' time. See more from Broken Rites here.

    4. Fr John Denham

      On 8 July 2009, Father John Sidney Denham, of the Maitland-Newcastle Catholic diocese, pleaded guilty in Newcastle Local Court to multiple offences against boys. He is in jail, awaiting sentence. See a Broken Rites report here and see some background from Broken Rites here.

    5. Fr Peter Dwyer

      Father Peter Dwyer, 65 (now a priest of the Armidale diocese in northern New South Wales), has appeared in court and is on bail pending further court proceedings in 2009 regarding sexual offences, allegedly committed when he formerly worked at St Stanislaus College, Bathurst. See more here.

    6. Fr Robert Fuller, Sydney

      Father Robert Macgregor Fuller, 54, a priest at All Saints Catholic Church in Liverpool, in Sydney's southwest, has appeared in court, charged with grooming and procuring a child under the age of 16 via internet chat sites. He was ordered to re-appear in court soon. Meanwhile, he was released on bail after a $25,000 surety was paid from church sources. See more from Broken Rites here.

    7. Br John Gaven

      Brother John Gaven, 66, a member of the Vincentian religious order, living at Marsfield (Sydney), has appeared in court regarding sexual offences, allegedly committed when he worked at St Stanislaus College, Bathurst. He is on bail, awaiting further court proceedings during 2009. See more here.

    8. Fr John Houston, visting New South Wales

      A Catholic priest, John Charles Houston, 54, appeared in Belmont Local Court (near Newcastle in New South Wales) in April 2009, accused of filming boys showering during a surf lifesaving carnival. He was ordered to reappear in court on a later date. See more here.

    9. Fr Hugh Murray

      On 25 June 2009, a Sydney court was given details of charges against Fr Hugh Edward Murray, 79, of Marsfield, Sydney, involving offences allegedly committed against three boys from St Stanislaus College, Bathurst NSW (a school operated by the Vincentian Fathers), in the 1960s and 1970s. See more here.

    10. Br Ross Murrin

      Marist Brother Ross Francis Murrin is awaiting sentence in Sydney after pleading guilty to sexually abusing a boy at St Gregory's College, Campbelltown, western Sydney. Ross Murrin is already in jail after being convicted of sexual offences against boys at an earlier school at Daceyville in Sydney's east. He is also the subject of complaints to police in Cairns, Queensland. See a comprehensive article from Broken Rites here.

    11. Fr David O'Hearn

      Father David O'Hearn, 48, of the Maitland-Newcastle Catholic diocese in New South Wales, who is currently before the courts on multiple child-sex charges, was charged in court on 15 July 2009 with additional sexual offences against a fourth boy. The matters are scheduled for court again soon. See more from Broken Rites here.

    12. Fr Kevin Phillips

      Father Kevin Francis Phillips, 58, appeared in court in Sydney on 5 May 2009, charged with offences against a student at St Stanislaus' College in Bathurst, New South Wales. Father Phillips' current address was given as a parish in Mackay in central Queensland. The case came up for a brief mention in court again on 23 June 2009, when a magistrate adjourned the matter so lawyers can analyse a computer hard-drive seized by detectives during his arrest in May 2009. The case is listed for another mention in court later in 2009. See more here.

    13. Fr Phil Robson

      Father Philip Robson, a priest of the Vincentian religious order, appeared in Sydney's Downing Centre local court on 19 February 2009, charged with child-sex offences allegedly committed at St Stanislaus College, Bathurst. Robson is facing five charges of aggravated sexual assault and indecent assault. Fr Philip Robson, aged 60, is a board member, former teacher and former director of discipline at St Stanislaus College, Bathurst NSW. He is currently on bail, awaiting further court proceedings. See more here.

    14. Fr Kel Sharkey

      New South Wales detectives have charged a priest of the Wollongong Diocese, Father Kelvin Gerald Sharkey, 81, with two counts of buggery and 10 counts of indecent assault (that is, indecent touching), allegedly committed against an altar boy in a Wollongong parish, in the early 1970s, beginning when the boy was ten years old. The matter has been mentioned in Wollongong Local Court, with further proceedings due during 2009. Police interviewed Kelvin Sharkey in Melbourne, where he has been living since 1996. He is still classified as a "supplementary priest" of the Wollongong Diocese. See more from Broken Rites here.

    15. Fr Brian Spillane

      In the 1970s and 1980s Father Brian Joseph Spillane was a priest in the Vincentian Fathers religious order, working at St Stanislaus College, a boys' boarding school at Bathurst, NSW. He has been charged with multiple sexual offences against 24 young boys. He has also been charged with offences against three young girls in Sydney. He is on bail, awaiting further court proceedings. See more from Broken Rites here.

    16. A Toowoomba Catholic school teacher

      Queensland police have charged one of the Catholic Church's nominated "child protection officers" — a primary teacher in a Toowoomba Catholic school — with committing sexual offences against young girls in his school. The case is scheduled for court hearings during 2009. See more from Broken Rites here.

    Section G:
    Died during prosecution

    1. Fr Herbert Balding
      Father Herbert Balding, of the Jesuit order, died during police investigation (indecent assault of a female hospital patient in Melbourne).

    2. Fr Nazzareno Fasciale
      Fr Nazzareno Fasciale, Melbourne archdiocese, died after being charged and before he was due to appear in court (numerous indecent assaults of boys and girls). See our story here.

    3. Fr Jack Gubbels
      On 18 August 1995, Victorian detectives sought to interview Father Jack William Gubbels in Queensland about sex offences against Melbourne boys. A few hours later, Gubbels was found dead in bed. Gubbels had worked as a priest in the Melbourne and Townsville (Queensland) dioceses. See the Broken Rites story here.

    4. Br "Malcolm" Hall
      Marist Brother Philip Stanley Hall (born 12 November 1925, alias Brother Malcolm), Victoria, died during prosecution (indecent assault of boys and girls). See our story here.

    5. Fr Dan Hourigan
      Father Daniel Dominic Hourigan, Sale diocese, Victoria, died unexpectedly on 18 September 1995 — three days after police charged him with sexual offences against boys. Fr Daniel Hourigan was also known to his relatives as "Tim" Hourigan. See our story here.

    6. Br Berchmans Moynahan
      Brother Martin Joseph Moynahan (alias Brother Berchmans), St John of God order, died during prosecution (indecent assault at an institution in Melbourne for boys with intellectual disabilities). See our story about the St John of God Brothers here.

    7. Fr John O'Regan
      Father John O'Regan, Oblate Fathers, Queensland and Western Australia, died during prosecution (indecent assault of girls at Nazareth House girls' home, Wynnum North, Brisbane). See our story here.

    Section H:
    Committed suicide during prosecution
    1. Br Michael Evans
      Christian Brother Evans, Wollongong NSW, committed suicide during prosecution (indecent assault of boys).

    2. Br Raymond Foster
      Marist Brother Raymond Sidney Foster (born 26 November 1931) was originally called "Brother Celestine". He taught at Catholic schools in Queensland and New South Wales. In 1999, police interviewed Foster (then aged 67) at a Marist Brothers retirement home in Mittagong, NSW) and charged him with indecent assaults against boys, committed at Chanel College, Gladstone, Queensland, in the 1970s. On 23 March 1999 he was found, hanged, just hours before he was due to appear in a New South Wales court to be extradited to Queensland.

    3. Br John Gladwin
      former Christian Brother Gladwin, Queensland, committed suicide in 1998 during prosecution. Gladwin, aged 65, was found dead, gassed in his car, near Brisbane, after detectives initiated a prosecution against him for sexual offences allegedly committed against boys while he was a Christian Brother in Queensland schools in the 1960s. He left a suicide note. He was due to appear in court a few weeks later.

    4. Kevin Lynch
      Kevin John Lynch was originally a Christian Brother, teaching in Catholic schools in Queensland. One of these schools is believed to have been St Brendan's College, Yeppoon. After leaving the Christian Brothers, he worked as a school counsellor at Brisbane Boys' Grammar School (Anglican) in the 1980s and at St Paul's School (Anglican), Bald Hills, Brisbane, in the early 1990s. He committed suicide in 1997 during prosecution for sexual offences against boys while working as a counsellor.

    Section I:
    Cases where church people failed to help police

    For example:

    • Fr Tom Brennan, Maitland-Newcastle

      In Newcastle Local Court in New South Wales on 9 March 2009, Father Thomas Brennan (aged 71) was convicted of making a false written statement in 1998. In the 1998 statement, Fr Tom Brennan said that he could not remember receiving a series of child sex-abuse complaints (about another priest) while Brennan was the headmaster of a Catholic boys' secondary school in the 1970s. Brennan was the Vicar-General of the Maitland-Newcastle diocese (that is, the second-highest ranking clergyman in the diocese) from 2005 until he was charged in August 2008. See our story here.

    • Monsignor Patrick Cotter

      Cotter was formerly the vicar-general (chief administrator) of the Maitland-Newcastle diocese in New South Wales. In 1995, detectives discovered that, 20 years earlier, Cotter knew that one of his priests, Father Vincent Gerard Ryan, was sexually assaulting boys in parishes. According to a letter written by Cotter in 1974, Cotter admitted covering up the crimes. Cotter wrote: "I decided to do nothing [about Ryan's crimes]." This meant that Cotter became complicit in Vince Ryan's continuing crimes. In 1995-6, police investigated Cotter with a view to charging him with the crime of misprision of a felony — that is, wilfully concealing a serious crime committed by another person. However, as Cotter was aged 82 when police found this letter in 1995, the prosecution did not proceed. See our Cotter story here.

    • Monsignor John Day
      This senior priest in the Ballarat diocese in western Victoria was about to be charged by police for sexual assaults of boys and girls in the Mildura parish but was protected by influential church people. See our story here.

    Section J:
    Examples of some other investigations — in Broken Rites cases

    It is never too late to report a sexual crime to the police sexual offences unit, even if the offence occurred some years ago. Sometimes, however, the detectives find that the alleged offender has died and therefore cannot be charged in court. In such cases, Broken Rites recommends the complainant to take civil action against the relevant church authority (for example, through the church’s "Towards Healing" process).

