June 04, 2009

Antennas of the Race: Rahul Alexander vs. Jacly Conley

Continuing with the Antennas of the Race series, we were fortunate to catch up with two sets of artists who will be participating in Nurture's first ever Bushwick Biennal which opens on Saturday, June 6th--an exhibition that commerates young, emerging artists in perhaps the most purist spirit. In addition to Nurture, the Bushwick Biennal will be on view at Pocket Utopia, English Kills, and Grace exhibitions.

Our first group of artists in conversation is Rahul AlexanderRahul Alexander and Jaclyn Conley. Alexander's work is best characterized as multi-media paintings that utilize found imagery and patterns that suggest that use a sense of nostalgia to suggest the ideals of the future. Conley works in painting, drawing and sculpture to transform the body into complicated compositions that touch upon the collective memory of the viewer.

Jaclyn Conley, No Fingernails Left, oil on canvas, 48x60", 2008

Q: (Alexander)

So you’re a painter, I’d like to know what drives you to work in such a classical medium.

A: (Conley)

I don’t think I choose paint because of a classical nature just as I wouldn’t choose a material because it seemed innovative. I do appreciate the history of the medium especially when I think outside of a linear progression; I look at equal amounts of new and old art. The dense history of imagery and painting resurfaces in all work, though maybe most obviously when it is the same media. For me these links are usually unintended. I like that a work can change depending on the context, particularly of time; that, in a way, art becomes a changing, rather than a static, singular object.

I hear often from my interdisciplinary artist partner that it’s so much easier to be a painter because at least when you go into the studio each day you know what you’re getting in to. And there’s some truth in that. Limiting myself generally to oil paint, there is a familiarity and it becomes a framework for thinking and acting. I was given pencils and crayons and since then I kept seeking materials that improved on the qualities I liked: versatility of color and mark, a very basic, forgiving and completely independent process and a visible history of an object’s making.

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We Love WFMU

We've said it before, but WFMU's Beware of the Blog is one of our favorite sites on the www.interbloggy webamajig. Get your download-em-all plugin ready and check out this generous collection of 44 old time rockabilly and country tunes. Oh, and there's more here. Thanks WFMU.

New MGMT Video: "Kids"

This Week In Williamsburg Food

A few bits of news to catch you up on.

If you get tired of the crowds at your favorite haunts this summer, head up to slightly-less-densely populated Camden, Maine for "The Maine Event," a foodie's celebration of New England recipes featuring instructions on pig butchering, pie making, shellfish shucking, and some good ol' fashioned chicken slaughtering, among other essential practices. Your instructors will be Tom Mylan and Caroline Fidanza of Marlow & Sons, Dennis Spine of Roebling Tea Room, and Millicent Souris of Egg, all taking up residence with you at the 17-acre Salt Water Farm, run by New York expats, from August 12th to 17th. It ain't cheap, $2500/couple, $1500/individual, but just imagine how many lobsters you can get for that price. They practically grow on trees up there. [From Brooklyn Based]


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David Carradine dies performing secret Kung Fu manuever on self


David Carradine, star of Death Race 2000, Kill Bill Vol 1&2, Kung Fu, and my dreams of having the coolest Grandpa ever, died today. Kinda mysterious circumstances as the BBC article originally had the pseudo-Asian actor found in his closet with a cord wrapped around "his neck and genitals," but since changed the wording to "his neck and other body parts." I like to think he was just perfecting a deadly new martial arts technique but flew a bit close to the sun. RIP Kwai Chang Caine.

Jeffrey Lewis Objectified

To Be Objectified - Jeffrey Lewis & The Junkyard
"We're only boats. And the boats are only empty..."

So I saw Jeffrey Lewis & The Junkyard at Bowery Ballroom a few weeks ago and although I was bummed he didn't perform "Williamsburg Will Oldham Horror," it was an awe-inspiring performance complete with slide shows of his renditions of world history and a duet with Diane Cluck. At one point he joked that the show was going to go on for hours a la Adam Green - and it kinda did. By the end of the show I found myself standing at the foot of the stage wishing I was an anti-folk star too! Boy what fun it must be - such self-deprecation and extremely profound observations of the universe - whoever said ignorance was bliss never wrote a Jeffrey Lewis song. Check out his new album 'Em Are I here.

