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iPhone 101: Two-fingered Scrolling

Everyone knows that you can use a single finger to scroll web pages in Mobile Safari but it's less well known that you can use two fingers to scroll frames and other subpage elements. Normally, on personal computers, you use a separate scroll bar for webpage frames. On the iPhone and iPod touch, these scroll bars do not appear and the content expands to fill the frame set area. By using two fingers at once, you tell Mobile Safari to scroll the element rather than then entire page. I find this especially useful when filling out forms with scrolling selections such as when I do blog posts and need to add categories.

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Tip of the Day

Did you know that you could use Command-A with text fields on the iPad? It's very handy when using an external Bluetooth keyboard. It selects all the text in the field and displays a touchable Cut - Copy - Paste menu, letting you easily replace the field text or copy it to the system pasteboard.

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