    Here are just a few examples of such cases, in which victims have consulted Broken Rites either before or after notifying the authorities (this is not a complete list of such cases):-

    1. Brother Pascal Alford
      Christian Brother Donald Paschal Alford worked at St Augustine's orphanage, Geelong Victoria. See our story here.

    2. Fr Joseph Caldwell
      Two women, who do not know each other, have lodged complaints with police in Western Australia about being molested by Father Joseph Caldwell. He was a member of the Salvatorian order of Catholic priests, which is also known as the Socety of the Divine Saviour. One complainant said she was abused in 1977, aged 8, and the other said she was abused in 1984 and 1985, aged 9 and 10. Both women told Broken Rites that the abuse (and the secrecy about it) adversely affected their personal development into their adolescence and adulthood. Born in Ireland, Caldwell had worked as a priest in many countries before coming to Australia. His parishes in Western Australia in the 1970s and '80s included Greenmount, Dampier, Wickham and Midland. In 1980-81 he served in Western Australia's Bunbury diocese. West Australian police have ascertained that Caldwell left Australia in the late 1980s and later died in Ireland.

    3. Fr Bernard Day
      Father Bernard Maxwell Day, of the Melbourne Catholic archdiocese, lived in 1961-63 in a flat at St Catherine's girls' orphanage (conducted by the Sisters of Mercy) in Geelong, where he acted as the "chaplain", giving the girls "sex education". Some of these women are still trying to repair their damaged lives. See our story here.

    4. Br Wilfred Eastmure
      Christian Brother Wilfred Eastmure worked at St Augustine's orphanage and St Vincent's orphanage in Victoria. See our story here.

    5. Fr Gerald Goss
      This priest, a member of the itinerant Redemptorist order visiting countless parishes throughout Australia, has been the subject of complaints from female victims, alleging indecent assault. His victims included housekeepers in parish presbyteries, as well as women parishioners.

    6. Br Julian Hackett
      Christian Brother Vincent Julian Hackett was the superintendent of St Augustine's orphanage, Geelong, Victoria. See our story here.

    7. Br "Anselm" Hallam
      This member of the De La Salle Brothers was born as Tom Hallam and adopted the "religious" name Anselm (sometimes also spelt Anselem), which was the name of a medieval "saint". "Brother Anselm" Hallam taught middle-school classes in the 1960s at De La Salle College, Malvern, in Melbourne, where (according to numerous victims) he was a notorious molester. He invasively mauled the genitals of his pupils. He gave "sex lessons" (really just "dirty talk"), while masturbating under his clerical frock. A female teacher, who knew what Anselem Hallam was doing, complained to the school's head Brothers but they were not interested. Anselm Hallam died in the early 1990s, aged 92. One of his victims, who became a successful professional, has contributed an interview to the oral history collection at the National Library of Australia about his own professional career, and he included an account of his experiences at the hands of Brother Anselm Hallam at De La Salle.

    8. Fr James Hughes
      This priest (also known as Fr Jamie Hughes or Fr Jim Hughes) was born in Ireland on 15 May 1920 and was ordained in 1946. Father James Hughes ministered briefly in Hobart in 1947-49 and then in the Maitland-Newcastle diocese in New South Wales from 1949 until 1990. In 1977-81, he was a chaplain at the Mater Misericordiae Hospital, Waratah (a suburb of Newcastle, NSW). In August 2002, a woman notified the New South Wales police that she had been indecently assaulted by Hughes while she was a patient at this hospital in March 1981. After beginning an investigation, detectives found that Hughes had died in 1996 and he therefore could not be prosecuted. Backed by Broken Rites, the woman then approached the Catholic Church's "Towards Healing" office. A private investigator, hired by the church, confirmed to Towards Healing that evidence "exists to support the complaint." See our story here.

    9. Fr Denis McAlinden
      This Irish-born priest ministered in the Maitland-Newcastle diocese in New South Wales and also spent time in the Geraldton and Bunbury dioceses in Western Australia, plus Papua New Guinea and New Zealand. At the time of his death in Western Australia in 2005, New South Wales police were seeking to charge him with sexual assaults. In 2002, the Maitland-Newcastle diocese signed a civil settlement with a McAlinden victim. See our story here.

    10. Fr Len Monk
      Father Leonard Monk, of the Ballarat diocese in western Victoria, sexually abused boys in several parishes but the police are unable to do anything about the complaints now because Monk has died. Broken Rites is still receiving emails and phone calls about Monk. See our story here.

    11. Fr Syd Morey
      Father Sydney Morey, a priest in the Ballarat diocese in western Victoria, sexually abused young boys in the 1960s and '70s, including in the Horsham and Terang districts. However, the police are unable to do anything about Sid Morey now because he has died. Morey (born 9 August 1913) was originally a Marist Brother (in New South Wales) before becoming a priest. See our story here.

    12. Fr Martin Newbold
      Women in Western Australia and Victoria have alleged that they were indecently assaulted by this diocesan priest when they were young girls. Newbold began in the Perth diocese but, strangely, was transferred to Melbourne, then to the Bunbury diocese in W.A., leaving victims in various parishes.

    13. Fr John O'Callaghan, Melbourne
      Father John Ignatius O'Callaghan, of the Melbourne archdiocese, was once a chaplain for the girls' section of the Young Christian Workers (YCW) movement. He also worked in Melbourne suburban parishes and was a military chaplain. See our story here.

    14. Fr John Stockdale
      Fr John Peregrine Stockdale ministered in the Sandhurst diocese in northern Victoria. See our article about Stockdale entitled This 'traditionalist' priest was found dead in a sex cubicle in a men-only club.

    Section K:
    The church admits that harm occurred — in Broken Rites cases

    As well as helping victims to take a case to the police, Broken Rites has helped many victims to report their abuse to the Catholic Church's internal complaints process (now called "Towards Healing"). The "Towards Healing" process is sometimes evasive and defensive but, with the help of Broken Rites, a victim can force the church authorities to acknowledge the harm that was suffered by the victim. In such cases, the Melbourne diocese gives the victim a written apology (and, similarly, Broken Rites urges victims in other dioceses to seek a written apology).

    Here are a few examples of such cases in which Broken Rites has been involved (this is not a complete list):-
    1. Fr David Anderson
      After action by Broken Rites, the Lismore Catholic diocese in northern New South Wales has apologized to two families who complained about sexual abuse committed by Father Clarence David Anderson (also known as Fr David Anderson). One complaint concerned two brothers, aged 14 and 9, who encountered Anderson while he was ministering in Macksville, including Nambucca Heads (on the mid-north coast), in 1966-68. The boys' father had died, so their mother allowed this priest to "befriend" the boys, because the boys "needed a father". Another complaint concerned two brothers, aged 9 and 15, who encountered Anderson when he ministered in the Tweed Heads parish (near the Queensland border) in 1969. These latter two brothers, likewise, were from a fatherless family; and they, too, were "befriended" by Anderson.

    2. Fr Tony Bongiorno
      The Melbourne Catholic archdiocese commissioner on sexual abuse, Mr Peter O'Callagahan, QC, has accepted complaints that Father Anthony Salvatore Bongiorno sexually abused boys who were under his supervision. Fr Anthony Bongiorno was the Parish Priest in charge of St Ambrose's parish, Brunswick, Melbourne, in the 1980s and early '90s. See our story here.

    3. Br Brendan Carroll
      In 2005 and 2006, after action by Broken Rites, the Australian head of the De La Salle Brothers apologized to two women for sexual abuse by Brother Brendan George Carroll when they were young girls. See our story here.

    4. Monsignor Joseph Conway
      The Port Pirie Catholic diocese, which includes the northern parts of South Australia, has acknowledged that Monsignor Arthur Joseph Conway sexually abused boys. Conway, who was evidently called by his middle name (Joseph), died in 1975 but victims are still feeling the hurt. Conway was given an elaborate grave and victims protested about this. Monsignor A.J. Conway's later years were spent around Quorn, Orroroo and Carrieton (all east of Port Augusta).

    5. Fr Pat Cusack, Canberra
      After action by Broken Rites, the Canberra-Goulburn archdiocese admitted that Father Patrick Cusack sexually assaulted primary school girls in St Matthew's parish in Page, a Canberra suburb, in the 1970s. See our story here.

    6. Br Wilfred De Cruz
      The Catholic religious order of De La Salle Brothers has apologised to (and settled with) a former pupil of a De La Salle secondary school at Scarborough, Queensland (now called Southern Cross Catholic College). The ex-pupil alleges that he was indecently assaulted by Brother Wilfred D'Cruz in 1980-83. See our story here.

    7. Fr Rex Donohoe
      In 2007, after action by Broken Rites, Archbishop Adrian Doyle of Hobart gave a written apology to a former altar boy of Fr Rex Donohoe. The archdiocese accepted a complaint that Donohue abused this victim in the Kingston parish in Tasmania in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Donohue specialised in the "training" of altar boys and this victim says that he was not the only altar boy who was abused by Donohoe. Donohoe established the Australian "Guild of St Stephen", an organisation for altar boys. Donohue was later at Tasmania's Lenah Valley parish and was also the Hobart diocesan master of ceremonies.

    8. Br Wayne Duncan
      After action by Broken Rites, the Marist Brothers in New South Wales have apologised to a victim of Brother Wayne Duncan. The victim, then aged 12, was a border at St Joseph's College, Hunters Hill, in Sydney. Duncan (born in 1956) taught there from 1982 to 1989. Duncan targeted this boy while knowing that the boy was estranged from difficult parents. Duncan's abuse seriously disrupted the victim's later life. Duncan taught previously at Marist Brothers in Parramatta and later at Ashgrove (Brisbane), Canberra and Lidcombe (Sydney).

    9. Fr Dominic Fitzmaurice
      After action by Broken Rites, the Australian head of the Dominican Fathers apologised to a woman for sexual assaults committed by Father Dominic Fitzmaurice in Our Lady of Graces parish at Carina in Brisbane in 1972, when she was aged 12. See our story here.

