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Heat Alert System
jessica.deacon, 28/10/2009 - 04:25 PM
The department will monitor BOM forecasts and send heat alerts when predicted temperatures will meet heatwave thresholds.  Note:  Whilst the department will be monitoring forecast temperatures across the state, it is important for councils to continue to monitor local conditions. It may be necessary for councils to activate heatwave plans prior to a heat alert notification being issued.

These alerts will go to local councils, the department's regional offices and a range of stakeholders including Ambulance Victoria, the MAV and the Red Cross.

The system is likely to include email alerts and possibly SMS alerts when a heatwave is predicted:
- up to 7 days before
- 3-4 days before and
- the day before or on the day of the heat wave

These alerts will only recommend that councils start to prepare (early in week) and then activate (closer to day) their heatwave plans. What action is taken in response to the alerts should be documented in your Heatwave Plan.  

We will ask councils to nominate two contacts to receive the alerts ensuring that their emails are checked every weekday and can be accessed if someone is away from the office. Councils will be contacted shortly to provide the following details:
- Council address
- 2 x contact details (name, position title, email address and mobile    
       phone number)

Further information about the system will be sent to councils shortly.

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