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SMTP Relay Service - Full Pricing & Service Description

AuthSMTP accounts start at just $24 per year (equivalent of just $2 per month) - we accept payment in US Dollars, UK Pounds and Euros.

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Package name: AuthSMTP 30
Emails per month: 30000
From addresses: 110
Total data per month (GB): 3.0

Important Points

All new accounts include a money back guarantee so you can test to be sure it is compatible with your email program and Internet connection.

Message number and total size quotas are 'per month' - prices are 'per year'.

The quotas shown mean you can send 'up to' those figures - for instance with AuthSMTP 1 you can send 'up to' 1000 messages or 'up to' 100MB data (whichever you reach first) - each month.

If you have your own domain name we can also authorize sending 'from' the whole domain so you can effectively send email from any address @your-domain-name.com

All services are supplied subject to our Terms & Conditions and Acceptable Usage Policies.

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