    10. Fr Leo Flynn
      The Melbourne archdiocese has apologized to a woman for sexual abuse committed by Fr Leo Flynn, a priest of the Jesuit order. At the time of the abuse, Flynn was working in a parish which the Jesuit Fathers were staffing on behalf of the Melbourne archdiocese. At first, the woman complained to the Jesuit order (the Society of Jesus) but the Jesuit administration ignored her. Broken Rites then helped the woman to present her case to the Melbourne archdiocese. The archdiocese accepted the woman's account and apologised (this was reported in the Melbourne "Herald Sun" on 8 May 2000).

    11. Br Bernard Hayes
      A man, "Roger", contacted Broken Rites in 2004, stating that he had been sexually abused by Brother Bernard Robert Hayes at the Christian Brothers College preparatory school in Alphington, Melbourne, in 1969. Roger described how the abuse had damaged his psychological development and wrecked his marriage. Broken Rites advised Roger about how to deal with the Catholic Church professional standards office ("Towards Healing"). After much evasiveness, the Christian Brothers' Melbourne headquarters accepted a report by a church psychologist and gave Roger a letter of apology and eventually (in 2006) signed a civil settlement with Roger. Brother Hayes's previous schools were: St Monica's Boys' School, Moonee Ponds VIC, 1942-44; St Kevin's College, Toorak VIC, 1944-55; Rostrevor College, Adelaide, 1955-60; and St Joseph's College, Pascoe Vale VIC, 1960-66. When Roger was abused at Alphington in 1969, Brother Hayes was aged 47. The Alphington campus, which comprised Grades 7 and 8, was a preparatory school for Parade College, Bundoora, Melbourne.

    12. Fr Cuthbert Hoy, MSC
      In early 2002, a woman ("Anne") contacted Broken Rites, complaining that, when she was aged six in 1963, she was sexually assaulted on several occasions by Father Cuthbert Hoy, in the sacristy of "Our Lady of the Sacred Heart" church at Henley Beach in Adelaide. Hoy was a priest of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart order, which conducted the Henley Beach parish, plus some other parishes around Australia. By 1966, Hoy had moved to a Hobart parish, also conducted by the MSC order. Broken Rites advised Anne about preparing a case for the Catholic Church's "Towards Healing" process. The MSC order gave Anne a written apology and, in 2003, it made a settlement with her.

    13. Monsignor Penn Jones
      After action by Broken Rites, the Melbourne archdiocese apologised in 2005 to two men who were sexually abused by Monsignor Penn Harold Jones (of the Melbourne cathedral parish) while they were schoolboys in the 1960s. Jones, who was an accountant before entering the priesthood, became the Chancellor of the Melbourne archdiocese. See our story here.

    14. Fr Bernard Mackin
      After action by Broken Rites, the Melbourne archdiocese has apologized to a female victim of this priest. She encountered the priest in the 1970s when she was 16.

    15. Br Thomas McGee
      After action by Broken Rites, the Victorian province of the Christian Brothers has apologised to victims of Brother William Thomas McGee. Brother McGee worked at several Christian Brothers' orphanages: in Bindoon and Castledare in Western Australia; St Augustine's orphanage, Geelong, Victoria; and St Vincent's boys' home, South Melbourne. He also worked at St Vincent's hostel, South Melbourne. See our story here.

    16. Fr John O'Callaghan, Adelaide
      After action by Broken Rites, the Adelaide Catholic diocese has made civil settlements with former altar boys of this priest. The incidents occurred in 1969-71 at St Monica's parish, Walkerville, where O'Callaghan ministered from the mid-1960s till about 1981. Previously, O'Callaghan had been at Adelaide's Salisbury parish.

    17. Fr Thomas O'Keeffe
      After action by Broken Rites, the Melbourne archdiocese has apologized to former altar boys of Fr Thomas Francis O'Keeffe (sometimes spelt as O'Keefe). He ministered at parishes in Sandringham (early 1960s), Preston East and St Kilda West (late 1960s), Brighton (1969-71), Doveton and Thornbury (1970s).

    18. Christian Brother Richards
      After action by Broken Rites, the New South Wales province of the Christian Brothers has made a settlement with a former student, who had lodged a complaint about a Brother Richards. The settlement deed identified the Brother as "Desmond Eric Richards", but former students believe that, during his teaching career, he used a different first name (that is, not Desmond or Eric). Brother Richards taught in Catholic primary schools in Sydney and country New South Wales until he retired.

    19. Fr Peter Searson
      In 1997 the Melbourne Catholic archdiocese finally removed Father Peter Lloyd Searson from parish work, following years of complaints about him touching and sexually harassing boys, girls and women. See more from Broken Rites here.

    20. Br Laurie Sweeney
      An order of Catholic priests, the Salesians of Don Bosco, confirmed in 2004 that it has made a civil settlement with two victims of Salesian Brother Laurence Sweeney — a boy and his sister, who have complained about being sexually abused by Sweeney at a Salesian club in Oakleigh, Melbourne in 1975.

    21. Fr Murray Wilson
      In 2006, after action by Broken Rites, the Vincentian Fathers' Australian office apologized to a Victorian man for a serious sexual assault committed by Fr Murray Joseph Wilson in the 1970s, when the victim was aged 13. See our story here.

    Section L:
    Other cases in which the church has signed a civil settlement

    For example:

    1. Brother Bertinus

      In 2009 the Marist Brothers administration in Australia gave an apology and a civil settlement to a former pupil who encountered Brother Bertinus at a Marist boarding school in South Australia and also to another former pupil who encountered Brother Bertinus at a Marist boarding school in Victoria. See the Broken Rites report here.

    2. Fr Frank de Dood

      In a Deed of Release dated 7 February 2008, the Salesians of Don Bosco (a Catholic religious order) made a settlement with a former student who was a boarder at "Rupertswood" Salesian College, Sunbury, Victoria, in 1982-83. The deed of release states that the ex-student has alleged that he was sexually abused by Fr Francis de Dood and Father Frank Klep. The deed says the ex-student claimed that, "as a result of such assaults, he has sustained loss, damage and injuries that may require specialist counselling and therapy." To cover this loss and expense, the Salesians agreed to make a settlement with the ex-student.

    3. Marist Brother Edward at Coogee NSW, 1973

      The Marist Brothers in New South Wales have made civil settlement with a former pupil ("Max"), who was at Marcellin Junior College (a primary school for boys in years 5 and 6) in 1973. This campus, which was then at 160 Coogee Bay Road, Coogee (Sydney), was a feeder school for the secondary-level Marcellin College at Randwick. Max made a formal, signed statement to the NSW police on 24 June 2003, alleging that he was mauled sexually by Brother Edward (his mathematics teacher) almost daily during 5th Grade, when he was aged 10. Church authorities told Max that the offender's full name was Edward John Hosey (born 4 February 1911). Edward Hosey has died and therefore the police cannot charge him. Max says the corrupt circumstances of this church-abuse disrupted his education and his adolescence, leaving him with serious difficulties in adulthood. In August 2003 the Marist Brothers promptly accepted Max's complaint and arranged a civil settlement, although this does not make up for for the disruption to Max's life.

    4. Fr John Farrell

      The Catholic Church in New South Wales has signed civil settlements with two former altar boys of Father John Joseph Farrell. One former altar boy was from the Moree parish in the Armidale diocese (in northern NSW) and the other was from the Merrylands parish in the Parramatta diocese (west of Sydney). Fr John Farrell (born about 1953) was ordained at the Armidale cathedral on 21 September 1981. His main parish placements in the Armidale diocese were: St Edward's parish, Tamworth South (as a deacon, early 1981); St Francis Xavier parish, Moree (1981 to mid-1984); and St Nicholas’s parish, Tamworth (1985-87). In 1987-88 he lived at the residence of Armidale Bishop Henry Kennedy. In 1989 he was transferred, on loan, to the diocese of Parramatta, where his parishes were: St Madeleine’s, Kenthurst (until November 1990); and St Margaret Mary’s, Merrylands (until 1 July 1992). He had no subsequent parish appointments. The settlements were signed in 1998 and 2005.

    5. Br P.T. Farrell, St Virgil's College, Hobart

      In 2006, the Christian Brothers made a civil settlement with a former student of St Virgil's College in Hobart, Tasmania. This ex-student had told Broken Rites in 1993 that, when he was a boarder at St Virgil's (aged seven to eight) in the mid-1950s, he was sexually assaulted by Brother Patrick Timothy Farrell. This Brother, who was nicknamed "Jacky" Farrell at St Virgil's, was in charge of the junior dormitory for several years until mid-1957. After that, he worked in various Christian Brothers institutions in Sydney.

    6. Marist Brother Stephen Farrell

      The Marist Brothers head office in Sydney has settled complaints about child-abuse involving Marist Brother Stephen Farrell who died in 2004, aged 81. He taught for many years in New South Wales and Queensland. See more here.

    7. Fr Julian Fox

      In 2000, a Catholic order of priests in Australia (the Salesians of Don Bosco) made a settlement with a Melbourne man (Luke, born in 1964). According to the settlement deed (of which Broken Rites has a copy), Luke alleged that "over a period of time between 1978 and 1979, whilst a student at Salesian College, Rupertswood, Sunbury [Melbourne], he was unlawfully sexually and/or physically assaulted by Fr Fox". In 2006, six years after the settlement, Luke died, aged 42. Father Fox now has a position at the Salesian headquarters in Rome. See our story here.

    8. Fr Guy Norman Hartcher

      In March 1994, the Catholic order of Vincentian Fathers (officially called the Congregation of the Mission) signed a civil settlement with a former student of St Stanislaus College in Bathurst, New South Wales. This student was at the school in 1971, when he was aged 14. In the settlement Deed of Release, the Trustees of the Vincentian Fathers state that this agreement is "in full and final settlement" of all or any rights and actions that the ex-student may have "against the Trustees, Father Guy Hartcher or any servant or agent of the Trustees." See our story here.

    9. Fr Clem Kilby, Tasmania

      The Hobart Archdiocese has accepted and settled a complaint from a woman who said that she was sexually assaulted by Fr Clement Kilby. This priest had enjoyed a prestigious ranking in Tasmania. In the late 1970s, he worked in St Mary’s Cathedral parish in Hobart (where the priest in charge at the time was Rev. Geoffrey Hylton Jarrett, who eventually became the bishop of Lismore, New South Wales). Later, Kilby was given the rank of Episcopal Vicar for Welfare and was director of the Catholic Church’s Centacare Family Services in Hobart during the 1980s and 1990s. Ironically, Kilby also participated in a church committee that dealt with professional standards, including issues of sexual abuse — an obvious conflict of interest. He died in early 2009.

