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Everybody loves Boundless. Well almost.

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  • Andrew_cropped

    What will I do with the money I saved by going Boundless? I’m going to Disney World! Just kidding, I’ll probably save it for when I want to buy a concert ticket or take a nice girl on a nice date!

    Andrew F Florida State University
  • Girl1_cropped

    Wow! THANK YOU! It’s my first year in college! EVERYTHING is so complicated! I will most definitely spread the word! It’s cool that you guys are doing this to help students out...we need a lot of this!

    Lori W New York University
  • Girl2_cropped

    OMG...THANK YOU!!!! I just signed up for Boundless and I am set up for my class! This is wayyyy better than the physical textbook. Thank you, Thank you! I am going to pass this info along to another poor college student!

    Christine L Florida State University
  • Girl3_cropped

    It is so simple and saved me tons of money. This site rocks and helped save my entire biology class from purchasing a new edition when one we had was very similar. Love you!

    Sarah H Indiana University

The press is praising Boundless innovation.

  • Press_techcrunch August 07, 2012

    "[Boundless] believes that an oligopoly of textbook publishers has been driving up costs for years (as the four top publishers currently control the lion’s share of the market) and so it set out to change that."

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  • Press_slate December 20, 2012

    "The college textbook industry …[is] using digital content as a way to charge more money... Now a startup called is trying to change that. There’s so much open content out there now that sorting through it all can be daunting. Boundless curates OER and organizes...

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  • Press_tnw April 04, 2012

    "As college tuition costs increase, the cost of buying a semester’s worth of textbooks poses an added burden to university students. One Boston-based ed tech startup [Boundless] is tackling this space with a vision to create a learning platform that is both useful and relevant...

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  • Press_inside_higher_ed August 09, 2012

    "Boundless aims directly at students themselves, promising them the highest-quality open-access content in the best possible technology platform."

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Who doesn't love Boundless? Traditional publishers.

In March of 2012, three major textbook publishers, the same ones keeping textbook prices artificially high, sued Boundless. We are fighting the case in court to put students back at the center of learning and keep the world’s knowledge free.

Breaking: Internet Makes Free Textbooks Possible (and traditional textbooks obsolete.)


It shouldn't be surprising that Boundless offers free textbooks when you can get any information you need from the Internet. What should be surprising is that commodity content is being forced onto students for $200 or more.

  • The best free online content
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Beyond a textbook. Way beyond.

Textbooks haven't changed in centuries, except for their price. Boundless textbooks offer innovative features that help you make the most of your study time. For free.

  • Feature_smartnotes


    Your full book, condensed to just the essential key points, key terms, and examples.

  • Feature_notebook

    Interactive Notebook

    Highlight important terms and add notes to key concepts. View all your notes and highlights in an easily sortable notebook that you can organize by time or book chapter.

  • Feature_flashcards_quizzes

    Flashcards and Quizzes

    Study key terms and more with flashcards, then quiz yourself to see how much you know

  • Feature_study_guides

    Study Guides

    Boundless lets you condense all your notes and highlights, view and edit on any device, and share the finished product with your friends, classmates, or study groups.

All the highest quality content you need.

Great open educational resources, curated by experts.

We create our textbooks by finding the best content from open educational libraries, government resources, and other free learning sites. We tie it all together with our proprietary process, resulting in great textbooks at the greatest price—free! With Boundless, you can be confident you're getting the best content for your students.

Content for 18 leading college level subjects

We have high quality content for 18 college level subjects, and can easily align that to your assigned textbook or course syllabus.

  • Accounting
  • Chemistry
  • Marketing
  • Algebra
  • Communications
  • Microbiology
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Economics
  • Political Science
  • Art History
  • Finance
  • Psychology
  • Biology
  • History
  • Sociology
  • Business
  • Management
  • Writing

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