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Comparison of vacation rental listing services. Are they worth the cost?

by belindamaddux, Factoidz Writer

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Where do you start to find the best avenue for advertising your vacation rental? You need to do research for the best sites, with the best results. That is what we have compiled for you today. We will look at Craigslist advertising, versus 4 vacation advertising sites on the internet. The other sites being,,, and We will look at how user friendly the site is for the consumer, and how the site works to your advantage as the advertiser.

  • $174.00 pr year to advertise (Note the state of Florida is $199.00 pr year)
  • Nice site for the advertiser with the fact that you know exactly how many hits per month are being driven to your personal listing.
  • Organized in areas and price listings.
  • Easy to navigate.
  • Nice page lay out well written and 8 photos per page.
  • Covers the entire world.
  • Contact for owners direct, no additional fees. / vacationrental

  • $99.00 per year.
  • Hard to find page on search.
  • Only covers the United States.
  • You do not have calenders to easily click on, you have to enter the exact dates to see availability.
  • No counters for tracking hits on this site.

  • $299. per year
  • Access to 4 total sites (,, and
  • Beautiful site.
  • Not any bookings on 5 homes I looked at in Costa Rica/ Other site had same home and it was showing booked for 3 months/ Not linked properly with home owners input from other bookings/ Or not updated properly?
  • Florida had lots of bookings.
  • Maybe the name is not driving in the vacationers. Vacation Rentals By Owner

  • $299.00 per year.
  • 5 photos and enlarged to give full detail.
  • Loved the colorful maps of the entire world, just click what part of the world you want to vacation in and it is there for your viewing.
  • Same cottage at in Costa Rica, had no price shown, no bookings shown. Here it was booked Jan, Feb, March, and 5 weeks in different monthly intervals prior to that. for advertising vacation rentals

  • Free listings.
  • Listings need to be updated weekly.
  • 4 photos, but can attach a link to as many as you like.
  • Go to the country of your choice, or state and city.
  • Post under Vacation Rentals.
  • The response is great, it use to be slow, now everything is up and running smooth. Response time is instant.
  • To get the best results re post weekly to stay at the top of advertising.
  • Results are awesome personally have vacation rentals in Costa Rica.
  • You need some basic computer skills to set up postings and photos.

Summary of my review of vacation rental listing services

I would have to say that I personally would use craigslist as a cheap way to kick off my advertising. Then when I make some money I would reach out for paying the yearly fee for advertising. My first pick would be the site. Then after testing the water so to speak with them, I could make a comprehensive first hand decision on where is the best place to advertise on the web. It is all about being found easily through the search engines. Or having the name that everyone knows. It is having the best product at the best price too. So be competitive on your rental rates. Have a nice home that everyone wants to rent just by viewing the photos. Be descriptive as well, draw the attention to your rental listing. Lets make a success in advertising our vacation rentals through the web.

Online Resourses

  • ( search using country or city name craigslist costa rica)
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