iCyte – Making Bookmarking a Thing of the Past

icyte making bookmark a thing of the past iCyte   Making Bookmarking a Thing of the Past

Have you experienced researching or reading something on the webpage and then after a period of time decided to continue reading it some other time?

If yes, then the most common thing to do is bookmark the page in order to view it some other time, right? But the problem is, if you are reading very long texts, is finding the exact line where you left the last time. And what if the page you bookmarked is now gone?

Well, worry no more, just create Cytes using iCyte.

Capture iCyte   Making Bookmarking a Thing of the Past

iCyte is an add-on for your browser that is save webpages quite similar to bookmarking.
But the big difference is it lets you save any webpage you like on iCyte’s server, with highlights on the important text, plus notes and tags for quick reference. So even the webpage does not exist anymore, you can still view it.

The webpages you saved is  called Cytes. Unlike bookmarked page, you can share your Cytes through email. Send them to Twitter or Facebook, even embed them in blogs. (Or keep them private – viewable by your invitation only).

To get this amazing add-on, just to go iCyte.com, register for an account and download the add-on. And don’t worry, it’s absolutely free.

Here is a video about iCyte:

Here is a sample video of creating Cytes:

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