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Delphi - Microsoft Outlook COM (5)

Finally we quit the Outlook application to clean up resources. You can however choose to omit this Quit call and have Outlook stay on the users screen.

Thats all there is to it, we have created an application to send emails in Delphi in just a few minutes. This article covers only the tip of the iceberg. The range of possibilities is huge. Here are a few of the common uses for Outlook in Delphi applications that we have seen down the years. Maybe you can use them too??

An application that monitors Outlook folders for spam content. Users inbox folders are searched for key words in the subject and body content of mail items. Mails which are considered as spam are moved to the custom folder called quarantine. Using Outlook COM you can accomplish this with ease.

Email notification. Used in a variety of applications in which users, managers or even customers require remote notification when a certain action has been completed or approved. E.g. the completion of a customer order, a report is ready for the managers approval and many other situations.

Automated Drafts. Using COM you can create an advanced 'mail merge' application that integrates customers details in your database together with promotional attachments detailing new and exiting products that suit there particular tastes. Each customer is sent a unique email containing their name and promotional product they might like. A great marketing tool.

The list just goes on and on. Good luck!!


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