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Issue 260: Firebug disables Mac Standard Cmd-Tilde switching
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Status:  Triaged
Owner:  Hans.Hillen
Cc:  robmcampbell, Hans.Hillen, johnjbar...@johnjbarton.com, cbartley2017

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Reported by laura.kolker, Aug 13, 2007
What steps will reproduce the problem?
1. Enable Firebug when using Firefox 2
2. Command Tilde no longer switches between Firefox windows.

What is the expected output? What do you see instead?
On Macs, Command-Tilde cycles through the current application's windows.  

What version of the product are you using? On what operating system?
Mac OS 10.4.10
Firebug 0.4

Please provide any additional information below.
This problem didn't occur when I used Firefox 1.5 and previous. 
I originally noticed the problem when I updated to Firefox 2.
I isolated that it was a Firebug problem by disabling all of my extensions,
and enabling them one at a time until the command-tilde-switching stopped
Comment 1 by johnjbarton.com, Sep 11, 2007
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Labels: OpSys-OSX
Comment 2 by johnjbarton.com, Sep 15, 2007
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Labels: keys
Comment 3 by laura.kolker, Sep 21, 2007
Just installed Firebug 1.05, and command-tilde switching is working again. (Firefox

Comment 4 by robmcampbell, Aug 22, 2008
Works with fbug 1.2.0b* and Firefox 3.0.1. Mac OS X 10.5.
Comment 5 by brion.vibber, Apr 26, 2009
1.4X.0a20 and 1.4X.0a21 on Firefox 3.1b3 are giving me this same problem. :(

I don't recall encountering this with older 1.4 alphas (or earlier versions).
Comment 6 by gvanenk, Apr 28, 2009
I'm also having this problem with 1.4X.0a20/1.4X.0a21 with Firefox 3.0.9 and 3.0.10
Comment 7 by johnjbar...@johnjbarton.com, Apr 28, 2009
Since I have no idea what this is about, Hans or Rob any ideas?
Summary: Firebug disables Mac Standard Cmd-Tilde switching
Status: Triaged
Cc: robmcampbell Hans.Hillen johnjbar...@johnjbarton.com
Labels: -Priority-Medium 1.4
Comment 9 by johnjbar...@johnjbarton.com, Apr 28, 2009
Maybe the first time thing is related to Curtis' movement of stuff from
browserOverlay.xul to firebugOverlay.xul?
Cc: cbartley2017
Comment 10 by gvanenk, Apr 28, 2009
It looks like 'shift + command + `' does work for me.
Comment 11 by Hans.Hillen, Apr 28, 2009
Ignore my earlier comment (which I just deleted), I thought we were talking about
Issue 1686:"Several keyboard shortcuts do not work (FF 3.1b3, FB 1.4a20)". 

This might be related to my keybinding changes, I'll have a closer look at this one. 
Owner: Hans.Hillen
Comment 12 by vdmurphy, Apr 29, 2009
This is happening for me on 1.4X.0a22, Firefox 3.5b4, Mac OS X 10.5.6. But only since
I upgraded last upgraded Firefox.
Comment 14 by allankh, May 04 (3 days ago)
Same here. Running 1.4.x.0a23; Firefox 3.5b4; OS X 10.5.6

"Command + Shift + `" works too, but I'd love it back to where it was.
Comment 15 by dangoor, May 06 (2 days ago)
This one was driving me batty. I had been using Firebug a17, IIRC, and it was fine.
Upgrading to a22 broke it. cmd-shift-` works, which is a nice workaround for now, but
cmd-` is much more wired into my fingers.

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