June 03, 2009

The Daily Footprint 06/03/09

River Street

Gillis on the Water

Girl Talk playing the Waterfront August 23rd? So says BV.

Grizzly Bear's Veckatimest in Billboard's Top 10


Veckatimest debuted in the Billboard Top 10 this week at #8 with 33,000 sold. Interesting sales stat: "40% of its sales came from downloads while another 24% were shifted at independent and small chain stores." Keep buying local!

Stereogum notes this is "at the very least, an objective metric for the > or < Merriweather debate."

Brooklyn Star Gazing

It was the more-than-century-old wood brick oven that led Joaquin Baca, co-founder of the Momofuku empire, to chose the diminutive space on a lightly trafficked stretch of Havemeyer Street for his new Southern restaurant, Brooklyn Star. And indeed, framed alluringly in the exposed kitchen like the altar in a Gothic cathedral, diners and chef alike seem eager to worship at it. But while the oven grants distinctive flair to these modern takes on Dixie staples, Baca has said that it is also an “organic machine,” with hot spots and cold areas, and requires some finesse. The same could be said of Brooklyn Star itself. The menu, divided between small and big plates, with oddly overlapping price ranges, offers plenty of eye-catching choices and seems affordable, on average. But a meal comprised of only the intriguing, buzzed-about (and, yes, most expensive) dishes, can still cost you, and will pass over some of the more subtle standouts.

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Traditional Marriage Explained

[via Buzzfeed]

While we're on the subject.... when is Obama going to wake up and smell the decade? We need some leadership on this issue. Thus far, he sounds a lot like Bush on the gay mariage issue: "I'm a Christian.... my religious beliefs say that marriage is something sanctified between a man and a woman."

Perhaps he should take note of Hillary's latest statement on the matter and stop playing politics on human rights. More after the jump:

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New Peaches - 'Lose You'

She's uh...she's in love with both of us.

Music Slut tells us it was produced by Simian Mobile Disco, who's James Ford also lent his production hand for the new untitled Arctic Monkeys album, dropping August 25th.

June 02, 2009

No Age, Gang Gang Dance, The National Inspire Apparel Collection


Soundscreen Design, a Bklyn-based design company, asked three "prominent designers" to create art for indie bands that inspired them. The end result, which is Soundscreen's first apparel collection, is now for sale, printed on organic t-shirts, hoodies and totes. Those inspirational bands are:

No Age, Gang Gang Dance, Deerhoof, Handsome Furs, Fucked Up, Liars, Battles, The National and Pelican

But first, a party! Members of The National and Gang Gang Dance are DJing the release of Soundscreen's Summer 2009 Collection at Glasslands Gallery this Thursday, June 4th @ 8:00pm. It costs no monies. Flyer posted after the jump.

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LANDy - yes please

The girls are kinda creepy man but boy is Adam hot!

Wow I think there is finally a celebrity foray into music that isn't a complete joke - (a la Honey Brothers, DOGSTAR and Scarlett Johansson) - featuring the backing band talents of members of Earlimart and The Flaming Lips - LANDy is writer, director, actor and all around HOTTIE Adam Goldberg's new band. OK maybe I'm biased since my mom spotted him at Balthazar last year and said something along the lines of "WOW - isn't that the hot guy from Saving Private Ryan?" And yes, yes it was.

His debut album Eros and Omissions comes out June 23rd - in the meantime peep the new video for "BFF!" Yes maybe it's pretentious as fuck featuring girls that remind me of The Shining twins, apples, lemons, strings and over- sized sexy playing cards but it's actually dare I say - excellent!


