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Monday, March 16th, 2009

Late rumor has iPhone 3.0 getting copy-and-paste, multitasking

Apple may be adding some of the iPhone's most heavily requested software features -- including multitasking the ability to copy and paste text -- with the unveiling of the 3.0 update this week. ( 55 comments )

Saturday, March 14th, 2009

Apple sued over exploding iPod touch, iMac display issues

Apple's build quality has been called into question as fresh lawsuits blame the company for an iPod touch that caught on fire as well as the widely-known vertical line defect on iMac displays. ( 120 comments )

Friday, March 13th, 2009

Jon Stewart exposes Apple stock manipulation

Proving once again that the best way to reach Americans' brain is through their funny bone, Jon Stewart of the Daily Show continued his warpath aimed at irresponsible financial reporting by CNBC, specifically calling Jim Cramer out for his comments on how easy it was to profit from misinformation aimed at Apple. ( 137 comments )

Over 80 bug fixes due in Mac OS X 10.5.7 "Juno"

Apple on Thursday evening made available to its developer community yet another pre-release of Mac OS X 10.5.7, which stands to be the seventh maintenance and security update to the company's Leopard operating system in less than 18 months. ( 44 comments )

Apple expected to release new Final Cut Studio near NAB Show

While Apple isn't expected to attend this year's National Association of Broadcasters event, sources familiar with the company's plans say it is preparing to release a new version of its Final Cut Studio near the event. ( 42 comments )

Thursday, March 12th, 2009

Inside Apple's new third-gen iPod shuffle (teardown photos)

The latest, most petit version of Apple's iPod shuffle music player can be disassembled without major challenge, according to a new tear-down report, which notes that the player is compatible with third-party headphones if all you want to do is listen to music straight and not control playback or volume. ( 82 comments )

iPhone 3.0 MMS, tethering rumored; Sirius XM iPhone app enroute

Apple's just confirmed iPhone 3.0 firmware is already rumored to add MMS picture messaging and data tethering. Also, Sirius XM has said it plans to give its radio subscribers an iPhone app, and Maine is negotiating a major deal to lease 100,000 MacBooks for its schools. ( 89 comments )

High-quality unboxing photos of Apple's third-gen iPod shuffle

Apple retail stores on Thursday began receiving the company's third-generation 4GB iPod shuffle in extremely limited quantities. What follows are a few dozen unboxing and comparison shots, along with some commentary. ( 79 comments )

Apple to unveil iPhone 3.0 software at March 17th event

Apple on Thursday announced plans to hold a special media event for journalists on its Cupertino-based campus that will offer a sneak preview of the next-generation iPhone operating system dubbed iPhone 3.0. ( 175 comments )

CBS to stream March Madness games live to the iPhone

CBS Sports announced Thursday plans to stream NCAA March Madness basketball games live to Apple's iPhone and iPod touch through a new application, but with a WiFi-only requirement and price tag of $4.99, many fans may choose to watch tournament for free on their Mac, PC, or big TV. ( 6 comments )

Apple rolling out more advanced App Store review system

Apple this week took another major step towards improving the controversial rating system on its fledgling App Store by allowing shoppers to filter reviews of applications by version number. ( 19 comments )

Apple exploring Magic Wand controller for next-gen Apple TV

Apple is exploring the possibility of including a wireless "remote wand" with future versions of its Apple TV media system that would provide users with precise control over a cursor on the Apple TV screen in very much the same way a conventional mouse controls a cursor on a PC. It would also unlock three-dimensional controls similar to those offered by Nintendo's Wii controller. ( 50 comments )

Wednesday, March 11th, 2009

Apple details new Voice Over controls for iPod shuffle

Apple has detailed the remote control features of the new third generation iPod shuffle, which pairs Apple's now-standard earphones with an integrated remote that includes voice feedback and visual signals from an indicator light. ( 102 comments )

