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    Zoltan Olah Jun 4, 2009

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            Slashdot Ask Slashdot Story | Buying a Domain From a Cybersquatter

            domain names
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            Zoltan Olah on Jun 4, 2009

            First lookup the owner of that domain. Then, there are many sites out there that will tell you which domains that person owns. The way you handle this will be very different if he owns 10 vs 10 thousand domains.
            Do a search with some of the "Buy this Premium Domain" sites to see if he has listed any of his sites to see how reasonable he is. Those prices are usually 1-2x's a real max bid starting point.
            When you do ask for a price, ask him for the price of several of his domains at once. Act like you are not specifically interested in just of those domains and any would work for you. Maybe pretend to be another reseller interested in building your portfolio.
            Some of the other advice above is also good. Don't be desparate, and the first email should be very short.