Landlord to Black Betty: Drop Dead


The Brooklyn Paper has already done a stellar job reporting on the real estate-related undoing of neighborhood founding father Black Betty, but there are still a few pertinent details that mourners must know. First, some bittersweet news: closing ceremonies kick off tomorrow night, June 3rd, with Hype of the States, Orion Experience, and DJ Chris Rob, starting at 10:30pm. After that, look for Chin Chin on June 4, the eighth anniversary of Brazilian Beat on June 7, Jonah Smith on June 10, the Pimps of Joytime on June 11, and, for their June 15 finale, the Reverend Vince Anderson. (More details here.) After that sad, sad day, look for their “Make Love, Not War” parties to move to Rose and Vince Anderson to take up residence at Union Pool. Of course, neither of these venues serves chicken tagine or chickpeas with basmati rice, but they will have to do.

Now, the just plain bitter stuff:

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Brooklyn Brat Pack Mashup

What does one long weekend and the best rooftop in Williamsburg get you? A summer kickoff music video to end all. A tribute to a tribute, inspired by the Youtube bratpack mashup video set to the tune of Phoenix's Lisztomania, the soon to be omnipresent (if not already) summer jam.

The Original Mashup

I think director Ian Parker explained the reasoning behind the tribute to the tribute best: We did it for the summer, for friends, sunsets, and social propaganda experiments, for the sake of global cultural education. and pop music.


My friend Clint took some amazing photos of the zombies roaming McCarren Park and the rest of Williamsburg on Sunday, including this (paid?) participant having a tug of war contest via the hooks in his and his competitor's back. I get the whole appeal to dress up and shuffle around en masse, but can someone explain where this fits in?

Slideshow here.

June 01, 2009

Northside Festival: The FREEwilliamsburg Showcase

Mark your calendars! Here are the final details for our upcoming Northside Festival showcase.

an ALL AGES show at DEATH BY AUDIO ($10)
49 South Second Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn [map]

set times: 8:30/9:30/10:30/11:30/12:30


+ With the live debut of These Are Powers' new video "Easy Answers"
++ FREE Heineken from 7:30-8:30
+++ FREE Ice Cream provided by FreeIceCream.net

RSVP on Facebook!


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May 31, 2009

The Daily Footprint 5/31/09

Zombie Pub Crawl - The Charleston

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Grizzly Bear Nitemares

Last night, I saw Chris Taylor of Grizzly Bear fame out at Spuyten Duyvil, taking advantage of the weather to enjoy the garden and impressive beer selection. Alas, I did not have the courage to tell him how much I love the new album. Not because I'm scared to approach people generally, but because the new video for "Two Weeks" has seriously creeped me the fuck out.

Real Estate Live Video - "Beach Comber"

Needless to say we're pretty psyched to have Real Estate as part of our showcase on June 12. Here they are at the Annex on May 27th. [via Stereogum]

Real Estate - Beach Comber [Live] from Ray C. on Vimeo.

Auto-Tune The News #4

May 29, 2009

The Daily Footprint 05/29/09

The Levee

Livin' for the Citaaayyy! on a Saturday? Duh!


Tomorrow night is the premiere of Livin' for the Citaaayyy!, the new monthly party at Legion on Metropolitan Ave.

Playing all kinds of rare and not-so-rare danceables from the 50s 60s 70s 80s and 90s, this will most likely be the time of your life-- mostly bc they've got one-part of the Free Danger duo DJing, who you can catch at the FREEburg Northside showcase on June 12th.

[Flyer compliments of Behold the Destroyer]

Mesa Coyoacan Open


Tonight marks the official opening of Mesa Coyoacan, a traditional Mexican restaurant from chef Ivan Garcia, original menu designer for Barrio Chino and most recently chef de cuisine at Mercadito. There’s nothing avant-garde about the menu, most of which will seem familiar at first glance--his “grandma’s recipes,” as Garcia put it, down to house-made tortillas--albeit with modern touches such as Berkshire pork in the carnitas tacos and grass fed beef for the carne asada. Look for tacos (3 for $9), a sampling of ceviches, sopas, and tamales, as well as entrees, including enchiladas de mole, pork-and-fruit-stuffed poblanos topped with walnut sauce and pomegranate seeds, and spiced lamb in chile ancho, chile guajillo, and avocado leaves steamed in a banana leaf, none over $15. Those price points and the warm interior (Chino-style wood tables for up to 14; salvaged 1940s wallpaper; and actual family photos hovering over the dining space like a glowering abuelita) you can expect Coyoacan to finally turn the former Pampa Grill space in Graham Ave’s “Fish Tank” building into the destination those architects clearly meant it to be.

