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Optical Drive Options
Free USB 2.0 Enclosure for my Unibody SuperDrive (Free for a limited time!)
No External Optical Drive
Portable 8x USB 2.0 Double-Layer SuperDrive [+$79]
MCE External 24x DVD-/+R/RW USB 2.0 and eSATA "SuperDrive" [+$99]
Internal SATA Hard Drive Upgrade
(Includes portable USB 2.0 Enclosure for Original Drive)
Extra Memory
(Add memory to your Unibody)
Please send the product. I will take care of the installation.
Supreme OptiBay Installation Service - Overnight me a box and overnight shipping label that I may use to ship my computer to the MCE Service Center. (+$99)
Standard OptiBay Installation Service - I will send my computer to the MCE Service Center in its original packaging or in comparably protective packaging that I have. (+$49)

PRODUCT UPDATE APRIL 13, 2010: The MCE OptiBay for Unibody MacBook Pro (above) is fully compatible with the new MacBook Pro 13", 15", and 17" (Mid 2010) models just released today by Apple.

The MCE OptiBay Hard Drive replaces the internal SuperDrive of your MacBook Pro 15" or 17" Unibody or MacBook 13" Unibody with a high performance SATA hard drive providing up to 750GB of additional internal hard drive space!

Optical Drive Options
For a limited time we are including for FREE our new USB 2.0 Enclosure for your Unibody SuperDrive! Now, for no extra cost, easily install your Unibody SuperDrive into our ultra-slim, ultra-portable, specially designed USB 2.0 Enclosure and use with iTunes, iDVD, Finder Burning, etc. just as you did before! The enclosure is completely portable and powers from your USB ports and installing your Unibody SuperDrive into it is a breeze! You can also choose to include our ready-made Portable 8x USB 2.0 Double-Layer SuperDrive with your OptiBay Hard Drive. This slim external SuperDrive provides you with a bootable, portable, bus-powered drive that is just as compatible with iTunes, iDVD and Finder Burning as before.1 You can use it to load system software, install applications, as well as play and burn DVD's and CD's. Use the drive only when YOU need it... and put it away when you don't!

You can also choose the MCE Desktop 20x DVD-/+R/RW FireWire/USB 2.0 "SuperDrive" if you would like the convenience of a higher-speed double-layer CD/DVD reader/writer at your disposal in a more stationary desktop form factor.

You may install this upgrade yourself (an installation guide is included with the drive) or, if you are not comfortable with working on your laptop, you may have the product professionally installed into your computer by MCE Technologies or one of our worldwide Authorized Upgrade Centers.

If you would like MCE to install the upgrade for you, we offer the following two options:

  • With the Supreme OptiBay Installation Service ($99), MCE will overnight you a shipping package and overnight return shipping label that you may use to send your computer to the MCE Service Center for upgrade. Once MCE has performed the upgrade(s), usually within 1-3 business days, MCE will ship the computer back to you according to the shipping option selected at the time the order was placed.
  • With the Standard OptiBay Installation Service ($49), once you order the MCE upgrade online here, you make arrangements to ship your computer to the MCE Service Center at the address shown below using packaging that you supply. It's suggested that you use the computer's original packaging, or comparably protective packaging. Once MCE has performed the upgrade(s), usually within 1-3 business days, MCE will ship the computer back to you according to the shipping option selected at the time the order was placed using the same packaging in which we received the computer.
Please note that shipping times are in reference to business days (weekend days are not included in these times). The $99 Supreme OptiBay Upgrade Service is available only to customers with a Ship To address located in the continental 48 United Sates.

If it is more convenient, you may also purchase this upgrade from and have it installed by an MCE Authorized Upgrade Center which will also generally charge a service fee, but may allow you to be without your computer for a shorter time since they can usually perform the upgrade for you while you wait. Call them for details.


  • High Performance Spindle Speeds of 5400RPM and 7200RPM
  • Bootable
  • S.M.A.R.T. Status Compliant
  • Sets up easily using Apple's Disk Utility program
  • Can be set up as a single volume, partitioned, or made part of RAID array
  • Optional external USB 2.0 SuperDrive compatible with iDVD, DVD Studio Pro, iTunes, iPhoto, and Finder Burning


  • Unibody MacBook Pro 13-inch, 15-inch or 17-inch, or Unibody MacBook 13-inch
  • OptiBay Bare Enclosure with SATA Hard Drive Interface requires a 2.5" SATA hard drive 9.5mm or less in height.
  • Portable USB 2.0 SuperDrive requires two available USB ports

Package Includes

  • MCE OptiBay Hard Drive or OptiBay Bare Enclosure for use with your own 2.5" SATA Hard or Solid State Drive
  • Installation and User's Guide
  • Installation Toolkit
  • Apple DVD Player Activator Software

The procedure to follow if you choose to have MCE perform the installation:

  1. Select from the options above and place your order with us here online, or by calling 800-500-0622. International customers, please call 949-458-0800.
  2. As with any major upgrade to your computer, it is wise to back up any important data from your computer's internal hard drive before having the upgrade performed on the computer.
  3. If applicable, disable any password protection that is enabled on your computer.
  4. If you are running Mac OS X, write down the username and password if necessary for login and include this in the package you send.
  5. Pack up your computer. Include the battery installed in the computer, but not the AC adapter. Also include username and password info if necessary for logging in to the computer. Suitable packaging consists of either the computer's original box and padding or a comparably protective package. Do not send the computer in any of the slim boxes that many of the major shipping companies offer, as these do not provide sufficient protection for your laptop. If you no longer have the original box, FedEx sells a laptop-shipping package, specifically designed for shipping laptop computers, at any of their staffed locations.
  6. Send the computer to the address below. If you've selected the Standard Installation Service, you may send the unit to MCE by the courier of your choice. We do recommend using a courier service with which you can insure and track the progress of the shipment.
MCE Technologies
361 Oak Place, Ste. L
Brea, CA 92821
attn: (your order number)

MCE telephone: (714) 674-0800

1The Apple DVD Player application is designed to not launch when there is no internal SuperDrive present in the system. In order to playback DVD movies from an external SuperDrive we have developed our own Apple DVD Player Activator software, and it is included with the OptiBay. This software, run one time only, allows the Apple DVD Player program to launch and play your DVD movies directly from your external SuperDrive just as though it were still internal.

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