- Powder Game ver7.9 -

Game Description :
I think it is interesting when the flow of the wind can be seen.
The whirlwind flies picking up the leaf.
Game that can reproduce such a phenomenon.
Genre : Simulation Games
Game Operation : left-click, right-click
New : [CREATE] addition.
Save game :

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newPlayer course 2
by Ptep258
2010/10/27 03:51
newapache helicopter
by haybales!
2010/10/27 03:46
newSnake Valley #3
by CEASORsalad:)
2010/10/27 03:45
newSlippy Slide
by Sweet Joe
2010/10/27 03:38

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- Game Instruction -
1.The kind of the pen is changed clicking the menu under the screen.
2.It operates it respectively in the left and the right of the mouse.
3.The dot is added and the wind is sent when clicking in the screen.
4.Let's look for how of my own way to play.
- Game Specifics -
[POWDER]   : Powder.
[WATER]   : Spray.
[FIRE]    : Spark.
[SEED]    : "Tree" grows when "Seed" is planted.
[G-POWDER]  : Because it is an explosive, it is the fire strict
[FAN]    : It keeps sending the wind.
[ICE]    : When "Ice" is made detailed, it becomes "Snow".
[S-BALL]   : Toy Super Ball.
[CLONE]   : The object that touches is proliferated.
[F-WORKS]  : Select colors that let off fireworks.
[OIL]    : Oil.
[C-4]    : Plastic explosive.
[STONE]   : It is heavy, it is possible to destroy it.
[MAGMA]   : All things are burnt.
[VIRUS]   : A surrounding dot is changed.
[NITRO]   : Nitroglycerin. Explosives of high sensitivity.
[ANT]    : When it touches the solid, a mysterious road is made.
[TORCH]   : It is weak to water though anything is burnt.
        Do when you burn the tree?
[GAS]    : Flammable gas.
[SOAPY]   : Soapy water.
[THUNDER]  : Random-like movement.
[METAL]   : Electricity and have good chemistry.
[BOMB]    : It explodes when it touches the powder.
[LASER]   : It goes straight single-mindedly.
        When METAL is polished, it reflects.
[ACID]    : Various things are melted.
[VINE]    : It grows up in surroundings of various things.
[SALT]    : If "Salt" is dissolved, it becomes "Seawater".
[GLASS]   : Transparent dot.
[BIRD]    : Crowd flight.
[MERCURY]  : Heavy liquid metal.
[SPARK]   : Spark of a calm.
[FUSE]    : It burns gradually.
        *The amount added by "PEN-S" is adjusted.

[WIND]    : The wind is sent in the direction of the arrow.
[AIR]    : left-click - atmospheric pressure rise.
        right-click - atmospheric pressure decrease.
[DRAG]    : Various things are moved.
[BUBBLE]   : Soap bubbles. Please move the mouse to draw yen.
[WHEEL]   : Cogwheel.
[PLAYER]   : operation stickman.
        left right - move
        up     - jump
        down    - action
        Head    - Attribute change
        *2P is WASD key.
[FIGHTER]  : It fights.
[BOX]    : Let's throw out, blow, kick, and roll it.
[BALL]    : It rolls well.
        *Ball selected by one is put out.
[CREATE]   : The object that touches is created.

[BLOCK]   : Wall that doesn't pass wind and dot.
        *The block of outer can be erased.
[ERASE]   : The block and the cogwheel are deleted.
[CLEAR]   : The dot and the wind are deleted.
[Copy/Paste] : It copies with the drug,
        and the paste is done by the click.
[TEXT]    : Select colors to depict the characters.
[PEN]    : Drawing style is changed.
        free - Free line
        line - Straight line
[PEN-S]   : Size of pen. The size that BLOCK draws is changed.
[SCALE]   : It expands and reduces by the click.
        It moves with the drug.
[SPEED]   : Speed Change. [Enter]key - stop playing.
[Start/Stop] : Time START / STOP

[UPLOAD]   : Uploading.
[SAVE]    : Temporary saving.
[LOAD]    : Temporary loading.
[MENU]    : Menu option.
        STR - name is displayed
        NUM - number of dots is displayed
[SIDE]    : Side option.
        OFF - Disappears
        LOOP - Go to the other side
[GRID]    : Grid line.
[BG]     : background effect.
        non  - Non-display
        air  - Green is a high atmospheric pressure,
            and blue is a low-pressure
        line - Flow of the atmospheric pressure and wind
        blur - Motion blur
        shade - Unsharp filter
        aura - Aura filter
        light - Light filter
        toon - Toon shader
        mesh - Wind is displayed with mesh
        gray - Gray scale
        track - Track filter
        dark - Dark filter
        TG  - Thermography
        siluet- silhouette
[DOT]    : The maximum number of dots.
[RESET]   : Reset.
If you can not play the games, latest Java please download.

- Shortcut key -
[PEN-S]   : [0]-[9]key
stop playing : [Enter]key
[LOAD]    : [L]key
Right-click : [Ctrl] + Left-click
- About uploading and download -
UPLOAD button, User-created data can be uploaded to the server.
You can share.

Downloading data is interesting if you please try to vote.
Everyone's cooperation in high-quality data can be leave.

[Uploaded to the following limitations]
User registration is required.
2nd only once can uploaded.
downloaded data is only author can uploaded.
Upload past 12 hours to a total of 50.

[Download is not restrictive]

[Vote the following limitations]
One's own works to can not vote.
One works only vote once.
Previous 3 months works to can not vote.

[About the Save game]
characters appear to re-enter it, to reproduce previous contents.
Notepad, copy and paste, please save.
downloaded data is only author can get.

After 12 hours, if the delete is often automatically deleted.

Work under game, "Past 1 Hours" or "Random past 24 hours" is
- To enable uploading -
Playing the game with a user registration.

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