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Dahon MuP8 with BionX electric motor system

Dahon MuP8 with BionX electric motor system

Dahon MuP8 with BionX electric motor system

Electric drive system:
Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.
With the Dahon MuP8 Bionx conversion you get the best of both worlds: the Dahon MuP8 folding bike and the Bionx electric bike conversion kit. The Dahon MuP8 offers a comfortable ride and adjustable fit, as well as 8 speeds, a compact folded package, and a sleek, beautiful design. The Bionx electric bike conversion kit offers a wide range of assistance. You have four levels of pedal assistance, where the motor assists you at either 25%, 50%, 100%, or 200% of your effort as you pedal, a throttle (once the bike is in motion, you simply press down on the throttle to ride without pedaling), and regenerative braking (when set, this will help you recharge your battery as you use your brakes.)

The Dahon MuP8 Bionx conversion is one of the lightest and most compact folding electric bicycles on the market. The Dahon MuP8 Bionx conversion can be folded in less than 20 seconds into a compact size of approximately 13" x 25" x 30". The Bionx conversion kit offers an excellent range per charge. Using the bike's regular gearing in conjunction with the electric assistance just makes it that much more effective.

The Dahon MuP8 Bionx conversion is the perfect bike for the commuter or urban cyclist who wants the assistance of an electric bicycle without the usual heavy weight and large size, with the ability to fold it and take it into the apartment, the office, and on the subway or bus.

The Bionx electric motor system is customized for this particular folding bike and has options of a 250 Watt or 350 Watt motor (of continuous power and a peak of 400Watt/700Watt.) If you are of average rider weight and don't live in a very hilly area, the 250W motor will get the job done. If you're above average weight, plan on lugging a lot of weight with you, or live in an area with steep hills, the 350W motor would be your best option. Both versions of the Bionx kit come with both pedal activated assistance and throttle assistance modes.

The battery is Lithium Ion (Li-Ion), which is a simple, lightweight option. It will fully recharge within 4 hours and requires little maintenance. The battery can be charged on or off the bike, and the smart charger won't over-charge it; you can leave it plugged in overnight and not worry about it. The removable battery locks into place on the water bottle mount on the frame (out of your way) and the control console is easily accessed right on the handlebar.

The folding of the Dahon MuP8 is simple as well. All it requires is the hand-loosening of 4 clasps and the bicycle collapses to its folded size without the need of any tools, removing any of the wheels or adjusting any of the gears. The wires are out of the way and do not obstruct the folding and require no special attention in the folding process. The folded bicycle rests comfortably on its two wheels and seat post. The Dahon Mu P8 comes in an attractive blue.

Easy to fold and even easier to ride.

RANGE20-30 miles
TOP SPEEDElectronically Limited 20mph
MOTORChoice of 250W or 350W
BATTERYNiMH or Lithium
GEAR INCHES32" - 93"
  • Min: 610mm (24")
  • Max: 640mm (25.2")
  • Min: 710mm (28")
  • Max: 980mm (38.6")
FOLDED SIZE35 x 64 x 77 cm (13.78" x 25" x 30.3")
FOLDING TIME15 seconds
SUGGESTED RIDER HEIGHT142 cm - 193 cm (4'8" - 6'4")
MAX RIDER WEIGHT105 kg. (230 lbs.)
FRAMEP Series, 7005 butted aluminum alloy, custom-drawn Sonus tubing, forged Lattice hinge, EmBed, ViseGrip technology, replaceable hanger
FORKIntegrated, patented Fusion technology
HANDLEPOSTRadius Telescope™ adjustable, patented Fusion™ technology, forged aluminum, patented InSide™ lock
HANDLEBARRitchey, 6061-T6 aluminum, straight
HEADSETDahon Fusion, Zero stack, cartridge, sealed
GRIPSBioLogic™ Ergo, AirFlo™ design, reflective end plugs
SADDLEBioLogic™ AirFlo, Mojo Groove design
SEAT POSTBioLogic™ Zorin PostPump
SEAT CLAMPDahon Turtleneck clamp
BRAKESKinetix SpeedStop V brakes, stainless flex noodle, stainless link and anchor bolt, "SilentGrip" ceramic brake pads
CABLES AND HOUSINGDahon LiveWire, SIS housing, slick cable
FRONT WHEELKinetix Comp, 20H radial laced, ultralight 58 g. cartridge bearing hub, CNC machined doublewall rim
FRONT HUBKinetix Neutron, cartridge bearings, Ultralight 58 gram design
SPOKES14G, stainless, brass nipples
RIMSKinetix Comp, doublewall, CNC sidewalls, wear line indicator, black
TIRESDahon Special Edition Schwalbe Marathon Racer, 85 psi, Qualifier Compound casing, RaceGuard puncture protection, Reflex
SHIFTERSSRAM 3.0 Comp, SRS technology, 8 speed
CASSETTEShimano HyperGlide 8 speed, 11-32T
CRANKSETSugino XD, cold-forged 6061 cranks, 2014-AL chainring
BOTTOM BRACKETCartridge, sealed bearings
PEDALSSuntour folding, non-slip
KICKSTANDAluminum, Dacromet bolt
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