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FireLite Mini Firestarting Kits

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FireLite Mini Firestarting Kits

"An exceptionally useful firestarting kit based on a miniaturized version of the Firesteel firestarting tool, Tinder-Quik firestarting tabs, and a completely waterproof Aloksak..."

Kit Contents

The FireLite Mini Firestarting Kit contains the following items:

  1. One (1) Firesteel Mini "Swedish Match" style firestarting tool with steel striker tethered by a short cord
  2. Ten (10) Tinder-Quik firestarting tabs
  3. One (1) 5" x 4" Aloksak


Ryan Jordan assembled the parts for this kit for the daily firebuilding chores (cooking and warmth) used in unsupported expedition travel. Combined with a Bushbuddy Ultra Wood Stove and a FireLite SUL-1100 Titanium Pot, an expeditioner can travel long distances in remote terrain while enjoying hot foods at will without worrying about carrying fuel, or the need to protect matches and lighters from moisture and other modes of failure. This system is the one developed for and used by Ryan on the Arctic 1000 Expedition.


At the heart of this kit is the new Firesteel Mini firestarter. Ryan commissioned the design and manufacture of this product for the ultralight community - at less than half the weight of a Firesteel Scout, the Firesteel Mini should prove its worth to the ultralight community when every gram is debatable. The firestarting tool, the sparker, and the cord have all been lightened up in the Firesteel Mini.

When deciding on the ultimate in ultralight firestarting tinder, we've found absolutely nothing better than Tinder-Quik tabs. They are light, reliable, and compact. We've used them for four years now, and truly, find zero fault in them at all.

Finally, we package the kit into a tough, totally waterproof, and compact bag that is large enough to hold firestarting supplies for a 10-20 day trek: a 5" x 4" Watchful Eye Designs Aloksak.

Proven in the Alaskan Bush, ultralight can indeed be ultra-functional.

Safety Considerations

Starting a fire with a firesteel is an excellent, low-impact, sustainable method which can easily replace a lighter and matches with practice. The key word in that statement however is practice. Much like many techniques applied in the backcountry fire starting is a skill that should be honed to ones desired comfort level before being relied on solely. Many experienced backcountry campers carry a firesteel for primary use but keep a lighter or matches sealed in a waterproof bag as a backup should they find they aren't having luck with the firesteel. Other hikers do it the other way around. They use a lighter or matches primarily but carry a firesteel should an emergency arise and the firesteel is their only option.

The important lesson to learn is how to properly use a firesteel in combination with cotton tinder, followed by effective fire building skills at home or in a controlled camping environment before you embark on a backcountry journey in which a lack of these skills could inhibit your safety.

  • Practice sparking the firesteel onto tinder at home
  • Practice adding kindling to the tinder
  • Practice building small fires from the kindling
  • Practice keeping a fire going

There is a theme that seems to be occurring here - practice, practice, practice. Use the following informative photos as a starting point. Keep in mind that the striker has an 'up' and 'down' side. The method by which the metal is pressed creates a sharp edge and a dull edge. The side marked 'up' should be facing you when you strike so that the sharp edge causes sparks.


  1. Take a Tinderquik tab (fluff/pull apart to increase surface area), small quantity of dry grass, or other flammable material and build them up into a pile.
  2. a) Grip the Firesteel with one hand
    b) Take hold of the striker with the other hand
    c) Position the striker against the Firesteel
  3. Forcing the striker "slowly down" with the thumb of hand holding the FireSteel
Proper use of a Firesteel Proper use of a Firesteel Proper use of a Firesteel


  • Custom-designed Swedish match style firestarter provides reliable firestarting with spark shower sufficient to light both natural and synthetic tinder bundles
  • Orange firestarter handle prevents it from blending in with terrain and getting lost
  • Stainless steel striker is custom built for this kit and has been miniaturized to save weight without sacrificing ergonomic function
  • Ultralight tether cord keeps firestarter and striker tethered so they don't get lost
  • Water-resistant firestarting tinder provides enough fuel to start most fires with only one tab; one to three tabs can be used to start fires using other damp tinder
  • Waterproof zip storage bag provides durable protection for the entire kit and holds enough firestarting tabs for expeditions from 10-20 days in length
  • Specifications:

    • 0.81 oz (whole kit, includes Firesteel Mini, miniature striker, cord, 10 Tinder Quik tabs, and 5x4 Aloksak
    • 0.30 oz (Firesteel Mini only)
    • 0.19 oz (miniature stainless steel striker only)
    • 0.01 oz (tether cord)
    • 0.10 oz (Tinder Quik firestarting tabs only)
    • 0.21 oz (Aloksak only)


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