    10. Br Clim Kissane

      The Victoria-Tasmania province of the Christian Brothers has signed a civil settlement with a male former pupil of Brother Clim Kissane. Brother Kissane taught at various schools including: St Joseph's College in Geelong; St Virgil's College in Hobart; St Joseph's College in Pascoe Vale (Melbourne); Warrnambool Christian Brothers College (now called Emmanuel College) in Victoria; and St Joseph's Technical College, South Melbourne.

    11. Fr Graham Redfern

      The Melbourne Sunday Age reported on 7 April 2002 that Father Graham Redfern has been allowed to continue in the priesthood despite a Melbourne archdiocese investigation finding that he had sexually abused a teenage male. The archdiocese's Independent Commission into Sexual Abuse found in November, 1997, that Father Graham Redfern had sexually abused an 18-year-old in 1976, a few weeks after conducting the funeral of the youth's mother. In a report to the archdiocese, the independent commissioner, Peter O'Callaghan, QC, said Father Redfern "has admitted impropriety and abuse (on his part) of power, position and status, which he deeply regrets". The then archbishop of Melbourne, George Pell, formally apologised in a letter to the complainant in May, 1998, for the "wrongs and hurt you have suffered at the hands of Father Redfern". The archdiocese then signed a civil settlement with the complainant. Father Graham Daniel Redfern was born in 1945 and was ordained about 1973. His Melbourne parishes included: Dandenong and Melton (1970s); Oakleigh, Dandenong North and Altona North (1980s); Seymour (early 1990s to late 1995) and Mount Eliza (1996 to early 2001). The 2006 edition of the Directory of Australian Catholic Clergy indicates that Father Redfern has continued working in the Melbourne archdiocese's "supply ministry" (that is, as a relieving priest). Throughout his career, he has also been a part-time chaplain in the Australian Army Reserve.

    12. Fr Terence L. Sullivan, Sydney, 1960s

      This Father Terry Sullivan (not to be confused with other priests with a similar name) had numerous victims among boys in their early teens. Many have complained to Broken Rites and to the Catholic Church's Professional Standards Office in New South Wales. The church has made civil settlements with a number of these victims who demonstrated that Sullivan (and the church's harbouring of him) had disrupted their adolescent and adult development. Fr Terence Sullivan's parishes included: Kingsgrove (Our Lady of Fatima parish) in the early 1960s; Penrith (St Nicholas's parish) and Asquith (St Patrick's parish) in the mid-1960s and Gosford (St Patrick's) in 1967. Sullivan targeted boys at Catholic schools, including De La Salle College at Kingsgrove, St Leo's College at Wahroonga (this was then was a Christian Brothers boys' school) and St Edward's Christian Brothers school at Gosford. He left the ministry "on leave" about 1968 and never returned. The church says that he has since died.

    Section M:
    More reports

    Numerous other people have made a detailed report to Broken Rites and/or to the church's Professional Standards offices ("Towards Healing"), or elsewhere, alleging sexual abuse in the Catholic Church.

    Here are a few examples to demonstrate the variety of cases:

    1. Fr Bert Adderley

      In February 2005, the Bunbury diocese in Western Australia confirmed to the media that it was dealing with complaints that Reverend Dr Bertram Richard Adderley, Ph.D., B.A, sexually abused boys in the 1960s and '70s. According to Broken Rites research, Bertram Adderley had been a lay teacher at the Christian Brothers' Aquinas College in Perth in the 1950s before entering the priesthood. He served as a priest in the Bunbury diocese from 1959 to 1974. In the early 1960s (after working as a priest at the Narrogin parish), Dr Adderley oversaw Catholic education in the Bunbury diocese but in 1965, following complaints about sexual abuse, he was relegated, out-of-sight, to parishes at Mannup and Manjimup. In 1975, he left parish ministry, "on leave". One alleged victim from Manjimup says that Adderlely persisted in seeing him after 1975, visiting him at his Catholic high school and taking him on excursions (including nude bathing) until 1979. On 13 August 2008 the Adderley story was featured on ABC Radio's PM" program; you can read the transcript here.

    2. Fr Michael Aulsebrook

      The Catholic Church's National Committee for Professional Standards confirmed to the media in 2005 that the church's "Towards Healing" process has resolved a matter concerning Father Michael Aulsebrook (a member of the religious order Salesians of Don Bosco), who was a vice-principal at the Salesian "Rupertswood" boarding school in Sunbury (in Melbourne's north-west) in the early 1990s. Michael Aulsebrook has now left the priesthood, moving to a non-church occupation.

    3. Br Bede (St John of God order)

      Former inmates of four homes operated by the Hospitaller Order of St John of God have complained to police or the Catholic Church and/or Broken Rites that they were sexually assaulted by Brother Bede Donnellan (real name John Joseph Donnellan). Separate complaints came from four locations -- Chelthenham, Greensborough and Lilydale (all in Melbourne) and the Granada Hostel in Ashgrove (Brisbane). Bede Donnellan died in 1995. See more about the St John of God order here.

    4. Br Luke Beltram, De La Salle

      Two families (one in Victoria and one in New South Wales) have complained about Brother Luke Beltram, a religious teacher in the Catholic order of De La Salle Brothers. Luke Francis Beltram was born about 1947. His teaching appointments included De La Salle schools at Dandenong VIC, Dubbo NSW, Malvern VIC, East Bentleigh VIC and (finally) Castle Hill NSW. He died on 10 March 2000, aged 53. See our story here.

    5. Br Benildus, De La Salle order

      Former students (now elderly) have complained about sexual abuse by "Brother Benildus" at De La Salle's Oakhill College in Castle Hill (north-west of Sydney) in the 1950s. This senior Brother was born as Laurence de Moulin but adopted the religious name "Brother Benildus Joseph" in emulation of a 19th century "Saint Benildus". At Oakhill (a boarding school), he taught primary-school boys at Year Six level or thereabouts, and he supervised the boarders, including in their dormitory.

    6. Fr Glenn Boyd, Wagga Wagga diocese

      In 2004, Father Glenn Boyd left priesthood of the Wagga Wagga Catholic diocese in southern New South Wales after issues had been raised about aspects of his youth work. See more here.

    7. Fr Peter Chalk

      Broken Rites Australia is researching Father Peter Chalk, who ministered in Melbourne in the 1970s with the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart religious order. Chalk lived in the order's "Sacred Heart Monastery" at Croydon in Melbourne's east and he ministered at a parish (St Anne's), conducted by the MSC order, serving the suburbs of Park Orchards and Warrandyte, where he conducted a youth group. About 1980, he was at a parish in Canberra. The MSC order later transferred him to Japan. The order says that Chalk left the MSC order in 1996 but he continued living in Japan. See more here.

    8. Br Cleophas

      Broken Rites is researching Brother Cleophas Simmons who spent his whole working life as a Marist Brother: at North Fitzroy, Bulleen, Templestowe and Sale in Victoria; Mount Gambier in South Australia; and Forbes, Leeton and Griffith in southern New South Wales. Born on 26 March 1926, his real name was John Edward Simmons (known to his family as Eddie). He joined the Marist Brothers Order at age 16.

    9. Br Colmcille, Trappist monk, Melbourne

      Born in Ireland as Thomas Clifford, he adopted the Gaelic "religious" name Colmcille (pronounced Kollum-Kill) in honour of an ancient Irish missionary, Saint Columba (in Gaelic, also spelt as Colum Cille). Until 1974, Colmcille lived at Tarrawarra Abbey in Yarra Glen, east of Melbourne. This is the Australian address of the Cistercian Monks — also known as the Order of Cistercians of the Strict Observance (O.C.S.O.) or the order of Trappist monks. Two women, who do not know each other, have complained (separately) that they were digitally raped, at the age of nine, by Brother Colmcille when their families (and others) used to visit this monastery about 1969-1970. Brother Colmcille later returned to Ireland, leaving damaged victims in Australia.

    10. Fr Ernie Conlan, MSC order

      A Tasmanian family has recently learned that three of its daughters were sexually abused by Father Ernest Conlan, a member of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart (MSC), when they were young girls between 1958 and 1963. Conlan was then the parish priest at Kings Meadows, near Launceston. As Conlan was a "friend" of the family, the young girls felt that they could not tell their parents about the abuse at the time, but they have disclosed the abuse in recent years, five decades after the events. In 1965, Conlan went to Adelaide (at the Sacred Heart parish, Hindmarsh). In the 1970s and 1980s, he was a chaplain at St Vincent's Boys' Home, Westmead, in western Sydney.

    11. Ronald Conway, Catholic psychologist

      Males have reported that when they went to Ron Conway for counselling, he touched their bodies indecently. Conway, a bachelor, also had a part-time role in screening trainee priests at the Melbourne seminary and helping them with problems, including sexual ones. See more here.

    12. Fr Mark Devoy

      A Queensland woman has complained that Father Mark Devoy, of the Marist Fathers, mauled her genitalia on several occasions (that is, indecent assaults) in the Ashgrove parish, Brisbane, when she was aged 9 to 11 in 1966-8. She says some of the indecent assaults occurred during Confession.

    13. Fr Denis Daly

      This Irish-born priest belonged to the Sydney archdiocese, but after he got into trouble with Sydney police, the church transferred him to Western Australia and then allowed him to roam the world, thereby putting more children at risk. One boy victim in Ireland committed suicide. See our story here.

    14. Fr Patrick Doherty, Armidale Diocese, NSW

      The Catholic Church’s professional standards office in New South Wales has received a complaint from an elderly man who says he is still upset about having been sexually abused by Father P.G. Doherty when the complainant was a schoolboy in the Armidale diocese (in north-western NSW) in 1944-49. The boy was attending a Catholic parish primary school (aged seven to twelve) in Bundeera (between Armidale and Inverell). This school is closed now and the Bundeerea parish (St Mary of the Angels) is administered now from Uralla. In 2008, when this complaint was being considered by the Armidale diocese, the diocese was acting evasively, which is a frequent response from church authorities. Father Patrick Doherty’s other parishes included Walcha, Bingara, and Warialda. This priest died in the 1950s and is said to be buried in the Armidale cemetery. It is common for a church victim to be still upset by childhood abuse many decades many years after the original cover-up, as shown by a similar case here.