Beer and wine only for now, including red and white sangria. Brunch due next week. Full menu here.

Mesa Coyoacan
372 Graham Avenue

Ticket Giveaway: Emilie Simon at Le Poisson Rouge

emilie nyer photo.jpg

Adorable French electronica darling, Emilie Simon, has got a couple of New York shows coming up, including one in our 'hood:

June 2nd - Le Poisson Rouge, NYC
June 17th- Public Assembly, Brooklyn
July 23rd- Highline Ballroom, NYC

We've got two tickets to the June 2nd show with Holiday Shores! Be the third to email me (nicole@freewilliamsburg.com) and they're yours. WE HAVE A WINNER!

Download "Fleur de Saison (Season Flower)" here.

May 28, 2009

McSweeney's, SMITHMAG, and The Rumpus Present: YOU'RE NOT ALONE


Amanda Palmer (formerly of the Dresden Dolls), comedians Todd Barry and Eugene Mirman, Matthew Caws of Nada Surf, the Six Word Memoirists, authors Amy Tan and Anthony Swofford, and first time McSweeney’s novelists James Hannaham and Jessica Anthony all throw themselves at the collective intellectual fan this Saturday night at the Highline Ballroom for YOU'RE NOT ALONE, an evening presented by McSweeney's, SMITHMAG, and The Rumpus. We recommend you check this out, tickets are only $12 for all this awesomeness!

The details:

Comedy by Todd Barry and Eugene Mirman

Music by Matthew Caws of Nada Surf

Readings by Anthony Swofford, Jessica Anthony, James Hannaham, The Six-Word Memoirists, and Amy Tan

Hosted by author and Rumpus editor Stephen Elliott

Happy Hour from 6-7: $4 PBR; $5 All other beers; $6 Well Drinks

[Show link; Facebook group; Rumpus post]

Bushwick the Board Game?

The young, tired, broke, identity-craving, huddled masses continue their surge eastward along the L line... and the inherent humor of Brooklyn's gentrification has been nearly extinguished by a neverending slew of lousy hipster commentary. Case in point: This "Bushwick the Board Game" video, which is kinda marginally funny. Maybe it's just that the voice-over is super annoying, but we're left to wonder WTF is coming next.

From EveryGirlsSecret.com:

“NullSet Films has evolved into a full-blown empire, with the creation of NullSet Games and its inaugural release of Bushwick the Board Game. The game has evolved along with our ever changing neighborhood and is now ready for you...

“Visit an art show, attend your bands gig, take a ride on the L and take home a handsome stranger. Roll the dice for the trip around the board to gather cards and coins. Physical challenges include tasks such as calling a former lover, spinning the bottle, and additional feats of strength. The first to end up at their new pad in the wick (and is able to pay rent) wins. Simple. Hipster tested, unanimously approved."

Moog + Schaefer + 70s = Awesome

It's not even noon, but yes, I do want a Schaefer now.

May 27, 2009

A (Sort of) Review of Dan Deacon

Several years ago, I was walking to a party at college, holding a cup of grain alcohol punch. (Purchase Punch as it was called at my school.) When I walked into the door, everyone was crouched down on the floor and huddled, so that campus police couldn't see the illegal party happening. I crouched with my fellow brethren. The cops swept passed the "G Block" of the Old Apartments in their car. The moment the coast was clear my friend Dan jeered, and everyone jumped up and started slamming into each other. I would like to imagine that is the genesis for Dan Deacon's infamous countdowns--although I'm not sure he would ever agree.

