Resource /api/projects

Make requests to this resource and receive project details.

Project Object

The project object consists of the following fields:

id:integer identifier.
name:the project’s name.
description:the (optional) description of the project.
access:is this a public pub or private pri project?
owner_id:who created this project?
project_landing_url:the url of the project’s myview page.
created_at:the time when the project was created.
updated_at:the time when the project was last modified.

As usual, ensure you are either a member of a project or the project is public if you want access to it.


public instance

  1. index
  2. show
  3. tags
  4. users

Public instance methods

index ()
GET api/projects[.format]

Get all the projects that the user is a member of.

show ()
GET api/projects/id[.format]

Get a specific project, identified by id.

tags ()
GET api/projects/id/tags.format

Get all the tags that have been used on this project.

users ()
GET api/projects/id/users.format

Get all the users that are members of this project.