FlipScript Ambigram

You are going to flip over these designs.

Every FlipScript ambigram can be read right-side-up as well as upside-down. They're impossible to not flip over!

You can join your partner's name with yours, hide your secret identity within your name, or forever connect your family and friends into one design. The ambigram possibilities are limited only by your imagination!

For more information, see our new overview of Ambigrams.

To try it now, click the Create New Ambigram button at the top of this page.

Store Specials
Give some dignity to your communications with your own ambigram wax seal stamper.
$89.00  $69.99
One less little thing to worry about... your drink coaster will never again be upside-down.
$18.99  $16.99
With this conversation piece lighter, its not just the top that flips.
Put two names on this ambigram magnet, and you can rotate it to track turns doing just about anything (dishes, trash, backrubs).
$8.99  $6.99
Best Sellers
This heavyweight cotton ambigram T-shirt for men is guaranteed to turn heads.
Get your ambigram design delivered to you in full high definition (HD) resolution in just seconds.

Ambigram Generator Instructions
  1. Type in one or two words, names or phrases. Names similar in length work best.
  2. Select a font style for your ambigrams.
  3. Click the "Make Previews" button.
  4. The ambigram generator will create a gallery of designs for you to examine.
  5. When you find an ambigram you like, click one of the two buttons at the bottom to continue.
Note: This form only accepts letters A-Z, and will UPPER CASE them automatically.

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