Improve Writing with Webspiration Classroom™ Visual Thinking Tools

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Improve Writing and Thinking Skills

Webspiration Classroom™ is the online diagramming, graphic organizer, mind mapping and outlining tool for writing, brainstorming and collaboration, designed specifically to meet the needs of students, teachers and schools.

As a full-service diagram and outline maker with storage in the cloud, Webspiration Classroom’s visual thinking and learning tools provide students with necessary writing support to improve performance on Language Arts assessments, while giving them the tools they need to evaluate, synthesize and retain information across the curriculum.

Webspiration Classroom teaches students how to develop their ideas, beginning in the brainstorming stage the entire way through to an organized, polished project.

With Webspiration Classroom’s online brainstorming software for students, educators will:

  • Teach Writing and Critical Thinking Skills
    • Graphic organizers and diagrams help students develop ideas.
    • Outline tools help engage both the left and right brain.
    • Pictures help students clarify thinking, while linking tools help explain interrelationships.
  • Engage Students with Collaborative Learning
    • Student collaboration facilitates group projects and peer review.
    • Single document collaboration streamlines group project revisions.
    • Publishing documents allows students to share their work.
  • Extend Learning Time and Facilitate Teacher-Student Interaction
    • Cloud computing benefits students and teachers.
    • Workflow of assignments, review and feedback are made easy.
    • Examples and lesson plans facilitate use.
    • Integrated study tips help students improve performance.
    • It’s easy to ensure a successful implementation from the start.
  • Optimize Use of School and District Technology Resources
    • District or school administrators manage accounts.
    • There is nothing to download or install.
    • You can depend on reliable access and automatic backup of data.
    • Rest assured with a safe and ad-fee environment.
    • Use with Inspiration®.
    • Count on dependable technical support.

Download a Webspiration Classroom Overview pdf


Teach Writing and Critical Thinking Skills

With Webspiration Classroom, students use visual thinking and outlining techniques to develop writing skills and analyze, synthesize and comprehend information. Applying proven learning methods such as webbing, concept mapping, and graphic organizers, students learn to write and think more effectively, increasing their achievement in Language Arts and across the curriculum.

Webspiration Example - Moby Dick

Graphic organizers and diagrams help students develop ideas

Students can create their own diagrams, bubble maps, concept maps, idea maps and more to brainstorm, compile information and visually organize their thinking. These proven learning techniques help students to better understand and communicate information.

Webspiration Classroom also comes with a wide range of diagram templates and lesson plans including:

  • Language Arts templates and lesson plans

  • Science templates and lesson plans

  • Social Studies templates and lesson plans
  • Brainstorming templates and lesson plans
  • Thinking and planning templates and lesson plans

Teachers and students can also customize and create graphic organizer templates to be shared with students and other teachers.

Visual and outlining tools engage both the left and right brain

To fully engage the left and right brain, making connections between words and images is essential. Webspiration Classroom is the only online visual learning software available today that turns your visual diagram into an outline and your outline into a diagram with just the click of a button.

Outlining has proven to be one of the most effective strategies for writing and organizing. Webspiration Classroom’s sophisticated, yet easy-to-use, online outlining tool for students allows learners to see gaps in their thinking and quickly add, delete, arrange and rearrange their ideas into the most logical sequence.

This powerful outlining tool helps students to communicate ideas logically and clearly, creating a framework for well-written essays, papers and reports.

With Webspiration Classroom, it’s easy to turn diagrams into outlines or start from scratch in the outlining stage to make an:

  • Essay outline
  • Paper outline
  • Research outline
  • And more!

Students can even begin paragraph development to expand outlines into written papers, referencing other sources with hyperlinks and images.

Switch seamlessly between the diagram and outline to develop ideas visually or verbally -- whichever matches the student's learning style best.

Moby Dick

Pictures help students clarify thinking, while linking tools explain interrelationships

Over 1,400 cross-curricular symbols and graphics in Webspiration Classroom’s Symbol Library allow students to express ideas and concepts throughout their diagrams. They can also import images from the web or their computer. Customizable colors, shapes, fonts and sizes allow students to visually differentiate among ideas and to group information, catering to the lessons being taught.

Diagrams can be as simple or complex as the student or teacher wants them to be. Students can create links within a diagram to connect ideas and show relationships between facts, information and events. Even add text to links within the diagram to further describe relationships. Webspiration Classroom gives students access to endless tools that help enhance written and visual projects.

Link text and notes

Engage Students with Collaborative Learning

Students are actively engaged in learning as they collaborate on group projects, share documents for peer review, and receive guidance from teachers throughout the entire process. Webspiration Classroom incorporates collaboration, peer review and feedback in one document, keeping the process organized as students produce and publish their work.



