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Photoshop layer finding quick tip

If you've ever worked with a huge Photoshop file, you know that it's easy to get lost between the dozens of layers. If you have a large pasteboard with several elements, you can get frustrated trying to find the layer that contains the image you want to move/apply filters to/etc. The tiny thumbnails in the layers palette doesn't do much to help, however, there is a way to do it. Hold down the Control and Command (aka Apple) keys, and click on an image in the pasteboard. A menu will pop up, showing the name of the layer it is on. By selecting the menu item, you switch to the layer.

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This requires proper naming of layers to work well. Because it still gets confusing when you have semi transparent layers and you can't tell what's on the top.

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Good tip..I use that sometimes but usually never have to. I always click on the "Auto-select layer" check box so that all I need to do is click on the layer and move it around. I really don't see any reason why it's a bad thing but a guy I work with doesnt like the feature and cusses at my computer every time he uses photoshop on it. Heh.

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If you have the move tool (V) selected and you click on a pixel while holding Ctrl (or Cmd on a Mac I believe) you temporarily have Auto Select Layer active and it will select that pixel's layer.

I hate auto select layer being on all the time because I use the move tool alot and don't like having to be careful where I drag from.

So remember, just hold Cmd or Ctrl down and click on some pixels on the layer you want. Instant layer selection. :o)

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I left out, that when you click on an area with more than one layer (semi transparent, as Ivan said), it shows both layers in a menu. Neat.

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