Tokyo - a Certain Style

Tokyo a Certain StyleHere is the real Tokyo - expensive, clinical modern city where people live in their tidy spacious apartment houses somewhere in middle between earth and sky.

Or then again maybe no.

As Kyoichi Tsuzuki's photographs show, Tokyo is far from this false stereotype you often hear from mouths of a foreigners. Life in Tokyo can be cheap, down to earth, very daily and certainly not very glamourous. Living in Tokyo can actually be almost ascetic, and dark and dirty. That's the true culture.

The photo (pocket) book published by Kyoto Shoin 1997 offers very interesting view - view to ordinary citizens small apartments in Tokyo, which are more often messy and crowded with different objects than clinically beautiful. The book is wonderful eyeopener. How beautiful and practical messy room can be!

Japanese people truly are amazing, they can make even messy room look so beautiful.

It is interesting to see the popularity of American items in these photos which are took sometimes in early 90's. But isn't that adoration of US lifestyle somehow so Japanese phenomena? For example, one young girl decides to decorate her house with crushed Coke cans, while another's house is filled with American Rock LP's.

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What you always never wanted to know about dorm life, describes the chaotic life of young graduate students. I really felt nostalgy to see this. This is true Japanese life.

Although different residents rooms look ofcourse different it is interesting to find similar points, for example the way how hangers are always hanging above the sliding doors, and most of the window curtains have a similar feel to them. I can almost feel the scent of Japanese house.

The book can be also used to get influence to how to decorate one's livingrooms. How about having a tokyoist's life right where you are! You don't need tatami necessarely, just a mess up your room beautifully!

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[Tokyo - a certain style 440 pages, Paperback(pocket), Chronicle Books (1999) ISBN: 0811824233]


that's cool, I have this book (somewhere) and I was fascinated by it. interesting to see the real Tokyo.
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