Resource /api/users

Make requests to this resource and receive user details.

User Object

The user object consists of the following fields:

id:integer identifier.
name:the user’s name.
bio:the user’s short biography.
interested_in:a list of interests.
website:the user’s homepage.
title:the user’s title.
industry_name:the industry the user works in.
location:where the user is located.
time-zone:the user’s time-zone.
avatar_url:the url of a 38x38px user avatar.
user_profile_url:the url of the user’s profile page.
created_at:the time when the user was created.
updated_at:the time when the user was last modified.

All users are publically accessible.


public instance

  1. index
  2. projects
  3. show

Public instance methods

index ()
GET api/users[.format]

Returns all users which have common project membership with the current user.

projects ()
GET api/users/id/projects[.format]

Return all of the projects that this user owns that we have read access to (see ProjectsController for specifics).

show ()
GET api/users/id[.format]

Returns the info of a single user.

GET api/users/current[.format]

Returns the info for the currently user.