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TC² is an internationally renowned, non-profit association of education professionals who are committed to promoting critical thinking from primary to post-secondary education through professional development, publications and research. Since its inception in 1993, TC² has worked with thousands of educators in North America, Europe and Asia. The TC² model of critical thinking embeds critical thinking into regional school curriculums to make it more accessible to teachers and their students in a broad range of educational contexts.

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Course-pacs is a new comprehensive digital resource containing detailed lesson overviews, readyto-use student booklets and interactive visual displays for use with Smartboard technology. It provides teachers with effective tools to engage students in critical thinking as they develop understanding of the prescribed subject matter.

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Investigating Images features nine activities to help students interpret the explicit content of images, read behind images and challenge images to better understand historical and contemporary times and places. It includes teaching instructions, reproducible data charts, and assessment rubrics.

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ISBN: 978-0-86491-306-7
Price: $19.95


Pivotal VoicesExploring Identity, Inclusion and Citizenship: The 1907 Vancouver Riots

Pivotal Voices offers a new approach to teaching history. It recognizes there is no one story for most historical events, but rather differing accounts depending upon whose story is being told.

Although it focuses on the lead up, details and aftermath of riots in Vancouver at the turn of the twentieth century, these materials explore one of the most important questions in Canadian social, political and economic history from the perspectives of five key groups: Aboriginal, Chinese, European, Japanese, and South Asian people.

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ISBN: 978-0-86491-312-8
Price: $32.95

Tools for Thought

Find more information about Tools for Thought and view the introductory issue.

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The Thoughtful BooksThoughtful Books

The Thoughtful Books series makes use of exemplary children’s literature to help young readers learn to read critically and to thoughtfully consider ethical matters. Each resource in this series features specific intellectual tools supporting critical literacy and ethical deliberation.

The teaching guides are now available electronically for FREE here, while the accompanying literature can be ordered through KidsBooks at a special price.