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Important: The iCyte service will be closing down on the 1st April 2022, read more here.

Your research. Anywhere.Your research. Anywhere.

Simplify your world – save, annotate and organize all your research securely in the cloud.

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Keep your websites

Keep your websitesKeep your websites

iCyte lets you save webpages & PDF's exactly as you remember them. Don't worry, we've crafted our saver to reflect every last detail.

Organize your work or play Icon_switcharrow_88x20

Organize your work or playOrganize your work or play

iCyte's realtime search ensures you'll instantly find what you're looking for. Remember why it's important with your highlights, tags and notes.

Collaborate on projects

Collaborate on projectsCollaborate on projects

Invite others to your iCyte projects to keep everyone in sync. Grow ideas, make decisions and conquer logistics.

Meet the iCyte Saver

Meet the iCyte SaverMeet the iCyte Saver

iCyte is a more powerful way to keep your online world. We've built the iCyte Saver to make sure that when you 'Cyte' a webpage, it remains exactly as you remember it. Your Cytes are truly timeless.

Carbon Copy

Carbon CopyCarbon Copy

When you save a site, our pioneering technology produces a carbon copy just like you remember.

Save the World

Save the WorldSave the World

We archive HTML, CSS and images to ensure that every detail is captured.

In the Cloud

In the CloudIn the Cloud

Your Cytes are accessible anywhere you are. Connect with iCyte to navigate your world.

Cross Browsers with iCyte

Cross Browsers with iCyteCross Browsers with iCyte

Wherever the web takes you, we're there -- no matter the browser. iCyte has been tailored to fit all popular browsers. Is it the end of borders? We think so.

Safari Chrome Firefox Internet Explorer
iCyte Plugin

iCyte PluginiCyte Plugin

Integrated into Firefox and Internet Explorer, our plugin allows for a seamless browsing experience.



Use the bookmarklet on Safari, Chrome and Firefox. Know Simplicity.

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