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Tim Cahill's behaviour perfectly reasonable

Article from: The Daily Telegraph

June 15, 2009 12:00am

IT IS behaviour that would no doubt lead to an NRL player being suspended and fined, but not Socceroos star Tim Cahill.

According to the FFA, getting so drunk you are refused service and arguing with bar staff before being ordered out of the premises is perfectly reasonable behaviour. That is the only conclusion to be drawn from Cahill escaping penalty for a drunken incident at a Kings Cross nightclub.

The timing could not have been worse for soccer officials, but while the NRL and AFL have taken a strong stand against player misbehaviour, Cahill will not be sanctioned by the game's governing body.

The FFA did its best to hose down the incident - not wanting to detract from the glitzy World Cup bid launch in Canberra yesterday. Cahill was ejected from Sydney bar Trademark in the early hours of Friday morning after being refused service because he was too drunk. Sources claim Cahill reacted angrily with bar and security staff who ordered him to leave the premises. But last night, the FFA dismissed claims of a cover-up and confirmed no action would be taken against Cahill.

"We've spoken to the player concerned, we've spoken to his teammates that were with him at the time, we've spoken to the venue management and we certainly believe that Tim has not done anything wrong," FFA chief Ben Buckley said.

"Let me just say, we've had no complaint from the venue management, we've had no complaint from any individual and no complaint from the police."


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Latest Comments:

It is hardly true when there have been no official complaints. Nor have any names been mentioned. All "media" reports have reported that "a source says this and a source said that". That is hardly credible. Sounds like a few sour fans of other codes trying to ruin the great reputation of the real Football code. Good try,

Posted by: B of Sydney 10:17am today

'According to the FFA, getting so drunk you are refused service and arguing with bar staff before being ordered out of the premises is perfectly reasonable behaviour. That is the only conclusion to be drawn from Cahill escaping penalty for a drunken incident at a Kings Cross nightclub.' What are you talking about? How could anyone possibly have drawn that conclusion? The FFA have clearly stated what they believe happened, and it wasn't that. This is just plain weird.

Posted by: Tom of Melbourne 9:38am today

If all incidents of this minor nature by NRL players were reported the whole paper would be full. This smacks ot the Daily Telegraph trying to deflect attention from the shocking behaviour of Ruby League players by targetting Fooltballer players. Also a second agenda at play, hit football when they launch their World Cup bid.

Posted by: DAC of 9:30am today

As was mentioned on this site yesterday, if Cahill's incidetn had been the latest in a long line of incidents involving football, or soccer as this paper prefers, players then the FFa would have delat with it a bit differently, but this is an isolated incident, so why crack down. So lets review what Tim did, he's a twenty something aussie male, that got drunk at a nightclub, and was refused service and asked to leave- close to closing time. NON ISSUE!

Posted by: Paul of Sydney 8:45am today

The same comment 2 days running? When will you understand that the only people concerned by this are the Daily telegraph? The NRL has been forced to take a zero Tolerance policy because of the sheer number of incidents of players misbehaving when on the drink. If they could keep themselves under control then maybe the NRL could show more leniency to first time offenders, who are only guilty of doing what 50% of young males are getting up to anyway.

Posted by: Greg Robertson of Sydney 8:35am today

You guys just won't let go will you......I'm about to cancel my subscription to your paper as will my business. I want to read unbiased commentary leading into the World Cup and I don't like rugby league. This is not a story - it's an attempt to justify recent events in the NRL. You are the only ones running with it.

Posted by: Reggie of Newcastle 8:31am today

For the Socceroos to be treated like the NRL boys they really need to lift their game. No complaint from the venue management is just not good enough. The socceroos need to be involved in a multitude of nighclub incidents, drunken brawls, appear on camera intoxicated, be caught with traces of illegal drugs in their system, build relationships and links with underworld figures and get themselves involved in non-consensual and consensual sex scandals. These acts will also need to be sustained by a number of palyers over a long term period. Only then can they claim to be on a par with the NRL.

Posted by: Jack of Northern Beaches 8:02am today

This story is dying a very speedy death, The Daily Telegraph had an anonymous witness, FFA investigations have found that Tim Cahill did nothing wrong yet I guess you have to keep going with this story because you took the risk in publishing something unsubstantiated....time to drop this and report on real stories

Posted by: Chris Jack of Dee Why 6:30am today

please name your source as it appears others present do not support your allegations.

Posted by: brad jones of wollongong 6:00am today

What's going on here? Why is anyone who plays a sport getting a big write up and notoriety just because they behave like normal human beings. When you become a sportsman of some note, do you relinquish al rights to have a life? Bloody Hel!!! soon sportsmen will have to attend church everyday just to be allowed to play a sport. Get off their backs.

Posted by: Brenty of West Sydney 5:45am today
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