    15. Fr Frank Donovan, Redemptorist priest

      The Catholic Church's Professional Standards Office in New South Wales has "accepted the veracity" of two complaints about Father Francis Donovan, a priest of the Redemptorist Fathers (also called the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer). Two women, acting separately, had complained that Donovan molested them when they were young girls in the late 1970s in buildings attached to the Sacred Heart parish church in Campbell's Hill, Maitland. See our story here.

    16. Fr Bob Drake

      Broken Rites is researching Father Robert Drake, of the Sandhurst diocese in northern Victoria. In the 1970s his parishes included Wangaratta and Wodonga in Victoria's north-east. After that, he worked outside the diocese — at a seminary in Papua New Guinea in the 1980s and at the Banyo seminary in Brisbane, Queensland, in the 1990s. Back in Victoria again, he was at the Chiltern parish in 1998 and at St Joseph's parish, Quarry Hill (in Bendigo) from 1999 to 2006.

    17. Fr Aidan Duggan

      A Sydney man ("John") contacted Broken Rites and also lodged a formal complaint with the Catholic Church's "Towards Healing" office in 2002. He was a 14-year-old altar boy in the Bass Hill parish (near Bankstown) in Sydney in 1975, when he became a victim of Fr Aidan Duggan. Duggan, a priest of the Benedictine order, had previously been in Scotland. He was recruited by the Sydney archdiocese to work in Sydney parishes. John said Duggan sexually abused him (including oral and anal incidents) frequently throughout his adolescence. The abuse convinced John that he (John) was naturally homosexual and it was many years before he realized that he was really heterosexual. This confusion, he said, disrupted his adolescent development and adversely affected his two marriages. This led to a psychological crisis and the loss of his high-profile job. In 2002, through Towards Healing, the archdiocese offered John an out-of-court settlement of $30,000. John decided, instead, to sue the archdiocese in the New South Wales Supreme Court for a much larger sum for damages to cover his loss of his considerable professional earnings. In 2006 the Supreme Court granted permission for John's case to proceed in court, but the archdiocese successfully appealed to the NSW Court Appeal. In May 2007 the Appeal Court stopped John's legal action and ordered him to pay the church's legal costs. The church paid massive fees to its lawyers to win this legal victory over John but the church regarded these fees as money well spent, expecting that this precedent would help to demoralise other church-abuse victims. According to Broken Rites research, Fr Aidan Duggan's later parishes in Sydney included Gymea, Camperdown and Drummoyne before he retired in 1995. He died in 2004. John believes that he was not Duggan's only victim.

    18. Archbishop James Duhig

      A Queensland woman has complained that, when she was living in the Brisbane Cathedral parish in 1941 aged six, she was indecently assaulted by Archbishop James Duhig, who was Catholic Archbishop of Brisbane for 50 years until 1965. Broken Rites has had reports about two other women having been sexually abused by Archbishop Duhig when they were young.

    19. Brother Eunan or "Union"

      Broken Rites is researching a De La Salle Brother, John McHugh, whose religious name was "Brother Eunan", which some of his ex-pupils pronounce as yoon-yon as in "trade union". (There was once a Saint Eunan in Ireland.) Born in Ireland, Eunan McHugh was one of a significant number of Irish-born religious personnel who surfaced in Australia. In the early 1950s, Eunan McHugh taught and supervised boys at two schools in Katoomba, west of Sydney: "Clairvaux"" (the junior school of St Bernard’s College, Katoomba); and St Canice's parish primary school, Katoomba. At Clairvaux, a boarding school, Brother "Union" was in charge of a dormitory and he himself slept next to the dormitory. Later in the 1950s, he taught at De La Salle College in Cronulla, in Sydney's south (and this school, too, had boarders).

    20. Br Fintan, De La Salle schools

      Brother Fintan Dwyer worked in De La Salle schools around Australia. Various ex-pupils have complained that Brother Fintan touched them sexually. His birth name name was Louis Victor Dwyer. "Brother Fintan" was his "religious" name. Brother Fintan (not to be confused with a colleague, Brother Finian) toured De La Salle schools, recruiting boys as future Brothers. He died in 1990. See our story here.

    21. Fr Bill Fleming, Boys Town, NSW, 1979

      During the trial of Father Paul Raymond Evans in Sydney District Court in July 2008, one of Evans's victims (from Boys Town school near Sydney) told the court that, after he was molested by Evans in 1979, the assault was reported to the school administration. The boy said he was later told by the school's head, Father William Fleming (a member of the Salesian order) to forget about the incident because "men have urges". The court heard that Father Fleming allegedly assaulted another boy, who had also made allegations against Evans. Fleming was the rector of Boys Town during the 1970s.

    22. Fr Laurie Gallagher, Marist Fathers

      Broken Rites is researching Father Lawrence Gallagher, S.M. (a member of a religious order, the Society of Mary), who taught at Marist College in Burnie, Tasmania, in the early 1980s. In the late 1980s he taught at St John's College, Woodlawn, in Lismore New South Wales. He also did "supply work" (that is, as a relieving minister) in parishes around Australia. For example, in 1991, he was the Parish Priest in charge of St Thomas More's parish at Margaret River (in the Bunbury diocese) in Western Australia. It is believed that he formerly served as a missionary in Japan. This Laurie Gallagher is not to be confused with a former diocesan priest of the same name in Victoria.

    23. Fr Kevin Glover, Western Australia

      Broken Rites is researching Father William Kevin Glover (known as Kevin Glover) who worked in the Bunbury diocese in Western Australia from 1959 to 1979 (including parishes at Esperance in the 1970s and Margaret River in the 1980s). In the 1990s, he worked at a Catholic Mission on the Pacific Island of Niue, situated to the north of New Zealand.

    24. Fr John Harcombe

      A woman has complained that, as a teenager in Sydney in 1974, she went to Father John J. Harcombe for counselling but Harcombe used his position to sexually abuse her. Harcombe was ordained, about 1972, from St Paul’s Seminary for Late Vocations, in Kensington, Sydney. He ministered in the Sydney archdiocese (and also in the Broken Bay diocese, north of Sydney) at parishes in Lewisham, Gosford, Auburn South, Lakemba, Epping, Asquith and Kincumber.

    25. Fr Kevin Johnston, Western Australia

      Born in Ireland, Father Kevin Daniel Johnston served as a priest in Western Australia's Bunbury diocese from 1959 until 1997, when he retired to Ireland. The West Australian newspaper (February 16 and 26, 2005) revealed that Johnston was facing child-sex allegations. A man (Alan) alleged that at the age of nine or 10 in the early 1970s, when he was serving as an altar boy in morning Masses at Bunbury's St Patrick's Cathedral, the cathedral parish priest Kevin Johnston indecently mauled him on several occasions in a dressing room. The priest also allegedly forced the boy to indecently touch the priest. Unable to tell his devout parents, the boy became a grumpy and rebellious teenager, ending up with a hard-drug addiction. In his thirties, trying to mend his life, Alan finally complained to the Bunbury diocese. Fr Johnston then gave Alan a written apology, dated 26 August 1997, and soon retired to Ireland. In November 2004, the Bunbury diocese offered Alan a small payout to settle the complaint but Alan rejected this amount as insufficient to help his recovery. After the February 2005 publicity about Johnston, two more men reported that they were molested by Father Johnston, one during confession and the other more than 20 times as he served as an altar boy at the Bunbury cathedral. Broken Rites research indicates that during the last stages of his career, from the mid-1970s to 1977, Johnston ministered in parishes at Boyup Brook, Manjimup, Narrogin and Leschenhault/Australind.

    26. Fr Charles Joyce, OFM

      Broken Rites is researching Father Charles Joyce, a member of the Order of Friars Minor (Franciscans), who was working at Padua College (a secondary school conducted by the Franciscan order) in Kedron, Brisbane, in the late 1960s.

    27. Br "Norbert" Mathieson

      This Marist Brother (real name Joseph Eric Mathieson), who last taught at Marist schools in Parramatta and Eastwood (in Sydney), died in 1954 but, half a century later, former students still remember him as a sex-abuser. His victims were intimidated into silence but some of the victims (now elderly) have finally told their sons and daughters about this abuse. Thus, these sons and daughters are dismayed and angry that their fathers were secretly harmed in this way. See our story here.

    28. Fr Charles McCann

      A young woman made a sworn statement to Victoria Police in 1993 that Fr Charles McCann, of St Kevin's parish, Templestowe, in Melbourne's north-east, had invasively mauled her breasts while she was asleep in bed in her family home when she was a teenager in 1983. McCann, who was a friend of the girl's family, was making a "home visit". Police interviewed McCann in 1993 and, as a result, of this interview, they gave him a summons to appear in court in March 1994 to answer a charge of indecent assault. However, the girl's parents and grandparents feared that the case would embarrass the church, so they pressured the young woman to withdraw the charge, threatening to disinherit her if she proceeded. Feeling defeated, the young woman withdrew the charge two days before the court hearing. The church authorities then felt justified in retaining this priest in the ministry until he retired nine years later, in 2003.

    29. Fr Patrick McCarthy, Wollongong NSW, 1960s

      Broken Rites Australia is researching Fr Patrick Thomas McCarthy, of the Wollongong diocese in New South Wales. Irish-born, he was originally in a religious teaching order before becoming a priest. He was one of a significant number of Irish-born clergy who have surfaced, often unaccountably, in Australia. A former Wollongong man (born 1949) has stated that, about 1961, when he was 12, he was sexually abused by Fr McCarthy at Corrimal (St Columbkille's parish), Wollongong. However, the boy could not tell his "loyal" Catholic family at the time because the priest was "a friend of the family" (which is a common problem); and this lack of family support disrupted the boy's later life (which is a common outcome), ultimately alienating him from his family. After Corrimal parish, Fr P.T. McCarthy also ministered at Thirroul (St Michael's parish), West Wollongong (St Teresa's) and Helensburgh (Holy Cross parish) before he was killed in a car accident in the early 1970s.

