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Hello iCyters,

Welcome to all our new users! We’re committed to supporting this rapidly growing community with excellence.

The Wall Street Journal Reviews iCyte

Many thanks to reporter Katherine Boehret and The Mossberg Solution for their full length coverage of iCyte in The Wall Street Journal. See the article and video.

Thousands of new users have joined the iCyte community since the WSJ article appeared last week! iCyte may have been called “the best kept secret on the web”, but it looks like that’s changing fast.

User Tip 1 - The "Cog"


To the right of every Cyte thumbnail, you’ll see this handy cog.

Don’t be afraid to click on it - it’s your key to doing useful things with your Cytes (including deleting them, if desired).

The cog appears in the blue Cyte header, in the iCyte Sidebar, and in My View.

User Tip 2 - The Project Page

For quick access to all the Cytes in a particular project, just open your iCyte Sidebar, find a Cyte from that project and click on the project name. The corresponding iCyte project page will be launched in your browser.

User Tip 3 - iPhone Access

Want to access a project page quickly from your iPhone? Launch Safari, go to www.icyte.com, log in (be sure “Remember me” is checked), and choose a project from your list on the right side of the screen. Then click the plus sign (+) at the bottom and choose “Add to Home Screen.”

That’s it - you can now access your project with a single click. Convenient for quick mobile access to your unread news articles, travel confirmations, prospective purchases, recipes, song lyrics, fun activities ... anything you like.

(And yes... an iPhone app is on our development list!)

User Tip 4 - Emailing Cytes

Users tell us that e-mailing Cytes to others is one of the most convenient features of iCyte. Just click on the cog next to any Cyte thumbnail. The recipients don’t have to be iCyte users, and sending Cytes from a private project does not expose anything else in your project. Learn more...

Your Top Support Questions and Answers

You wrote, we read, we replied. Here are your most common tech support questions:

I have installed but don't see my Cyte icons.
In Firefox, go to the View menu and select Toolbars -> Customize. Then drag the iCyte icon up to your toolbar. Learn more...
My Cytes are not saving.
In your browser settings, make sure 3rd party cookies are enabled (or create an exception for iCyte). Learn more...
I can't see the Save button when I am creating a Cyte.
You may need to adjust your browser's Zoom level back to 100%. Learn more...
Can I highlight multiple passages in the same web page?
After you’ve created a Cyte, the webpage stays on your screen with your highlight in place. You can then highlight another passage and create another Cyte. The Cytes are linked - in the Cyte header you’ll see arrows to navigate from Cyte to Cyte. (We are looking at enhancing this functionality based on user feedback.)

Product Update 1 - E-mail Notifications

You'll now receive automatic e-mail notifications when new Cytes are added to the projects you collaborate in. This a great way to stay in touch with your collaborators everyday, without having to set up an RSS feed. We hope you like this new feature. (If not, you can turn off e-mail notifications in your Profile Settings).

Product Update 2 - Renaming Cytes

Now you can title your Cytes however works best for you (and the people you share your Cytes with). Click on the cog to the right of any Cyte thumbnail and select Change. From there you can change the Cyte’s title - along with the project, tags and notes - any time you like.

Coming Soon - Chrome and Safari Support

Our new bookmarklet for Chrome and Safari is currently in internal testing. If all goes well, we’ll release it in May so you can start creating Cytes in your favorite browsers. Many thanks to those of you who’ve been patiently awaiting this development. We'll post on Facebook and Twitter when the bookmarklet is released.

Public Projects in the Spotlight

Monika Hardy is a high school teacher, leadership coach and avid blogger. She maintains a range of public iCyte Projects to benefit her students, present and future. Check out Monika’s projects Ed Conversations and Exemplar Schools for interesting Cytes on improving the quality of education.

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That's it for this month. Until next month - enjoy using iCyte and keep organizing the web your way.


Stephen Foley


2150 Shattuck Ave, Suite 220, Berkeley, CA 94704