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Behold, the Beauty Bar!

photos by Adam Au, c/o the L

With their big weekend just around the corner, The L went and got a sneak peak of the new Bushwick Beauty Bar and sends home some very "Jetsons-chic" photos. They also learn us on the chairs - "purchased from a shuttered beauty parlor in Lancaster, PA," the sign - "taken from the real Powder Puff in Kutztown, PA," and the lights over the bar - "vintage home hairdryers."

G Train to Connect Williamsburg and Park Slope


Despite The Brooklyn Paper's headline which made us slightly queasy: "MTA finally finds your G-spot with extended service," we're delighted this is finally happening. I guess we should expect more headlines like this, now that Murdoch is running the show. As our friend Kevin pointed out, it could have been worse: “Marty Markowitz finds your G-spot with extended service.”

From Brooklyn Paper:

The G train will be extended to Church Avenue in July, creating the first direct link between trendy Williamsburg and posh Park Slope.

The service boost, scheduled to go into effect on July 5, became necessary because of planned track work along the elevated section of the F and G lines in Carroll Gardens and Park Slope.

This is of course very exciting news and worthy of a much better headline. So, SUBMIT YOUR OWN IN COMMENTS.

Calexico does Hope Lounge


Though it's technically a rain-or-shine event, this evening's inclement weather may keep some of the crowds away from Hope Lounge and this year's kick-off of the Finger On the Pulse barbecues [via Eater]. Head on over at 7pm for $2 dollar PBRs and, infinitely more enticingly, $5 plates of Mexicali deliciousness from 2008 Vendy Award-winning Calexico. (In the slight chance you missed their recent appearance on "The Martha Stewart Show," check it out here. The FOTP folks are also giving away iPod covers from sponsor Incase to those that get there at the crack of cocktail hour, but admit it, you'd trample your own mother's iPhone for access to cheap Calexico with, possibly, shorter than usual lines.

Chicago's Ferris Beuller House For Sale


For $2.3 Million, you can be the Cameron you've always wanted to be. Now you just need to find a daddy with a vintage Porsche.

Check out the listing here.

Homework Assignment for Better Veggies

Print & put in your building. Or just sign up.


Brooklyn art

If I wasn't working tonight I would be here in a heartbeat. Jen Bekman's gallery, 20x200 and hey hot shot! all have exposed me to brilliant work that I otherwise would have never come across. From the 20x200 blog:

Jen Bekman of Jen Bekman Projects, Inc., will be crossing the river to join artist and collector Danny Simmons, Joe Amrhein from Williamsburg's Pierogi Gallery and Steve Weintraub of Arts in Bushwick for an evening discussion on Brooklyn artists and collecting in the borough.

The panel, "Collecting in Brooklyn" is part of the Brooklyn Museum's larger series, Collecting Currently, and will bring you up to speed on emerging Brooklyn artists and the best ways to get your hands on some of their work before they hit the big time (read: while you can still afford it).

The discussion will take place next Wednesday, May 27th from 7:00 - 8:30 p.m. at the Brooklyn Museum — Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Gallery, 5th Floor.

Wine is included in the $20 ticket price ($15 for members). Visit www.museumtix.com to register. Be there or be, um, artless!

My Little Pony, But Better


If you're like me, this is right up your alley. Via Brooklyn Based:

It all started with a birthday party. Talitha Whidbee, owner of Champion Coffee in Greenpoint and Vine Wine in Long Island City, bought a case of blank, white My Little Pony dolls for her daughter’s birthday party. While watching the under-seven-set glitter and bedazzle the ponies, adults at the party starting talking about how they would decorate one of their own. Whidbee decided to give some ponies to local artist pals and see what happened. Then she called Brooklyn Based to see whether we wanted to turn the whole thing into an event to benefit a local charity. We saddled up immediately.

