iCyte Tutorial: How to CollaborateiCyte Tutorial: How to Collaborate


iCyte Tutorial: How to Collaborate


iCyte makes it easy to stay in sync with others on your research. Grow ideas, make decisions, and conquer logistics.

This brief tutorial will show you how.

Inviting Collaborators

  1. You can invite anyone, at any time, to any iCyte project you own, regardless of whether they currently have an iCyte account.

    When you create a new project, or edit an existing project, you see a version of the screen below. Under 'Collaborate', type in the email address(es) of your invitees, separated by commas. You can also click the pulldown to select from a list of people you're already collaborating with on other projects.

  2. The collaborator will receive an email invitation:

  3. You can also invite a collaborator by emailing a Cyte to them and checking the "Invite to project" box:

  4. If a collaborator does not wish to be involved in a project, they can click "Leave" in the Projects display in the Cytes page;


Collaborator Rights

  1. Everyone invited to collaborate on a project has the same rights, except that only iCyte subscribers can add or copy Cytes:

  2. When you invite someone new, iCyte creates a 'Non-Subscriber' account for them automatically. If desired, the new user can start a 30-day free trial, during which they are an 'iCyte Subscriber'.

Email Notifications

  1. When a new Cyte is added to a project, collaborators receive an email notification:

  2. If desired, users can turn off notifications by going to Setting > Notifications. Just click Change, uncheck the box, and click Save.