The Awards

The Luxperience Awards recognises inspirational and influential products/projects within the high-end and experiential travel, as well as within the premium events industry. The finalists and winners uncover the organisations setting industry standards and excelling in their field.

In 2017, the Luxperience Awards will align with the 2017 annual event theme, “Through A New Lens”; exploring the creativity and connectivity of marketing campaigns, recognising innovative and inspiring products, and acknowledging the meaningful way in which premium travel and events impact consumers and the world around them. Maintaining the focus on the theme there will also be an emphasis on photography and videography and the impact this has on communication. Nominees are encouraged to use these mediums in submissions.



The INSPIRING AWARD recognises excellence in the planning and development of innovative product/s and/or services through entrepreneurial vision, market leadership and uniqueness.

Nominees are judged on their entrepreneurial vision for creating a product or service for the high-end leisure travel or business events consumer which demonstrates innovation and inspires enhanced awareness of the potential within luxury and experiential travel. The product or service can be either a one off or ongoing offering.


the 'MEANINGFUL' award

The MEANINGFUL AWARD recognises excellence in the pursuit of preservation, sustainable tourism practices and/or environmental factors as its key goal.

Nominees are judged based on the individual or organisation's demonstrated approach and innovation in efforts aimed at the preservation of the environment, the raising of social awareness, promotion of cultural and/or historic elements of an experience, product or destination, and how the program was successful in accomplishing its goals.


the 'CONNECTIONS' award

The CONNECTIONS AWARD recognises marketing strategy and campaigns which effectively CONNECT with key target markets within the luxury or high-end experiential travel space OR events and/or incentives.

Nominees are judged on the strength of their marketing strategy and/or campaign to attract their target market. This can include website design and functionality, SEO/SEM and emerging online strategies such as channel extension and community development through social media platforms and /or loyalty programs. 




The DESTINATION AWARD acknowledges the activities of Regional State and National Tourism Offices in the Luxury and Experiential Travel space, and recognises destinations that incorporate luxury and high-end experiential travel as a key contributor to their overarching global strategy.

Nominees are judged based on the Tourism body or office’s demonstrating how they incorporated a luxury and/or experiential product and destination strategy to drive awareness, increase engagement and visitation. Consider providing measurable targets such as number of campaign partners, number of visitors, length of stay, regional dispersal and expenditure.