    30. Br "Laetus" Mennie

      Former inmates of St Vincent's Boys' Home at Westmead, which was operated by the Marist Brothers at Westmead, Sydney, have complained about this Marist Brother (his birth name was Joseph Michael Mennie). Brother Laetus worked at this home in 1947-49 and and was the director there in 1965-67.

    31. Fr Peter Moore, Wollongong NSW

      Broken Rites is doing research about Father Peter Moore, who was the vicar-general of the Wollongong Catholic diocese in New South Wales in the 1980s and 1990s, while he was also in charge of St John Vianney's parish in Fairy Meadow. In the 1970s he had been at St Paul's parish, Albion Park.

    32. Fr Brian Moran, Toowoomba diocese

      Two women have complained that, when they were young girls in the early 1960s, they were sexually abused by Father Brian Anthony Moran, of the Toowoomba diocese, which covers an extensive region in western Queensland. Father Brian Moran, who was born about 1929, was sometimes nicknamed Mick Moran. He ministered until 1995 throughout an area bounded by Toowoomba city, Dalby, St George, Cunnamulla, Mitchell and Miles.

    33. Fr John F. Moran, Rockkhampton & Sydney

      A man ("Tom") reported to Broken Rites in 1994 that, as a 15-year-old in 1981, he was indecently assaulted by Father John Fabian Moran in the Sacred Heart parish at Yeppoon, in the Rockhampton diocese, in central Queensland. The boy's parents were away from home and they understood that Father Moran would be supervising him. The parents had been led to believe that their child would be safe under the supervision of a Catholic priest. Father Moran visited the boy and took him on outings. After beginning with playful "wrestling", Father Moran allegedly mauled the boy's genitalia on several occasions, and Tom allegedly was required to masturbate the priest. The boy felt intimidated into silence and was not able to tell his Catholic parents about the assaults until he was aged 26 (he contacted Broken Rites at age 27). According to the Crimes Act, an adult who sexually mauls a young person is committing "indecent assault of a child" and the perpetrator is not allowed to claim, as a defence, that the child consented. This crime is regarded as being particularly aggravated when it is perpetrated by a person supposedly in a position of trust, such as a priest. Later in the 1980s and early 1990s, Fr John Moran was a chaplain at Rockhampton's Emmaus College (a secondary school). About 1994-95, he was on the staff at St Paul's Seminary for Late Vocations in Sydney and was a part-time school chaplain in Sydney.

    34. Fr Gerald Moylan, northern Victoria

      Broken Rites is researching Father Gerald Leo Moylan, of the Sandhurst diocese in northern Victoria. Women have complained that Moylan questioned them intrusively about "sex" (and the female body) when they were schoolgirls in Wodonga, Victoria, in the 1960s (or when older girls were interviewed by Moylan before a church wedding ceremony). In the 1970s and ‘80s, Moylan was in charge of the Numurkah parish and was appointed as the "spiritual director" of the Catholic Women’s League in the diocese. He was promoted to the rank of monsignor.

    35. Fr Noel Murphy, Sydney

      The Sydney archdiocese has accepted a complaint from a woman about being indecently assaulted in 1974 by Father Nolan Joseph Murphy (known as Fr "Noel" Murphy), a Sydney-born priest, who was the parish priest in charge of St Augustine's parish, Balmain, in inner-Sydney. Murphy was in that parish from the 1960s until 1988.

    36. Murrumburrah parish, NSW

      A man ("Peter"), born in 1961, made a lengthy, detailed written statement to a clinic of the New South Wales Health Department in 2002, stating that in 1968-69 he was sexually assaulted by a senior parish priest (a Monsignor) in the "Our Lady of Mercy" parish at Murrumburrah, near Cootamundra, southern New South Wales (within the Canberra-Goulburn diocese). Shortly after the period of alleged abuse, the monsignor died in a road accident. Peter says his devout parents would not let him tell them that this Catholic clergyman had assaulted him. Forced into silence, Peter became estranged from his family. His later life was seriously affected. Peter is wondering if there were other victims in this parish in the late 1960s.

    37. Fr "Jerome" Myszkowski

      A South Australian woman ("Mandy", born in 1945) says she is still feeling upset about having been sexually assaulted repeatedly by a Polish-born priest, Father Hieronim Myszkowski, when she was a young child in the St Francis Assisi parish in Newton, Adelaide, in 1950-54. This priest, who was known in Australia as Fr Jerome Myszkowski, was a member of the Capuchin Franciscan Friars (the Order of Friars Minor Capuchin). He befriended Mandy's family and, from when the girl was aged 5, he made weekly visits for meals at their home, where (Mandy says) he would secretly touch Mandy's genitalia (i.e., the crime of indecent assault). Mandy was unable to tell her parents because they believed that priests could do no wrong. Father Jerome also molested Mandy inside the church (while parishioners, including her father, were attending choir practice) and in his bedroom in the presbytery. On the church premises, the sexual assaults of Mandy became more invasive and more criminally serious. The attacks continued for four years until Mandy was aged nine, in 1954, when Myszkowski left Adelaide to become a chaplain for the Brisbane Polish community, which was based at "Our Lady of Victories" parish in Bowen Hills, Brisbane. Mandy contacted Broken Rites in October 1993. She had written to the church authorities about Myszkowski but, she said, they were evasive. Broken Rites does not know if Mandy has achieved a successful outcome since then.

    38. Br Nicholas, Marist Brothers, 1948-50

      A man ("Brian", born in 1938) complained to the Catholic Church "Towards Healing" process in 2003 that he was sexually abused by a Brother "Nicholas" at a Marist Brothers school in Rosewater, South Australia, about 1948 when he was aged 10. Brian said he was forced to remain silent about the abuse at the time but he now realises that this code of silence was unfair, putting more children at risk. The Marist Brothers administration in Melbourne acknowledged to Brian that Brother Nicholas (real name Kevin Stanton, born 6 September 1922) taught at the Rosewater school in 1948, and he transferred to a Marist Brothers school in Thebarton (Adelaide) in 1949. In 2005, the Marist administration in Melbourne apologised to Brian for his unhappy experiences at the Rosewater school, and it made a relatively modest "ex gratia" payment to Brian to settle his complaint. Brian was not Nicholas's only victim — in 1994 Broken Rites received a complaint from another man ("Daryl", born 1942), saying that he was sexually abused by Brother Nicholas at the Marists' Thebarton school, before Nicholas left there in 1950. The Marists say that Brother Nicholas left the Marist order in the early 1950s and has since died.

    39. Fr Bill O'Connor, Parramatta diocese, NSW

      A woman, born in the 1940s, has complained that she was sexually assaulted, aged 13, by Father William G. O'Connor (then an assistant priest) in the presbytery at Springwood (St Thomas Aquinas parish) in the Blue Mountains in the late 1950s. The girl was unable to tell her mother about the abuse. Subsequently, O'Connor was the Parish Priest in charge of the Seven Hills parish (Our Lady of Lourdes) for thirty years to 1989. Springwood and Seven Hills were originally in the Sydney diocese but by 1989 they became a part of the new Parramatta diocese. William O'Connor rose in the church ranks in the 1970s and was given the title "Very Reverend". This victim is still upset about what happened to her in the 1950s.

    40. Brother Paschal, a Franciscan

      This Brother was in charge of the altar boys at the Mary Immaculate Catholic parish in Waverley, Sydney, in the late 1960s and early 1970s. The parish, conducted by the Franciscans (the Order of Friars Minor), had a large number of altar boys, some of whom were pupils at the Christian Brothers' Waverley College. In 2002 a former altar boy, "Pierre" (not his real name), notified the Catholic Church's professional standards office ("Towards Healing") in New South Wales that Brother Paschal used to touch Pierre's genitals when he was aged from 8 to 13; and Brother Paschal used to make Pierre touch Brother Paschal's genitals. Pierre said that he finally revealed the molestation to his parents when he was 22. Pierre said that three other young male relatives of his were also molested by Brother Pascal. Pierre said he was concerned that this child-abuse had occurred and that it had been hidden from parents and the public. The Franciscans' Australian headquarters agreed to hold a mediation meeting with Pierre (who was then in his forties) to address his concerns. Brother Paschal's real name was Ernest Joseph Bartlett. Paschal was his religious name (there was a "Saint Paschal" in the Franciscans in Spain in the 16th century). Paschal Bartlett died in Sydney on 27 April 1994.

    41. Br Mark Payne, a Marist

      Former pupils have complained about sexually abusive behaviour by Marist Brother Mark Donald Payne (born 5 December 1957) who taught at St Augustine’s College in Cairns, Queensland, about 1985.

    42. Fr Dominic Phillips, Vincentian priest

      A woman has complained that Father Dominic Phillips, of the Vincentian Fathers order (the Congregation of the Mission), mauled her genitalia on several occasions (that is, indecent assaults) in the presbytery at the Wandal parish (St Vincent's) in Rockhampton, Queensland, in 1968 when she was aged 10. The girl, who was a pupil in the parish primary school, said Phillips used to encourage children to visit him at lunch-time and also at weekends. Phillips was at this parish from 1964 to 1970. In 1953-55, he ministered at St Joseph's parish, Malvern, in Melbourne; this church was situated next to St Joseph's parish primary school. In this parish, too, Phillips would summon a pupil to have a private meeting with him at his presbytery. In 1956 Phillips was the parish priest in charge of a Vincentian parish (Mary Immaculate) at Southport, on Queensland's Gold Coast. Most of his career was spent teaching trainee priests at seminaries in Australia and New Zealand.

    43. Br Bernie Ring

      Broken Rites is researching Christian Brother Bernard Ring (born 22 May 1934). As a child, he lived at St Vincent's boys' home in South Melbourne (until 1951) and then, like some other orphanage boys, he became a Christian Brother. Brother B.A. Ring worked in schools at Geelong, Ballarat (St Patrick's College), East Melbourne and Fiji.