Apple releases iTunes 8.1, Front Row Update 2.1.7

As anticipated, Apple on Wednesday evening delivered iTunes 8.1 with performance enhancements, support for CD imports to iTunes Plus, and new Genius features. Separately, the company also updated its Front Row media application. ( 47 comments )

iPhone behind only Nokia and RIM in global smartphone share

Apple maintained the third place position in global unit sales of smartphones, but was passed up by Microsoft's Windows Mobile to become the fourth largest smartphone vendor in terms of operating system platforms as it continues to lead the industry in year over year growth. ( 57 comments )

Faster iTunes 8.1 with new import and Genius features due soon

Apple sometime later today or this week will make available for download a speedier version of its iTunes media software that will extend the company's Genius feature to more media types and support direct CD imports to iTunes Plus format. ( 65 comments )

Apple ups Mac build plans on strong reception to new desktops

Apple this month is increasing the number of Macs on order from its Taiwanese suppliers following a better than expected response to its refreshed desktop line, according to a new report. ( 53 comments )

Apple unveils redesigned iPod shuffle with speech technology

Apple on Wednesday introduced an all-new iPod shuffle that's nearly half the size of the previous model and includes speech technology, making it the first music player "that talks to you." ( 342 comments )

Apple orders 10-inch touchscreens for mystery product

Adding fuel to rumors of a so-called "netbook" under development inside Apple, Reuters is now citing its own sources in saying the touchscreens ordered by the company measure 10 inches diagonally. ( 173 comments )

Apple to unleash new 4GB iPod shuffles with Dock sync cable

Apple later this morning is expected to introduce a new version of its iPod shuffle digital music player with 4GB of storage capacity, new colors, and other tweaks, according to a source. ( 21 comments )

Tuesday, March 10th, 2009

Corporate legal scrambles to withdraw inflated Palm Pre claims

After Palm investor Roger McNamee of Elevation Partners made wildly optimistic claims about the forthcoming Palm Pre, attorneys at Palm and Elevation Partners issued a free writing prospectus 'clarifying' facts that were misstated and 'withdrawing' his more exaggerated claims. ( 53 comments )

iTunes 8 users grapple with missing Dolby surround sound

Viewers hoping to hear 5.1-channel Dolby audio from movies and TV shows on Apple's iTunes Store are being frustrated by a known bug that disables the surround feature in software. ( 30 comments )

USB 3 test spec to be in Apple's hands by June

A new USB standard that would bump data throughput to 5Gbps is slated to arrive as a test specification in June, with a possible final release ready for Apple adoption by next year. ( 88 comments )

Apple's App Store already nearing pace of $1 billion business?

As Apple's 9-month young App Store redefines the smartphone industry and spawns copycats, actual app sales are approaching a frequency that could see the digital shop become a billion-dollar business before year's end. ( 8 comments )

Hackers crack Apple's iTunes gift card algorithm

$200 iTunes Gift Certificates are selling for less than $3 in China now that a group of local hackers has circumvented Apple's algorithm for creating the digital vouchers and built their own gift certificate generators. ( 70 comments )

Dow Jones claims confirmation of Apple netbook

Sounding more like speculation at best, two anonymous sources have reportedly confirmed to Dow Jones that Apple is planning to launch a touchscreen netbook in the second half of this year. ( 189 comments )

Monday, March 9th, 2009

Apple laying off 50 sales staff due to economy, enterprise

After making itself appear impervious to economic conditions, Apple has reportedly shown 50 enterprise sales workers the exit in a low-key move that refocuses the company. ( 73 comments )

Jailbreak stores plot to plunder iPhone app revenue

At least three groups are working to syphon cash from Apple's river of revenue between iPhone users and third party developers. Accomplishing that will require inducing more jailbreaking of iPhones, ensuring contention from Apple itself. ( 41 comments )

U2 jumps ship from Apple to Research in Motion

In a move that will clearly distance itself from one-time ally Apple, world-famous alternative rock band U2 revealed plans for its upcoming tour to be sponsored by Apple rival Research in Motion, in what the two sides are calling a "shared vision." ( 112 comments )

Eminem firm loses iTunes royalty lawsuit against Universal

Universal Music has prevailed in a case that would have otherwise given millions more to artists for the sale of their songs on digital download services such as Apple's industry-leading iTunes Store. ( 35 comments )

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