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Internet Marketing is a subject that is full of fairy tales, lies and deceitful misguidance by gurus and profiteers....

Our mission at SEO20/20 is to introduce you to YOU 2.0

YOU 2.0 is to shift the power away from Internet marketing gurus and profiteers to place the power of Internet market domination firmly in your hands in a no hype, no sales pitch kind of way.

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In order to compete in today's online marketplace you have to be able to sort out misinformation & hype from the "TRUTH" or you will fail.

When you become well rounded in the "8 Essential Elements" then you have the power to dominate any market online. You will be able to make money in any market that you focus on and you will gain true security for yourself and your business.

SEO20/20 covers these 8 elements in full and explicit detail including audio, video and written action steps that will move you firmly into the new generation of Internet Marketing.

SEO 20/20 is a tool for both beginners and experts to quickly locate online marketing information and resources that are accurate, up-to-date and tested.

SEO 20/20 is a place for savvy Internet marketers to come and be educated on up-to-date fundamental business building knowledge, software and tools.

SEO 20/20's mission is to give you the knowledge, tools and power to dominate any market that you choose to focus on no mater if you are a beginner or a seasoned professional.

This website is for you if:

  • You have an offline business that you want to bring online.

  • You have an online business that is getting less than optimal results..

  • You have never conducted business online and want to get involved.

  • You are completely new to any business of any sort and you want to make money online.

Each section below represents a fundamental element of Internet Marketing that cannot be ignored if you with to succeed online.

ELEMENT 1: Market Research & Market Discovery

Market research is the beginning of any Internet promotion. Internet Market research includes:

  • Profitable Market Discovery
  • Back Engineering Competition
  • Product Discovery
  • Market Driven Keyword Research
  • Discover market trends by immersing yourself in the subject matter related to your market.
  • Discover the top markets within any market.

Visit Element 1: Market Research

ELEMENT 2: Online Sales Funnel Development

In this stage of development you need to develop a process that converts your traffic into sales. It makes no sense to move past this point until you have accomplished this task.

Once you discover a profitable market then you need to:

  • See what your competition sells
  • See how your competition sells it
  • Create your sales funnel (convert traffic to sales)
  • Develop a form of email marketing known as an Auto responder Series (ARS) - Many people refer to this as "list building".

Visit Element 2: Online Sales Funnel Development

ELEMENT 3: PPC Testing of sales funnel

Once you develop your sales funnel for a product or service you need to test it with Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) advertising to fine tune your sales process. PPC testing involves:

  • Creating relevant content to increase your quality score so you don't pay too much for clicks.
  • Bidding on keywords that your customers seek.
  • Logging your effective keywords and your money keywords.
  • Split testing different sales processes and work to do better than your best.

Visit Element 3: PPC Testing

ELEMENT 4: SEO Website Design & Structure

After you determine "profitable" areas of your market through PPC testing then you begin creating a blueprint for your website design.

It makes no sense to design a website using keyword research tools. Your website design should be determined by keywords and key phrases that have proven themselves to produce revenue through your sales funnel.

Once you develop your website blueprint then you have an exact map to follow in order to dominate your market online.

In this section you will learn website optimization using a "website silo structure" in order to build the relevance of your entire site as a whole. The more relevant you become the higher you will rank in the search engines. This has been proven through rigorous testing.

Website optimization lends itself directly to Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Visit Element 4: SEO

ELEMENT 5: Web Content

Creating relevant content is science coupled with copywriting skills. Every page of your website should lead visitors into your sales funnel through good sales copy. Every page of your website will target a different keyword or key phrase.

In order to be found relevant (by the search engines) for your money keywords or phrases you must:

  • Include other keywords and phrases, that the search engines have determined to be directly related, within the body of your content.
  • Learn about and implement market driven keyword research using a co-occurrence framework.
  • Write content using data from your research.

You are guided through the process of content creation by following your website blueprint, step-by-step.

Visit Element 5: Web Content

ELEMENT 6: Link Building

As you add new content to your website you should build no less than 3 inbound links (links from other websites) to your new page.

This coupled with the theme giving silo structure of your website will cause you to me more relevant than all of your competitors.

You will see rankings for long tail terms within 2 weeks. Within 60 - 90 days you will own a major share of your market and over time (as you add new content) you will become a market dominating force. This has been proven time and time again.

Visit Element 6: Link Building

ELEMENT 7: Online Business Management

You need to make a plan and stick to it. If your tasks become too much for you then you will learn to outsource tasks to other people.

Visit Element 7: Online Business Management

ELEMENT 8: Internet Marketing Tools

This section is dedicated to reviewing all of the tools that you can use to make your life easier and utilize your time more wisely. If you use the right tools then you will effectively eliminate the need to hire employees or contractors to manage the same tasks.

Visit Element 8: Internet Marketing Tools

Also see: Webmaster Tools

Market Domination through
Search Engine Marketing...

All traffic originates at some point with a search engine. When you build a long-term Internet Advertising Business Plan then you will never have to guess about what your next move will be. SEO 20/20 was developed to give you the skills to make this possible in a short amount of time.

If you choose to ignore the principles taught here then you may as well quit the Internet marketing business because you will fail. This is a promise.

The best Internet business that you will find is the one that you discover on your own that is in line with your interests, desires or passions.

When you become a well rounded within each of the 8 major topics above then you will hold the power to dominate any market that you choose to focus on. You Internet income will grow steadily month after month, year after year.

It is puzzling to think that most aspiring webmasters focus on traffic building. This is a big mistake. Traffic does not equal income, it never has. You must learn how to convert targeted traffic into income and this can only be done by following the 8 major sections above.

When you follow the step-by-step tutorials on this website then you will make money online in any market you discover. Every profitable Internet business follows these guidelines to one degree or another.

Your key to online success is contained within the pages of this website. In order to follow the lessons taught here from beginning to end in a systematic way we suggest that you join our Internet Marketing Tutorial Series. You will receive a new lesson every 3 days.

To join this series and receive the free "Market Domination" report simply complete the form below...

  Get the "Market Domination" report to get the real scoop on what it takes to dominate any online market in 60 - 90 days.
You will also receive ongoing tips, tricks, insight and insider knowledge from top industry experts on strategies (that work) on Internet marketing.
First Name:

We will never sell, rent or use your personal information for any other purpose. Your privacy is guaranteed.


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