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Record wizard

Use our record setup wizard to help you create an SPF record for your domain.

Form based record testers

E-mail based record testers

  • We provide an e-mail based record tester. Send an e-mail to spf-test@openspf.org. Your message will be rejected (this is by design) and you will get the SPF result either in your MTA mail logs or via however your MTA reports errors to message senders (e.g. a bounce message). This is done to avoid the risk of backscatter from the tester. This test tests both MAIL FROM and HELO and provides results for both.

    It uses the Python SPF (pySPF) library, which is fully compliant with the SPF specification. MTA services for this test are provided by Controlled Mail. This is an Open Patent service.

    An example result is:

     <spf-test@openspf.org>: Recipient address rejected: SPF Tests: Mail-From Result="pass": Mail 
     From="you@example.com" HELO name="mail.example.net" HELO Result="pass" Remote IP="">
  • Port25.com provides another tool to test whether your SPF record is working. Send an e-mail to check-auth@verifier.port25.com and you will receive a reply containing the results of the SPF check.

Form based TXT record viewer

For implementors

  • Test Suite - not a tool like others on this page, but maybe what you are looking for.

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