Description: Compass is a real stylesheet framework, not a collection of classes. With Compass, you still use the best of breed css frameworks (blueprint, yui, 960); ported to Sass to make them easier to configure and apply to your semantic markup.
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Compass is a CSS Meta-Framework that provides ports of the best of breed CSS frameworks to Sass and ready to use in your ruby-based web application or stand-alone via a simple command-line interface.

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What the Community is Saying about Compass

     Compass is exactly how I expect a CSS framework should work. Code less, do more. Wickedly cool. — Lorin Tackett

     [code written with compass] is amazingly beautiful! It is a complete pleasure to work around. I truly feel like it is the first big “whoa” I’ve had since I read Zeldman’s book years ago! — Margaret Shear

Want maintainable, semantic CSS? Compass will show you the way.

Bugs Reports, Discussions, Support

If you are getting an error about undefined constants or mixins, it’s probably because you don’t have the latest version of haml. Read the Getting Started page for installation instructions.

Send a note to the mailing list

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File a bug


Have an idea for a feature?

Discuss it on the mailing list

Know CSS like the back of your hand?

Compass needs some great designers to help kick start the plugin ecosystem. With compass, for the first time, designers can truly share designs in a semantic, customizable way. Please contact me if you would like to participate in the brainstorming and development of this new frontier.

Have a favorite framework that’s not supported?

Compass has a plugin infrastructure that makes it easy to build your own and distribute it. Read Adding Frameworks to Compass. See the Plugin for a concrete example.

Want to help support compass in other frameworks?

You just need to implement an installer that understands the directory structure of the framework and a command line switch. Contact me for details and then fork, modify, commit, push, request pull.

Can you code in Ruby?

Read the ToDo List. Then fork, modify, commit, push, request pull. Might want to check in with the mailing list first to make sure it’s not already being worked on.

Want to make sure we don’t break stuff?

So do we. If you have good ideas for how to QA a visual project where browser support is a major issue, We’re all ears. Hopefully we won’t screw up the frameworks during porting, but you never know.

Are you a Designer?

The Compass website is going to need some love eventually. Let us know if you’d be willing to help.

Want to help promote Compass?

Great! You can help document it here on this wiki, or go evangelize out on the ‘net.

Want to give us money?

pfff. That’s lame. Your help is much more appreciated. Unless it’s a lot of money.

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