The results? An exceptional equestrian exhibition. Some are still recognizable as ponies, but a few artists took the challenge to a whole other abstract level. There’s sculpture, photography and even some diorama-style pieces in this show. All of the completed ponies are currently on sale on eBay. Or, head to Champion for an iced Americano, a chocolate mint cookie and a leisurely look at the very creatively hung installation, which went up Tuesday. Artists include Tony Matelli, Drew Heitzler and Peter Miller.

Go enjoy some snacks & Pony Punch at the reception this Friday (7-10pm) in the backyard of Champion, 1108 Manhattan Ave., and bid on one of these vamped up little ponies. All proceeds will be donated to Just Food.

If Mancow Calls It Torture, It's Torture

May 26, 2009

So So Glos + Air Waves at Market Hotel

So So Glos

Nicole Schneit of Air Waves once clarified that her band's name is not meant to refer to the transmission of sound, instead it is the air we breathe and the waves of the ocean. Am I over-thinking things to say Air Waves make a lot more sense knowing that? Give Air Waves one listen and it's clear their music is more natural earnestness than radio fuzz (not that radio fuzz isn't near and dear to my heart). Saturday evening Nicole and crew were at the top of their game, playing with a fantastic slate of bands at Market Hotel which included Jersey's Screaming Females and Baltimore's Double Dagger. Openers Videohippos were also impressive, playing with a video accompaniment that made for a punk acid trip.

Market Hotel's resident So So Glos headlined the show and shook the place to it rafters. At one point during the set fans could be seen climbing up pillars and piping around the loft. Maybe they were trying to get a better view or maybe it's the new crowd surfing. The phrase "driven up the wall" traditionally means you were annoyed by something, perhaps the So So Glos live set has spawned a gleeful antonym.

More images after the jump.

Air Waves

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R.I.P Jay Bennett


Very sad news

Multi-instrumentalist and former member of Wilco Jay Bennett died this weekend, according to a post on the website for Undertow Music Collective. He was 45. A cause of death was unknown. “We are profoundly saddened to report that our friend died in his sleep last night. Jay was a beautiful human being who will be missed,” read the update on Undertow. The company released his 2002 solo album, “Palace at 4 am (Part I).”

Representatives from the label and management firm had not responded to requests for comment as of Sunday evening, but the Chicago Sun-Times reached Bennett’s friend and collaborator Edward Burch. "Early this morning, Jay died in his sleep and an autopsy is being performed," Burch told Jim DeRogatis.

In the late ‘80s, Bennett founded the rock band Titanic Love Affair in Urbana, Ill., which lasted into the mid-‘90s. He was best known for his seven years in adventurous rock act Wilco. Bennett split from the Chicago-based group in 2001, and since his departure had been pursuing a solo career, as well as operating Pieholden Suite Sound – named after a song on Wilco’s 1999 album “Summerteeth” -- in Champaign , Ill. ...

Bennett was asked to leave the group before “Yankee Hotel Foxtrot” was released, and his relationship with Wilco leader Jeff Tweedy remained strained. In early May of this year, Bennett filed suit against his former band mate for breach of contract stemming from his participation in “I Am Trying to Break Your Heart.” Bennett was seeking damages in excess of $50,000, according to court papers.

Late last month, Bennett posted on his MySpace page that he was to undergo hip replacement surgery, revealing that he had been living with a torn ACL since his time in Titanic Love Affair, and lacked health insurance. He was also completing work on his fifth solo effort, "Kicking at the Perfumed Air."

"This whole experience has really taught me to look both inward and outward for support, and I’ve learned things about myself that I thought I had completely figured out years ago," Bennett wrote on his MySpace page. "Family and friends have helped me to keep faith in a future that will actually be much more carefree than my constricted present state. I encourage you all to tell me stories of recovery, as they really do help."

Wilco are on tour in Spain, but a spokesperson for the band passed along a statement from Tweedy: "We are all deeply saddened by this tragedy. We will miss Jay as we remember him -- as a truly unique and gifted human being and one who made welcome and significant contributions to the band's songs and evolution. Our thoughts go out to his family and friends in this very difficult time."

Let's hope this isn't true!
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