Student collaboration facilitates group projects, peer review and teacher review 

With customizable collaboration settings, facilitating group projects with Webspiration Classroom™ is easy. Students can do work in groups by co-creating and collaborating on documents to make the most out of their group projects. It’s as easy as inviting others to work on the same document - contributing, reviewing, revising and sharing information to create collective knowledge.

Students can invite peers to review their work and offer suggestions. They can also submit drafts to teachers for evaluation of progress and assessment of work.

Webspiration Classroom™ offers a variety of communication options for students and teachers to exchange thoughts. Collaborators can easily chat online while working together, leave comments for future review, and send messages via email or through the built-in Message Center. 

Single document collaboration streamlines group project revisions 

Avoid common problems that accompany version control and merging documents. With Webspiration Classroom™, all collaborators contribute to the same document. This online tool allows you to see what changes have been made, when it was changed, and by whom. View and revert to any prior version easily without losing important information.

Publishing documents allows students to share their work 

Publish completed work to the Internet with its own URL or use the embedding code to add it to a web page, blog or wiki within a secure web space.


Extend Learning Time and Facilitate Teacher-Student Interaction

With Webspiration Classroom™, all work can be done at school, at home and anywhere else the Internet is available. Assignments can be delivered and evaluated online, making work always accessible. This streamlined workflow between teachers and students increases instructional time and keeps the focus on learning.


Cloud computing benefits students and teachers  

Cloud computing and Webspiration Classroom™ make learning easy inside and outside of the classroom. Students and teachers can store documents online and access assignments from any computer connected to the Internet, without the hassle of managing discs, drives or emails. Webspiration Classroom™ documents are always intact and available, making visual thinking and learning possible anytime and anywhere. 

Teachers can distribute assignments and use Webspiration Classroom™ diagram templates and outline templates to guide students' thinking and focus their attention on learning. Ready-made or personally created templates help teachers develop assignments that support curriculum plans or address students' individualized needs.


Workflow of assignments, review and feedback are made easy 

Students can turn in work with the click of a button, eliminating misplaced and late assignments. Once turned in, work can no longer be updated by students, and is time and date stamped so there is never a question as to when it was submitted. Teachers can easily review submitted work, provide feedback and return assignments online, while staying organized.

Teachers can use online chat to conveniently respond to questions and offer guidance on assignments and work.

Examples and lesson plans facilitate use 

Educators can access a gallery of examples and standards-aligned lesson plans to use Webspiration Classroom confidently and effectively. These educator resources make it easy to integrate visual thinking and learning across your curriculum. Teachers get practical ideas and step-by-step directions for engaging students in activities that encourage learning, thinking and creativity. New resources will be added frequently as part of your subscription.

Integrated study tips help students improve performance

A Student Resources section is on hand within the service, complete with a collection of Study Tips which provide step-by-step instructions for specific study skills around the writing process, writing styles, peer review and many more.

It’s easy to ensure a successful implementation from the start

Tips and tools for classroom-, school- and district- implementation are available with your subscription. Create awareness, conduct training and promote use of Webspiration Classroom service among faculty and students. 

Optimize Use of School and District Technology Resources

Webspiration Classroom helps schools and districts make the most of their resources while providing a safe, reliable and engaging learning environment for students. It gives teachers and students 24/7 access to classroom materials and documents, which are automatically saved and backed up in the cloud. There is nothing to install on desktop computers, and safeguards ensure online privacy and dependable access.

District or school administrator utilities help manage accounts

Set up, deploy, manage and delete multiple accounts from one centralized location. Accounts can be created as either student or faculty or administrator accounts, providing different privileges and levels of security.

There’s nothing to download or install

Start using Webspiration Classroom as soon as accounts are set-up. There is no software to download or install, and Webspiration Classroom updates are always automatically deployed, saving time and resource allocation.

You can depend on reliable access and automatic backup of data

Delivery over the Amazon Web Service ensures reliable service and access to Webspiration Classroom and its documents, without taking up server space.
With data and documents automatically saved and backed up in the cloud, Webspiration Classroom makes sure work is always available and intact without the need to spend IT resources on additional servers, software and maintenance.

Rest assured with a safe and ad-free learning environment

Students access Webspiration Classroom with a protected SSL-encrypted login and through an advertising-free Webspiration Classroom portal.
Webspiration Classroom student accounts may be created to allow collaboration with or without email accounts, providing a safe and protected collaboration environment.

Start the thinking and learning process in Webspiration Classroom, then export work

Conveniently export documents to Google Docs™ or Microsoft® Word. It's a handy way to save time when finalizing work in word processing software.

Use with Inspiration®

Upload Inspiration documents into Webspiration Classroom for online accessibility and collaboration capabilities or download Webspiration Classroom documents to Inspiration to take advantage of presentation tools, multimedia integration and more.

Count on dependable technical support

Inspiration Software's support team is available to help with technical questions and queries conveniently over the phone or via email.




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