The Ceramic Artistry Of Fez, Morocco

Three cities in Morocco are especially known for their ceramic artistry: Meknes, Safi and Fez. Together, they produce at least 80% of the pottery in the country.

The best known workshop in Fez is Art Naji, about a half-mile outside Bab el-Ftouh, the southeastern gate to the Old City. Here you can take a tour and watch craftsmen (and women) chip mosaic tile pieces, paint fanciful designs on plates, assemble elaborate mosaic tile fountain backsplashes and fashion tagines on foot-driven potter’s wheels. At the end of the tour you’ll find yourself in the shop (of course), where everything they make is ready for you to buy and ship back home.

Take a look at the artisans at work at Art Naji, and some of their incredible creations.


  1. Michele Peterson

    I’d really love a real tajine to make my Moroccan-style chicken. These ones looks beautiful and with some careful packing might make it home safely. Another great reason to visit Morocco!

  2. Neva Fels

    I would love to learn how to make these beautiful crafts. Your picture of the bowls show an amazing collection of different designs that would put me in crafting heaven.

  3. Kay Dougherty

    I enjoyed seeing the process the ceramics artists use in Morocco. I’ve seen some similar techniques in Turkey and really enjoyed it. I think I’d like one to cook chicken in too but I want to go and buy it in person!

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