    44. Br Innocent Schofield

      A man, now elderly, has complained to the Australian Christian Brothers that he was sexually abused by Brother Aloysius Innocent Schofield at St Augustine's boys' orphanage in Geelong, Victoria, in the late 1940s. Schofield adopted the "religious" name Aloysius Innocent when he joined the order (there have been "saints" with those names). Brother A.I. Schofield rose to become the principal of Christian Brothers schools in Queensland: Christian Brothers College in Warwick (1952-57); St Mary's College in Toowoomba (1964-69); and St Edmund's College in Ipswich (1972-77).

    45. Fr Peter Searson

      This Melbourne diocesan priest pleaded guilty in a magistrates' court in 1997 to physically assaulting a 12-year-old altar boy. The court ordered him to observe a good-behaviour bond. Also in 1997, the Melbourne archdiocese's Commissioner on Sexual Abuse investigated certain other allegations about Fr Searson, involving a number of women, boys and girls. See the Broken Rites report here.

    46. Monsignor Maurice Tully

      Broken Rites is doing research about this priest who had a long career in the Armidale diocese in northern New South Wales. Girls who attended St Joseph's school in St Brigid's parish in Quirindi (situated south of Tamworth) in the late 1950s and early 1960s have not forgotten Monsignor Tully.

    47. Br Frank Webster

      Christian Brother Aloysius Francis Webster was the superintendent (principal) at St Augustine's orphanage, Geelong, Victoria, from 1954 to 1959. Previously, in the 1940s, he had helped to establish St Brendan's College (a boarding school), at Yeppoon in central Queensland. In the early 1990s, St Brendan's established a new oval and erected a sign calling it the "A.F. Webster Oval" in honour of Brother A.F. Webster. A former inmate of St Augustine's, who had settled in Queensland not far from Yepoon (and who said he was sexually abused by A.F. Webster at St Augustine's the 1950s), objected to this sanctification of Webster. Senior Christian Brothers conferred with the objector and agreed to remove the "Webster Oval" sign. (Frank Webster's sibling, Brother Xavier Webster, was the superior at St Vincent's orphanage, South Melbourne.) See our story about St Augustine's and St Vincent's orphanages here.

    48. Westmead Boys' Home, NSW

      Broken Rites is investigating complaints from former inmates of St Vincent's Boys' Home, Westmead, in Sydney's west. This orphanage was operated by the Marist Brothers until it closed in 1991. Broken Rites possesses a printed list, compiled by the Marists, of all Brothers who worked at this institution. The Westmead site is now a campus of the University of Western Sydney.

    49. Fr Barry Whelan

      In a Melbourne court in 2002, a 45-year-old woman (Anne) alleged that she been sexually exploited by Melbourne Catholic priest Father James Barry Whelan. Anne's lawyer, Philip Dunn, QC, alleged in court that Fr Barry Whelan had used his priestly role to have sexual liaisons with women parishioners in previous parishes. Anne pleaded guilty to causing criminal damage by smashing eight windows at the home of Fr Whelan's brother. After hearing the alleged circumstances, the court released Anne on a good-behaviour bond. See our story here.

    50. Fr Jack Whiting

      Broken Rites is researching Father John Thomas Whiting. Originally a member of the Redemptorist order, he founded a small Australian society of priests and brothers called the "Confraternity of Christ the Priest". He established a small seminary at Scoresby, in Melbourne’s east. A man who inquired about joining the order in 1981 (aged 19) says that, during the interview, Father John Whiting inspected the young man’s genitals. Another young aspirant says that he was required to bathe naked, with Fr John Whiting, in a pool. In later years, Whiting's society also provided seminary training in Wagga Wagga in southern New South Wales.

    Section N:
    Court cases that ended with no conviction
    Sometimes, in a local court, a magistrate might dismiss a case. Or, after a preliminary hearing by a magistrate, a criminal prosecution might proceed to a higher court (called the County Court in Victoria and the District Court in some other Australian states), where it fails to result in a conviction. In the interests of balance, we are listing below some examples of no-conviction cases.

    1. Fr Bernie Connell

      In November 1995, news media outlets in southern New South Wales reported that a Local Court magistrate committed Father Bernard Connell to stand trial on charges of sexual offences allegedly committed against boys. However, the subsequent trial proceedings did not result in a conviction. Born in 1938, Father Connell was ordained in 1963 as a priest of the Wagga Wagga diocese in southern New South Wales. His postings from early 1964 to late 1991 included: parishes at Junee and Albury in the 1960s; South Wagga Wagga parish in the early 1970s; working as a chaplain at army bases in Puckapunyal (Victoria) and Holdsworthy (NSW) in the 1970s; Lockhart parish in 1978; Albury and Tocumwal parishes in the 1980s; and Leeton parish in 1990-91. In early 1992, he left the Wagga Wagga diocese to minister in the Pacific nation of Kiribati for several years, after which he returned to New South Wales to live at a private address, with no further parish postings.

    2. Fr Kevin Cox

      Sydney newspapers reported that Father Kevin Nicholas Cox successfully appealed against two sexual-assault convictions involving an eleven-year-old girl (reported in the Sunday Sun Herald, 2 May 1999, pages 10-11, and the Daily Telegraph, 1 April 1999, page 15). In the previous year, a New South Wales District Court jury had found Father Cox guilty of two counts of indecently assaulting the girl in Sydney's Caringbah parish in 1976 but not guilty of indecently assaulting her at Sydney's Wanda Beach in 1977. The District Court judge sentenced Cox to two years' periodic detention. Cox appealed against his convictions, while the prosecutors appealed against the inadequacy of the sentence. On 31 March 1999, the NSW Court of Criminal Appeal quashed his convictions, finding those two verdicts unreasonable because they were inconsistent with the third-charge acquittal. Cox was born in Ireland in the early 1930s and was ordained in Australia in 1955 as a priest of the Cistercian order in a monastery (Tarrawarra Abbey) at Yarra Glen, near Melbourne, where he was known as Father "Dominic" Cox. After 20 years in Melbourne, he left the Cistercians, changed his name back to Kevin and went on loan to the Sydney archdiocese, where he ministered at parishes in Kogarah (1974-75), Caringbah (1975-82), Pyrmont (1983-87), Auburn (1988), Woolahra (1989-91) and Enmore-Tempe (1992-97).

    3. Fr Ray Garchow

      Raymond Garchow became a religious brother in the St John of God order in 1964, aged 17, and was upgraded to a priest in 1987, aged 40. In New South Wales in the early 1980s, he worked at "Kendall Grange" boarding institution for educationally disabled boys in Morisset, north of Sydney. In 2006, after he had been living and ministering around Sydney for several years, the Federal Court of Australia ordered that Garchow be extradited to face charges of child-sex abuse in New Zealand, where he had worked at an institution (Marylands special school for educationally disabled boys) in Christchurch in the 1970s. A trial was scheduled for Garchow in Christchurch. On 23 July 2008, the New Zealand prosecutors decided not to proceed with the trial for several reasons: Garchow, aged 61, was too ill; furthermore, one of the two complainants was also unwell; and the second complainant had trouble with a disability, which made the prospect of a trial difficult. The prosecutors entered a permanent stay of proceedings. Garchow's counsel said afterwards that Garchow maintains his innocence. See our story about the extradition proceedings here.

    4. Br Bill Lebler

      In 1951, aged 29, William John Lebler became among the first Australian-born recruits to join the St John of God Brothers, taking his vows at the order’s “Kendall Grange” institution for intellectually handicapped boys at Morisset, north of Sydney. He later worked with SJOG in New Zealand and Papua New Guinea. In 2003, prosecutors sought to extradite him from Australia to face trial in New Zealand on child-abuse charges there, dating back as far as 1955. However, a Sydney magistrate released William Lebler because of his age (82 years) and health and because of the delay in reporting his alleged offences. See our story about the extradition proceedings here.

    5. Br John Maguire

      By July 2004, Marist Brother John Dennis Maguire had faced eight jury trials in the New South Wales District Court, charged with multiple sexual offences involving six boys at St Joseph's College in Hunters Hill, Sydney. In all, he faced 17 counts of assaulting boys aged between 11 and 13 while he was the year 7 dormitory and form master (in charge of fifty boarders) in the early 1980s. Maguire had a bedroom adjoining the dormitory. The alleged offences ranged from indecently touching the boys through to anal and oral penetration. Unlike in many other similar cases, Brother John Maguire (born 13 December 1943) was not required to face his accusers jointly in a single trial. The church lawyers succeeded in obtaining a separate jury for each complainant, so that each jury was unaware of the other charges. Two juries failed to agree on a verdict and were discharged. The other six juries each returned a verdict of "Not Guilty". Despite this, any complainants are still able to take civil action against the Marist Brothers regarding Brother Maguire. See "We saw it coming, say ex-students" article in the 2 July 2004 edition of the Sydney Morning Herald.

    6. Br Eddie Mamo, Sacred Heart order

      The Bankstown Express in suburban Sydney (30 August 1994) reported that the Bankstown Local Court on 23 August 1994 dismissed two charges of aggravated indecent assault that had been laid against Edward Mamo, then aged 49. Mamo had been a religious Brother in the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart order, and was associated with the Nguon Song Group Homes, which provided accommodation for homeless Indo-Chinese teenage males in Sydney's Canterbury-Bankstown area. In court, he strongly denied allegations that, on two occasions in 1993, he had touched the genitals of a 17-year-old Vietnamese youth who was under his supervision. Magistrate Craig Thompson ruled that he "could not be satisfied beyond reasonable doubt" that the alleged assaults had taken place. Brother Mamo later stated, in a letter published in the Bankstown Express: "I have been caring for homeless youth since 1983 — 11 years — so a couple of bad eggs had to come." (In the 1970s and 1980s, Brothers in the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart worked as support staff — such as dormitory supervisers — at prominent Australian boarding schools operated by the MSC order, including Chevalier College in Bowral, New South Wales, and Monivae College in Hamilton, Victoria.)

