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Cloud Servers

Starting at 1.5¢/Hr.
Linux or Windows Servers in Minutes
Cloud Files

Starting at 15¢/GB
Unlimited, On-demand Storage
  • Secure, Scalable Online Storage
  • Only Pay for what You Use
  • Easy to Access Via File Manager or API
  • Serve Content at Blazing Speeds with Akamai CDN
  • Powered by OpenStack
Cloud Load Balancers

Starting at 1.5¢/Hr.
Cloud Load Balancers On-demand
  • Dedicated (static) IP Address
  • Supports Multiple Protocols
  • Advanced Load Balancing Algorithms
  • Simple Configuration
  • Access Via Online Control Panel and Open API
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Harness The Power of The Cloud

Here's why you need Rackspace:

We consider it our mission in life to ensure that your experience as a Rackspace Cloud customer is exactly what you expect it to be: easy, reliable—heck, even fun. Our people make the difference! You'll get round-the-clock access to friendly, technical experts who are passionate about the Cloud. By phone, live chat, email or online ticket.

You can also enjoy our world-class Managed Service, which is ideal for any business or IT department that needs the on-demand availability, flexibility, and scalability of Cloud computing, but doesn’t have the in-house resources to manage it directly 24x7x365.

"When I looked in the dictionary under the word Support, I found a big Rackspace logo. No kidding, your support is the best in the world. And this is what I truly love."

—Ame Ruhnu, Tenonie, Inc.

What is Cloud Computing?

Simply put, cloud computing is a set of pooled computing resources delivered over the Internet. The Cloud delivers a hosting environment that doesn't limit an application to a specific set of resources. Depending on the platform, an application can scale dynamically and increase its share of resources on-the-fly.

Why use Cloud Computing?

The Cloud can quickly scale to thousands of servers to make resources available as they're needed. Rackspace Cloud hosting customers never need to worry about buying new hardware to meet increasing traffic demands or huge traffic spikes.

Rackspace Cloud offers three hosting products: Cloud Servers™ for on-demand computing power; Cloud Sites™ for robust web hosting; and Cloud Files™ for elastic online file storage and CDN.
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* Fanatical Support Always Included

“The experience at Rackspace has always been great.” Rich Lafferrty,

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"The mainstream cloud computing market is becoming a two-horse race, with Rackspace gaining fast on Amazon Web Services, and leaving Microsoft in the dust"

- Derrick Harris,
GigaOM Pro a high-tech market research service

Cloud Load Balancers

Easy to Deploy and Scale an On-demand Load Balancing Solution in Minutes
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Rackspace is positioned as a leader in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure as a Service and Web Hosting.
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