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All prices for Quester products include free support and free Software-Updates.

Note: For an OLfolders network you need on each workstation (Outlook User) (a) MS Outlook and (b) the OLfolders Client software and the in each client license included server application OLfolders-Server. An example:

Peer-to-Peer network for 5 workstations you need [4] Clients (4 Clients incl. server). The server component can be installed on one or several workstations in your network .

Client-Server network for 5 workstations with one separate server computer you need [5] Clients (5 Clients incl. server). The server component will be installed on one separate server computer (including Microsoft Outlook).

Note: The OLfolders-Server application needs no license code.

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Note: German customers need to pay 19 % VAT

Product licenses





Outlook Groupware

1.0 OLfolders; Graduated prices: € 84.02 (1 client incl. Server: 2 User network).


1.1 OLfolders; Additional licence(s) € 81,00 per User (Existing network extension).


Test license: OLfolders and OLfolders PE; Free of charge. Details - see below *1.2

2.0 OLfolders PE; Graduated prices: € 44.00 (1 client incl. Server: 2 User network).


2.1 OLfolders PE; Additional license(s) € 44,00 per User (Existing network extension).


3.0 QSynchonization; Graduated prices: € 42.24 per Client (User).


Outlook Add-Ins

1.0 QNewsLetter licence(s); Graduated prices: € 42.24 per Client (User).


2.0 OLfax license; € 30.17 per user.


3.0 QMailFilter license; € 25,00 per user.

4.0 QSearchFolders license; € 42,24 per user.


5.0 QSyncFTP license; € 17,20 per user.

6.0 Reminder manager (demo download)


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*1.2 Test license

Order your 30-days free of charge test version of OLfolders/OLfolders PE - all fields except email address are optionally. We will use your email address only to send you your evaluation code.

After registration (Your order) you will receive your original license codes by email for the temporally unlimited use of OLfolders, which is immediately fully applicable without new installation and with your current actual Microsoft Outlook data.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us via e-mail: and/or by phone +49(0)40-987 668-56

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