    7. Br John Parker

      Various news media outlets reported that Christian Brother John David Parker appeared in the Melbourne Magistrates Court on 22 March 1995, charged with sexual assault of a nine-year-old boy in Grade 4 at Parade Christian Brothers College junior school in Alphington (in Melbourne's inner north-east) in 1958. Brother Parker contested the charge. Magistrate Phillip Goldberg committed Brother Parker (then aged 60) for trial and listed the matter to go to a judge in the Melbourne County Court for 19 June 1995. However, the County Court case did not proceed. The complainant was satisfied with having succeeded in getting his allegation aired in the Magistrates Court. In the Christian Brothers, Parker adopted the religious name John "Neri" Parker (there was once a Saint Neri) and was listed as Brother J.N. Parker. Brother Parker has also taught at other Catholic schools in Victoria, including Ballarat (St Patrick's primary school, Drummond Street) in the 1970s and Mill Park (St Francis of Assisi primary school) in Melbourne's north in the 1990s. He also taught with the Christian Brothers in Tasmania.

    8. Br Lambert Wise, Adelaide

      A South Australian court ruled in 2008 that an elderly former Christian Brother, Francis Lambert Wise, was medically unfit to stand trial on alleged incidents of child-sexual abuse, dating back to 1964 and 1965. However, in 2009 a judge held special hearings, enabling two of Wise's former pupils to have their allegations aired in court. Thus, the South Australian public was able to learn of the allegations. See more from Broken Rites here.

    Section O:
    Offences by lay teachers in Catholic schools

    The above lists on this website all relate to priests or religious brothers, as distinct from lay teachers.

    Many victims have contacted Broken Rites about offences committed by lay teachers in Catholic schools or school youth camps.

    The teachers' cases are too numerous to be all listed on this website. Here are just a few examples to demonstrate the range of cases:

    1. Yvo Gulien Cleyman, at Gosford, NSW, 1970s

      In the New South Wales District Court at Gosford (New South Wales) on 20 April 2004, Yvo Gulien Cleyman (then aged 59) was sentenced to a maximum of six years' jail over a series of sex offences against two schoolboys in the late 1970s. The case was reported next day in the Central Coast Herald (and the preliminary proceedings had been reported in the Central Coast Express on 26 February 2003). The boys, aged 13 and 14, were attending St Edward's Christian Brothers School in East Gosford (north of Sydney), where Yvo Gulien Cleyman was a lay teacher of languages and social studies in the late 1970s. The court was told that, on school camps, on drives to isolated places and out fishing, he forced anal intercourse on the boys as well as forcing them to give and receive oral sex. Cleyman pleaded guilty to six counts of buggery and two counts of indecent assault on the two victims. When charged in 2003, Yvo Gulien Cleyman's address was given in court as Buccan, Queensland. He was extradited to New South Wales for the court proceedings. After the conviction, the Christian Brothers headquarters in New South Wales began having mediation meetings with victims of Cleyman.

    2. John Coogan, teacher, Geelong, Victoria

      John Patrick Coogan, then aged 61, was sentenced in 1994 to five years jail (minimum of three years) after pleading guilty to seventeen charges of indent assault of boys while he was a lay teacher at St Joseph's College (Christian Brothers) in Geelong. Outside the court, one of the victims said the St Joseph's College administration had known that Coogan was a child-molester but it did nothing about him.

    3. Mark Dean, northern Victoria

      Mark Christopher Dean, a Catholic lay teacher, pretended to be a priest during role-playing sessions with children while he sexually abused them, the Bendigo Magistrates Court was told in July 1992. Dean, then aged 33, of Rochester and Bendigo, who taught in north Victorian Catholic schools, pleaded guilty to indecently assaulting eight schoolboys in three towns during the 1980s. Dean was sentenced to a six-months suspended jail term. The victims' families told police that Dean had been protected by the church authorities.

    4. John Gahan, lay teacher, NSW

      On 30 October 2007 in the New South Wales District Court, John Stephen Gahan was sentenced to 13 months jail (with a non-parole period of six months), on three charges of indecent assault of a boy, aged 11 to 13, while Gahan was a lay teacher at St Mary’s Catholic parish primary school in Scone (in the Maitland-Newcastle Catholic diocese), in the late 1970s. Gahan befriended the boy's family. Gahan admitted that the abuse (masturbating the boy) occurred on a number of occasions during two years — in Gahan's car and on overnight trips. The victim said in his impact statement that, as a child, he did not understand what was happening — "only that here was a man that took an interest in my future and this was a small sacrifice to maintain his friendship". The victim said that the abuse caused problems in his adult life, including in his marriage.

    5. Mato Karapandzk, cathedral caretaker

      On 11 March 2008 in the South Australian District Court, a 37-year-old woman gained justice for sexual abuse that she experienced while she was a pupil at Adelaide's St Aloysius Catholic girls' school. At age 12 in the early 1980s, the girl was told to wheel a disabled elderly nun over to the Adelaide cathedral (opposite the school) for church services. There, the girl was befriended by Mato Karapandzk (then over 50), a Croatian-born caretaker at the cathedral. Over the next five years, he sexually abused the girl in and around the cathedral building, "under the noses of the cathedral staff and the school", sometimes giving her $20 after the abuse, the court was told. He continued as the cathedral caretaker until the victim came forward with her complaint in 2004. Karapandzk, aged 77 at sentencing, was given a nine-year jail sentence (with four years behind bars before parole).

    6. Willi Kovac, sports teacher

      In Melbourne County Court in December 2005, Kovac (then aged 73) was jailed for a maximum of nine and half years' jail, with a non-parole period of 5½ years, after pleading guilty to indecently assaulting three boys (aged between nine and fourteen) in the 1960s and 1970s. German-born Kovac was an athletics coach at Melbourne's Xavier College and Marcellin College and other Catholic schools and worked as a co-ordinator at summer camps for Catholic school children. Judge Pamela Jenkins said that, since the offences, Kovac's three victims had struggled with life, including drug and alcohol abuse and relationship breakdowns, and had under-achieved in their work-life. These three boys were not Kovac's only victims. He also had victims from other Catholic schools. Some victims have contacted Broken Rites. According to information given in court in 2005, Kovac was also jailed in 1970 for indecent assault. One prominent Catholic school sacked Kovac for his behaviour but it then breached its duty of care by allowing him to work at other Catholic schools, putting more boys in danger.

    7. Paul John Lyons, Canberra

      In 2006 and 2007, Daramalan College, a Catholic co-educational school in Canberra (run by the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart), finally began making civil settlements with victims of a former teacher, Paul John Lyons. Lyons taught at Daramalan from 1989 to 2000. He took dozens of students to his home overnight or away on sporting trips. In 2000, police caught up with Lyons who admitted indecently assaulting a 15-year-old schoolboy. Police charged Lyons but, a few days later, he committed suicide. His police interview indicated that Lyons had many other victims, meaning that more charges would have been likely.

    8. John Marsden, solicitor, school sports coach

      John Marsden was originally a trainee for the Catholic priesthood but he left the seminary and later became a prominent lawyer and president of the New South Wales Law Society. In a crimes compensation case on 6 July 2001, NSW District Court judge Ken Taylor found that, "on the balance of probabilities", Marsden had sexually abused an eight-year-old schoolboy in the late 1960s when Marsden was a swimming and football coach at a Catholic school, St John's, Campbelltown, in Sydney's south-west. The court was told that, on three occasions, the boy was forced to engage in mutual genital fondling with Marsden and on the third occasion he was forced to perform oral sex on Marsden. The boy then complained to school authorities but was not believed over the respected local solicitor and former trainee priest, the victim told the court. The victim took his allegations against Marsden to Mr Justice Wood's royal commission into corruption in 1996, but Marsden was never charged by police. The victim then began a civil action in the NSW Supreme Court, but said he was "threatened with financial ruin" by the rich and powerful lawyer. On legal advice, he sought victim's compensation instead. Judge Taylor awarded the plaintiff the then maximum amount of $40,000 in victim's compensation, plus $5078 for psychiatrists' fees and $8000 in legal costs. This finding could not be revealed in 2001 because it was subject to a court suppression order. Marsden died in May 2006, aged 64, and the Weekend Australian published the court documents on 3 June 2006.

    9. Former Test cricket umpire Steve Randell

      He was jailed in 1999 for sexual offences against young girls while he taught at Marist College in Burnie, Tasmania, in the early 1980s (after the school became co-educational). Randell also taught at St Virgil's College in Hobart. He also allegedly had male victims. See our article about a different offender at Marist College here.

    10. St Mark's College, South Australia

      Jenny Christall, who was an education support officer at St Mark's College in Port Pirie (South Australia) in 2001, learned that a male religious education teacher, Sunil Francis Clark, was sexually abusing female students. Mrs Christall alerted the school administration and the Port Pirie Catholic diocese but, she says, these authorities failed to contact police. Ms Christall contacted the police herself but this meant losing her job because of a workplace confidentiality agreement. After this, she says, she was banned from working at more than 100 Catholic schools in South Australia. The male teacher, Sunil Clark, was charged in the South Australian District Court in 2006 with sexual offences against two schoolgirls, including two charges of unlawful sexual intercourse by a teacher. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to four years and nine months in prison, with a non-parole period of three years.

    11. Stephen Stockdale-Hall, Adelaide

      In the South Australian Supreme Court in December 2005, Stephen John Stockdale-Hall (aged 56) was sentenced to 10 years' jail (with parole after eight years) after admitting that he sexually abused nine boys, aged between eight and 16 years, between 1977 and 1989, while he was a Catholic schools lay teacher. His crimes started while he was a teacher at Adelaide's Blackfriars Priory School and went on for a decade after he resigned when he continued to take students on camping expeditions. Stockdale-Hall also encouraged some of his Catholic school victims to drink alcohol and take drugs. See our story here.

    12. Darren Tector, former lay teacher

      In 1994, Darren John Tector was jailed for sexual offences against boys while he was a teacher at a Catholic primary school (Our Lady of Lourdes) at Seven Hills, near Parramatta, west of Sydney. He was jailed again in 2007 (aged 41) for using the internet and a telephone to procure a child (a 12-year-old boy) for sexual activity. See our story here.

    The Broken Rites database contains many similar cases of teachers in church schools. Some of these are teachers of "religion", which indicates hypocrisy as well as a crime.

    Broken Rites is interested in hearing from people who wish to discuss a problem of sexual abuse involving a church-employed teacher. Our off-line database might contain previous complaints about this teacher. We can tell callers the different options available for obtaining justice.